so the next epi begins with shocked swara and sanskar with blank expression.
swara [shocked]- sanskarrr
swara [in mind]- did he hear us? he will feel bad and i don’t want this.
swara [composing herself]- sanskar you here. do you need anything.
swara was praying that he haven’t listened anything.while uttmay prayed the same and were shocked to see him and swara trying to be normal.
sanskar [blankly]- tanmay i need your laptop and net connection. mine is not working properly.
tanmay- [stammering being shocked]- yaa..i.. will. i.. mean it’s ..in my..room, come ..i will give you
sanskar turned back and saw sumi. without uttering a word and lowering his gaze, he moved from there without waiting for tanmay to come.

swara came to sumi and hugged her but didn’t cry.
swara- maa are you ok.
sumi [smiled]- don’t try to behave so normal. and ask this question to urself.
swara- iam fine maa and everything will be fine soon.
they broke the hug nd saw towards uttara who was in tears and they spread there arms to welcome her to hug them and relieve her pain.

uttara immediately ran and hugged them crying.
uttara- i hurt bhai. without understanding him i spoke all those and hurt him.
swara- no you did not hurt him. he will be fine.
swara was telling all these but her heart knew that sanskar was in pain and that was evident in his eyes.
swara and sumi consoled uttara while tanmay adored there bonding, understanding between them and the purity of their heart. he silently moved from there. while others too dispersed.

here in swasan room
sanskar was working on his laptop and trying his best to concentrate.
swara came in room with excuse of work but she wanted to see whether he is fine or not.
sanskar saw swara and tried to concentrate and show that he is completely busy in his work. while working he remembered swara and uttara’s words.
{uttara-. swara bhabhi’s hopeful eyes which sees sanskar bhai and waits that once may be he looks at her while bidding bye to office or when he comes home.
uttara- she cries everyday in her room after sanskar bhai leaves to office. i exactly can’t feel like her but i understand her pain when everyday her hopes break.
swara- yes i feel hurt when sanskar goes to office without even bidding bye and he not talking or paying attention to me.
swara- i feel hurt that he isn’t sharing his pain with us as he doesn’t want to hurt us.

swara- i feel hurt that i can’t lessen his pain as he is not ready to talk about it and i don’t want to renew the memories of those incidents which are like worst nightmares for us.}
sanskar steal glances of her and felt guilty that to overcome his pain he neglected her and gave her pain unintentionally. he saw her face which was not showing any happiness instead she has plastered a fake smile on her face.

swara went out from the room and sanskar in deep thoughts.
sanskar- [in mind] i have hurt her without any mistake. she too lost her family and was abandoned by them but still she stood by me and now too she is not thinking about herself but me.i always new that she loves me immensely but her love is beyond her pain. instead of being angry on me and feeling hurt that i avoid her, she is hurt that i am in pain and she can’t heal it but it’s not her fault because i never allowed her to heal them.

sanskar- i am sorry swara. i am so sorry. i have ignored you. but what can i do.i can’t get over those incidents and if sit with you i may break down again which will hurt you and i don’t want that. i am trying swara that i soon forget all those. moreover i need to secure all your lives for any kind of situations and for that i need to earn more and work more hard to achieve what i have thought.
tanmay entered the room and saw him in deep thoughts. he understood that he is thinking about the balcony incident.

tanmay- [coughed] ahem.. ahem… can i come in.
sanskar trance broke and he nodded.
tanmay- [giving the laptop and sitting beside him] dude can i say you something.
sanskar- hmm..
tanmay- although i should not advice you about all these but still….. see try to forget the past and move on. there is nothing left in the past. if you always look behind then you will never be able to move on and this will hurt them who love you the most. i know you better know these things but sometimes if said by someone else affects more so i am saying all these.

tanmay- i am not saying to change immediately but slowly and with simple gestures. rest you know yourself. the thing you have in present don’t lose them by being in past.
saying this he left the room.
it was dinner time and the surrounding was awkward. no one was speaking as usual but the change was that they wanted to tak but didn’t knew what to say and hence, kept quite.
but there was one change that sanskar today concentrated on the food and no phone calls.
done with this part.


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