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swayyam and ayush came home and by then sanskar too freshened up and came down.
swayyam/ayush- [shouting] mumma nani/didi, maa.
seeing sanskar swaayush rushed to him. swara and others came out hearing there shout.
swayyam- papaaaaaa
swayyam- papa when you came.
sanskar- [knelt down happily and embraced both swayyam and ayush] i came a while ago but you were in school.
swayyam- i missed you so much papa.
ayush- i also missed you jiju.
sanskar- me too missed you both so much. you know i was so bored to do work there.
swayyam- then why did you go? you should not go. or you take me with you. i will not let you bore. i will play with you.
sanskar- [laughed] ok next time if i have to go alone then i will take you.

dida- shoru are they swayyam and ayush.
swara- yes dida.
dida had tears in her eyes seeing her grandchild and great grand child.
swara- [saw dida and side hugged her] come and meet them.
swara- swayyam ayush see who has come to meet you.
they both turned and saw dida with confused expression.
swara- she is dida.
swayyam- dida, who dida.
swara- baby she is your nani’s mumma.
swayyam- you are nani’s mumma.
dida nodded.
swayyam- then why didn’t i meet you before.
dida- but i met you when you were small. but after that i never came here so u didn’t meet me and don’t remember me.
swayyam- ohh
dida came forward to hug him but swayyam moved back.
swara- swayyam what happened baby.
swayyam- she didn’t give me chocolate.

swara- aahhh chocolate boy. swayyam we should behave. and you told you will not demand more chocolates then now what happened
swayyam- [cutely] mumma i had 1 chocolate only today and she came to meet me then she should bring chocolate naa.
nikhil laughed aloud and came too swara.
nikhil- doll he behaves like you. give me chocolate hahhahaha.
swayyam and sanskar frowned hearing this. swara glared him.
swayyam- [angrily and frowning] who are you?
nikhil smiled looking at him.
nikhil- [side hugging swara] i am your mumma’s friend.
swayyam and sanskar got more angry seeing nikhil hugging swara. sanskar stood controlling his anger but swayyam couldn’t. he pushed nikhil hard separating him from swara and stood in front of swara like trying to protect her.
swayyam- stay away from my mumma.
all shocked by his anger but sanskar was shocked + happy.
nikhil- [shocked] dude why are you angry.
swayyam- why you came near my mumma.
nikhil- but i am your mumma’s friend.
swayyam- that talkative aunty and uncle are also mumma’s friend but they don’t hug my mumma then why did you hug my mumma.
nikhil- hmmm. protective child. doll your son is too protective about u.
all came back from shock. and sanskar was smiling inwardly seeing swayyam’s reaction and irked by nikhil calling swara doll.
swayyam- where is doll here.

nikhil- i call your mumma as doll.
swayyam- my mumma’s name is swara not doll. ok
nikhil- [in mind] tough child.
swara- swayyam baby don’t be angry. he is nikhil uncle. he is my best friend. you should not have pushed him. now like a good boy say sorry to him.
swayyam- no mumma. i don’t like this uncle he was hugging you.
swara- baby don’t you hug your new friend rahul in school.
swayyam- yes mumma.
swara- same way he is my friend and so he hugged me. now say him sorry for pushing him.
swayyam- sorry uncle. but don’t hug my mumma. only me and papa and nani and bhaiyaa and uttara bua and rashika bua and fufaji and dadu dadi[rishita] can hug mumma. ok. you don’t.
all smiled hearing him
nikhil- ok. accaha one minute.
nikhil went and brought chocolates and gave to swayyam and ayush.
nikhil- this is for you. now can we be friends.
nikhil forwarded his hand. swayyam looked at swara and she told him through gestures to accept the friendship. swayyam shook hands with nikhil and sanskar frowned seeing this.
nikhil then did friendship with ayush and swayyam and ayush mingled well with nikhil. sanskar was burning inside seeing both swayyam and swara talking happily with nikhil.
all chit chatted till late night and then next day dida left for her sister’s house.
in the evening of next day sanuttmay came back from office and saw swahil laughing and talking while children were playing and sumi was in her room. uttmay went to their home and sanskar was still gazing them standing at the door. sanskar came in and directly started ascending the stairs. swara saw him and called him.
swara- sanskar when did you come

sanskar- just now.
swara- sorry actually talking with nikhil i didn’t realise. you should listen his silly jokes. ohh god my stomach is aching due to laughing so much. you go freshen up i will bring your tea.
sanskar fake smiled and hummed and left to the room.
sanskar- [to himself in the room while keeping his bag and taking out his coat] huh! this nikhil doesnot leave swara alone. i came back home from the trip thinking that finally i will get some time with her but this nikhil is just too much. and he took swayyam in his talks too. i just hate this man. [moved his hair through his hairs]and swara she is enjoying his company and she does not give me time to talk too. how much will they talk. from two days they are talking. their talks never ends. what to do to keep swara with me.
sanskar went and washed his face.
sanskar- idea [smiled brightly and shouted swara’s name] swara……swara…
swara- [from downstairs] haan sanskar
sanskar- swara my clothes.
swara- sanskar it’s on the right side of second shelf of the cupboard.
sanskar- [to himself] now hat to do. haan [to swara] swara i am getting. please come and give me my clothes.
swara did not say anything and sent kamala bai who gave him his clothes. sanskar got angry when swara didn’t came. he took his clothes from kamala bai and sent her.
he freshened up and changed into his t-shirt and trousers. till then swara too came in with tea.
swara- sanskar your tea.
sanskar- swara sit here for sometime.
swara- do you need something or have to say something important.
sanskar- [confusedly] no just like this.
swara- then i will be with you later. nikhil is waiting downstairs. i am going. have your tea and if you feel then you can join us downstairs.
sanskar- ok then i will join you both.
swara- that’s better.
sanskar- [in mind] yaa that’s better. i will atleast get some time with you and also try to keep you away from that idiot friend of yours
they both go down and settled on sofa. sumi and nikhil was already there.
nikhil- you came.. ohh sanskar come have a seat.
sanskar- yaa…[in mind] it’s my house my sofa obviously i will sit. he is saying as if i am visiting his house. stupid fellow.
nikhil- doll you know we are talking about when we were 11 years old and remember that we used to play with that motu and chipkili.
swara- they have names nikhil.
nikhil- so what they looked like that what can i do.
sanskar- [in mind] you look like monkey

swara- you can never change. stop keeping weird names of every single person.
nikhil- i don’t keep names for everybody. i used to keep names only in friend circle and that too to irritate them.
swara- yaa yaa mr. name maker.
nikhil- doll don’t give names to me. and don’t forget u used my kept names to irritate them.
swara- yaa but that was fun.
nikhil- aunty you remember that motu always tried to keep swara in her team and i always paired him up that chipkili and that would be hilarious. one fat and one thin. both were just opposite to each other.
swahil and sumi laughed.
sumi- yaa i remember and
that time uttmay and rashika came in.
rashika- what’s so interesting going on that you all are laughing.
sumi- we are talking about swara and nikhil’s childhood.
tanmay- oh wow! tell us also.
nikhil- why not. i would love to tell.
all settled.
ayush- what are you all talking.
sumi- we are talking about when your didi was small.
swayyam- mumma. i will also listen.
nikhil- come swayyam i will tell you and also teach you many things.
swara- no need to teach him anything. my son far better like this.
nikhil- achha but still i will teach him.
swara- no. swayyam baby you come to mumma.
nikhil- no come to me.
swara- no baby come here.
swayyam looked at both and went and sat on sanskar’s lap hugging him. sanskar smiled and caressed his hair and kissed his forehead.
swayyam- i will sit with papa.

swahil stopped fighting and looked at swayyam and sighed while others laughed.
rashika- now stop wasting time and tell us something about your childhood.
nikhil- i will tell. you know when we were small then there was boy who was very fat and i used to call him motu and he complained everyday to his mother and also there was a girl who was very thin and always back of me so i called her chipkali. when we used to play then that chipkali always tried to be with me so before going to play i used to plead doll and bribe her to help me to get rid of her and doll’s bribe was chocolates. we used to play all kinds of games whether it is boyyish or girlish and when used to play marriage marriage then that motu tried to be with swara and that chipkali with me but anyhow either we too became bride and groom or make them together. once it happened that we could not convince that motu and he became groom and forced doll to become his bride. i got angry and to teach him lessen when he sat on imaginary mandap and i became the priest applied fevicol on ground where he sat and then when he tried to get up his cloth got torn and he sat back on floor and cried and we laughed a lot.
listening this all laughed. it was only sanskar who faked a smile because he was burning in jealousy listening that someone else became the groom.
[hahhaha cute sanskar. getting jealous from childhood incidents also]
swara- thereafter he never tried to be with me and also the next day he ran behind nikhil but because he was fat and running with speed he fell as he kept his leg on cow dung. hahhahaa and if you would have seen him that time naa you could not control your laugh. hahahaha.
nikhil- why only that incident. once in class he tried to irritate doll and in result he was drenched with water as she emptied her bottle on his head and not only this when we came home and went to play she put plastic chipkili [lizard] and cockroach on his shoulder and he jumped for half an hour due to fear. hahahaha.
nikhil- doll is not less in anything, neither anger nor pranks.
rashika- wow! cutie why you become strict with us when you were so lively in childhood.
swara- because i amno more a child but mother of a child now and moreover i am strict only when it comes to studies and well being otherwise don’t forget all your pranks and plans are successful because i am with you.
rashika- yaya i know.
tanmay- bhabhi you help rashika doing pranks against me.
swara- [in mind] shit what i told[to tanmay] no…….no tanmay i meant i always support in her enjoyment yaa.
tanmay- bhabhi you are caught now don’t lie. why don’t you help me sometime.
swara- next time will help you pakka. and sorry for now.
tanmay- it’s ok.
rashika- waise nikhil bhaiyaa why you call cutie as doll.
swara- just like that.
nikhil- no i have a solid reason for that.
rashika- what tell us also.

swara- nothing speacial rashika. what will you do knowing it leave it.
sanskar too was curious to know why he calls her doll.
sanskar- let him tell swara. say nikhil
swara- i said naa nothing.
rashika- if it’s not so special then why aren’t you letting him speak cutie. [swara became quite]
nikhil- hahahaha doll now i will speak hahahaha. listen when doll was small then i called her by name only but when we were 6 years old that time doll was quite chubby. golu molu types and she had pink chubby cheeks and over that when she was eating rasogulla her cheeks were swollen and she looked like a doll and so i named her this. [nikhil pulled her cheeks] now also she is more or less looks like a doll only.
sanskar was hell jealous when nikhil pulled swara’s cheeks. swara was embarrassed by the revelation and angry on nikhil for telling them everything. she stood up removing his hands from her cheeks.
swara- i am going to cook dinner.
swara stamped on nikhil’s leg while going in anger.
nikhil- awww doll why you stepped on my feet.
swara turned and glared him angrily that he gulped. she went in kitchen.
rashika- i think u have to convince her. she got angry.
nikhil- not to worry. i will take just 10 minutes to convince her.
sanskar- she does not get convinced so easily.
nikhil- challenge 10 minutes and u will hear her laughing sound.
rashika- let’s see.

nikhil- ok then
nikhil went in kitchen and started convincing her. he apologised and then started cracking silly jokes and finally swara laughed and her laugh could be heard to everyone. all were amused and sanskar was jealous and angry on nikhil.
in night after dinner swasanyyam were in room. swara made swayyam sleep. sanskar finding it as a chance came to swara and pulled her to himself.
swara- [shocked] sanskar what are you doing.
sanskar- trying to romance with my wife.
swara- sanskar please no i have to go. nikhil must be waiting. we are going to have a chess competition.
sanskar- chess competition at this hour.
swara- yaa actually in morning i remain busy and then he has some work so he will be out for the whole day so thought like old days have a competition and as we won’t have time tomorrow so now.
sanskar- ok but go after some time.
swara- sanskar please.
sanskar without listening her leaned to her neck and gave a feathery kiss. swara got lost in the touch but soon came to sense and tried to get away from sanskar.
swara- sanskar please let me go.
sanskar- princess don’t go.
swara- [sternly] sanskar don’t be stubborn please and let me go. nikhil is here for just few days then he will go and then i can’t play with him then. so please.
sanskar left her and swara moved out of the room and sighed. she went to nikhil’s room and both played for sometime. here in room sanskar got angry and sat on the sofa frustrated. he waited for her to come and when he heard her footsteps arriving to the room he laid down on bed and pretended to sleep. swara came in the room and saw sansyyam sleeping. she came on her side and then kissed both on their forehead and slept. the moment sanskar felt her kiss his anger flew away but he still pretended to sleep and sensing swara has slept he opened his eyes and and stared her for sometime and then pecked her forehead and slept.
the next morning sanskar was normal and tried to find opportunity to romance and talk with swara but failed miserably and then went to office. in evening too he couldn’t talk much with swara and today toh all planned for late night gossip and thus sanskar was getting more restless to be with swara but was not getting opportunity.
like this twomore days passed and sanskar was getting more restless furious, jealous and angry seeing swahil’s closeness and not getting time to spend with her. third day morning on breakfast table
swara was serving breakfast. nikhil came and sat
nikhil- what’s there in breakfast today

swara- i prepared your favourite brinjal.
nikhil- wow [he tastes the food] if you would have been my girlfriend or wife naa i would have kissed your hand. it’s so tasty. thank you doll.
sanskar anger reached it’s peak but somehow controlling hinself sanskar ate a little and went to office after dropping swayyam and ayush to school.
in evening he came back and engrossed himself in work. he did not tried to talk or go behind swara. this day passed too.
next day also sanskar ate his breakfast and was about to talk to swara but nikhil came and took her for some work. sanskar became more angry. he left.
in the evening sanskar came home determined that today he will talk to swara. he saw swara with sumi preparing for dinner. he called her in room.
in swasan room.
swara came in room where sanskar was already present.
sanskar- swara sit here
swara sat beside him with confused expression.
sanskar-swara i want to talk with you and i am serious and i don’t want excuses.
swara- haan bolo.
sanskar- swara i want some time from you, correction i want some of your time for me. it’s going to be a month that we haven’t………
swayyam- [entering the room] papa ayush bhaiyaa is doing something and i am not understanding it and he is also confused. come with me naa.
sanskar- champ you go i will come.
swayyam- no come with me now.
swayyam started pulling sanskar and helplessly sanskar went with him.
time passed and all had their dinner. swara was busy in cleaning dishes in kitchen. sanskar saw this and went in the room. he waited for swara and she came in room at about 10:50 p.m. just to inform that swayyam has slept with ayush and maa and that she has to help nikhil with some stuffs so she will come in some time. before sanskar could say something swara went from there. time passed and it was 11:50p.m. when sanskar got a call. he was working and waiting for swara to come in room. he wondered who can call him at this time. he saw swara name flashing on the screen. he confusingly picked up the phone.
sanskar- hello swara
done with this part.

precap- swasan romance.

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