it’s been more than a month swayyam have started going to school. he has adjusted with the environment but as every child does swayyam is not less. he too shows tantrums before going to school like- swayyam- mumma i don’t want to go to school. it is boring
swayyam- mumma i miss you in the school.
swayyam- papa today i will not go to school. will go tomorrow.
swayyam- mumma maam makes me do many things.

but after all these when swasan tells him the benefits of going school and how a good boy never escapes school and does hard work etc….. swayyam gets convinced. sometimes sanskar would agree to swayyam but swara never and even warned sanskar that he won’t support swayyam in skipping his school.
days passed quickly and swara too was completely fine now. she was back to active swara.

uttmay were happy in their relation and now after a week are going for their honeymoon.
after four days is rashika’s exam and she is extremely worried. in this month she has worked extremely hard for the exam. she has stayed awake studying till late nights. no outings and no masti only study. sometimes she wanted to enjoy but swara strictly said her that they won’t be doing even sunday fun as before till her exam. but swara herself did many things not to make her feel bored. refreshment party at evenings of sunday. whole family together for a chit chat etc.
in this one month more than living at her own house rashika has been in swasan house in the mornings and night seeking help from sanskar and tanmay. many a times all three were awake till late nights to complete the topics. and for them swautt would be awake too.

at present rashika is sitting on the sofa and swasan and uttmay are sitting on her either sides and trying to comfort her while rishita and sumi are sitting on other sofa and seeing everything. swayyam and ayush are in school.
swara- rashika why are you crying. please don’t cry and tell us what is the problem.
rashika- [crying] cutie – bhai i won’t get good marks…..aaannnahahaa……..i could not solve this question and also i completed the paper in exact three hours. what will happen on the exam day. i will only have three hours and in that if i get nervous then i won’t be able to complete my paper. aannnahahh………. what to do bhai.
sanskar- first stop crying for this silly thing.
rashika- silly thing…..bhai this is such a big matter and you are calling it silly.
sanskar hit his forehead with his palm
sanskar- kiddo please stop crying like this. otherwise after sometime i will be deaf.
rashika stopped crying. uttara gave her a glass of water and she drank all.
sanskar- now show me which question you couldn’t solve.
rashika showed him the question.

rashika- this one.
sanskar- it is very easy and now you urself will solve it.
rashika- but i tried three times and i couldn’t.
sanskar- i told naa. leave all that. read the question.
rashika read the question silently.

sanskar- read it so that it’s audible to us.
rashika then read the question aloud.
sanskar- hmmm now write down the data given and the the quantity which needs to be found.
rashika did so and then she without sanskar saying anything started solving the question and she got the answer too.
rashika- yahhooo i got the answer.
tanmay- yaa and just for this we are consoling u from the past half an hour.
rashika- sorry jiju but was tensed. only three days left for exam and i still am not confident about how much i could score.
tanmay- but i have full confident that you are not going leave us so easily and so you will score the best to get the college here. ohhh god just save me from this angel devil in future. her pranks are really dangerous for me.
uttara elbowed tanmay.
uttara- shut up.

rashika- jiju what did you say is true. u need god’s help in future to be saved by me. you are trying to tease me naa. see what i will do once my exams are over. i won’t leave you. huh! here i am tensed about my exams and you are making fun of me.
tanmay- [serious] see rashika if you take so much of tension then surely you will get nervous on your exam day. exam just checks what you have learnt. and what you know, you just have to use them to answer the question. if you will be confident then you will be able to answer the question and the moment you get scared and nervous you will ruin everything. just keep confidence on what you have read and asnwer the question and don’t think much about the results. and haa after your exams i know i am going to be the first one to bear your pranks so have to pray from god in advance to keep me safe and sound.

rashika- don’t worry i won’t let your bones break by my pranks. after all you are my jiju so i can’t let my di suffer. so i forgive you this time.
rashika hugged tanmay- thank you for all the time supporting me.
tanmay- sanskar bhai it’s looking like we have put some old person in a kid. rashika please i give you these last three days and after this i don’t want this extra serious person in you. it looks like you grew much and became an oldy.
rashika- stop pulling my leg you oldy jiju.
tanmay- oldy and me. it’s you who is behaving like an old person not me.
rashika- accha….. it’s you not me.
tanmay- no

sanskar- stop both of you.
sanskar- kiddo go and rest. you have cried for the entire half an hour. take a nap and then solve two more question sets and don’t need to study the whole day now. ok.
sanskar- swara i am going to office and i will pick up both ayush and swayyam from school. bye.
swara- bye.
rishita too left for their work and sanuttmay left for office. the day passed as usual.
after three days- everyone is waiting for rashika risabh and sanmay to come back from the examination center.
they all reached and entered inside the home.
swara brought water for them. they sat and relaxed. everyone was silent till now and risabh rashika and sanmay were with serious expression.
swara- rashika how was the exam.

rashika looked at swara with blank expression and said nothing.
swara- what happened. sanskar you tell how was her exam.
sanskar bowed his head and looked at the floor.
swara- no problem if it wasn’t good. it happens with everyone ……but it can’t happen with you so stop acting and come to dining table and have something as you all must be hungry.
all four looked at swara shocked.
swara laughed seeing their expression.
swara- don’t be shocked. you are all good actors but unfortunately i know you all better than yourself. so stop acting and freshen up and come have something.
rashika- how did you know that we are acting.
swara- [pulled her cheeks] because if your exam were bad then you would have been crying and instantly went to your room as you reached here instead of sitting in front of us making this sad expression.

rashika- haww this is very bad. my acting gone in waste but cutie i am very happy. my exams was superb mind blowing. bas i get the desired college then i will be more than happy.
swara- you will get what you deserve don’t worry.
rashika- where are buddy and chote.
swara- they played till half an hour before and then due to being tired are sleeping now.
swara- come now have something.
rashika- yes
rashika ran and sat on the dining table while others too went shaking their head in disbelief of her kiddish behaviour.
swara too was going when sanskar held her hand.

sanskar- so you got to know that we were acting but it’s because of rashika not me.
swara- you are wrong then. first hint was from your acting only.
sanskar- me
swara- yes patidev. you can’t fool me with your acting. the moment you looked down without answering i got to know you are acting.
sanskar- and why so
swara- because you can’t lie to me seeing in my eyes and if you don’t want to answer me something then you would simply divert topic or ignore it but won’t just bend your head and look at floor.
sanskar- accha but you know what i love it when you find out that i am acting.
swara- accha now leave me otherwise you know rashika right.
sanskar- i know her and you too. don’t try to escape from me everytime.
swara- sanskar please this is not our room.

sanskar without paying any heed to her words kissed on her cheeks tightly and then left her and went to sit on dining table leaving a blushing swara behind.
four days later uttmay went to paris for their honeymoon. the trip was of fifteen days.
in their honeymoon they enjoyed a lot and spent much quality time with each other. here in india sanskar had much work load because uttmay went for trip. he was extremely busy. swayyam schooling was going good.
fifteen days flew away quickly and uttmay returned from their honeymoon. two days later they joined the office. everything was going perfect. but now sanskar had to go on a buisness tour for 10 days and he badly missed swara during those days. here swara too missed him but her time was used up with kids and household works.
these ten days too passed but this time was tough for both swasan. finally sanskar came back.

when he came back he entered the hall and saw an old lady and a man in mid 30’s sitting on the sofa. sanskar could not recognise them as they were facing their back but then the lady spoke.
lady- shoru shomi what are you doing. come here and sit.
sanskar heard her and recalled whose voice is this and hearing shoru he understood and smiled bright.
sanskar went and stood in front of the lady and the lady looked up at him and both were very happy to see each other.
sanskar- dida. what a surprise
sanskar bent and took her blessings while dida hugged him.
dida- how are you sanskar.
sanskar- absolutely fine and very happy to see you here.

dida- i am also happy. it was a sudden plan to visit you all.
sanskar looked at the man standing and looking at them. sanskar was confused to see him as he didn’t knew him.
sanskar- sorry but i didn’t recognise you.
man- how will you we never met. [hugged sanskar confusing him more and somewhat irking him] i am nikhil.
swara- [from back] my best friend from childhood

swara said happily with enthusiasm and came to them and nikhil gave her a side hug to which she reciprocated. sanskar did not like it at all but he remained silent.
swara- sanskar he is nikhil my childhood friend and we are meeting after 10 years he lived at baadi but then his father was transferred so he went from baadi. he was coming here so he brought dida too and it was a shock cum surprise to see
both of them. i am very happy.

swara- sanskar he has a work here so he will be living here for 7-8 days but [sadly] dida is saying that she will return tomorrow. say her naa to stay. we rarely meet. she now enjoys with her sis only and she forgot her shoru completely.
dida- shoru it’s not like that. you know naa your massi dida condition. i am staying for one day is a very big thing. i need to be there for her.
swara- sorry dida. actually i just missed you so much and now when you came i wanted to spend maximum time with you.
sanskar- dida can’t you stay for one more day.
dida- sanskar beta i can’t sorry.

sanskar- no problem i understand.
nikhil- doll [swara] why are you being sad. i will be here naa. i won’t let you miss dida and understand her naa.
sanskar- [shocked] doll. who is doll here.
swara- me. he calls me doll.

sanskar felt to punch nikhil’s mouth but he controlled his anger.
swara- it’s ok nikhil i understand. accha chalo i have prepared your and dida’s favourite food.
nikhil- [teasingly] doll you prepared food. you won’t kill me right. the food is not burnt naa. i won’t lie if it is not good as i know you didn’t know cooking.
swara smacked him.
swara- don’t tease me ok. first taste and then say.
nikhil- ok then let’s see how you cook.
sanskar was so much irked to see swara with nikhil and swara did not concentrte on him even after he came after 10 days.
swara- sanskar you go and freshen up and come for having lunch.
sanskar-yaa and where’s swa……

swara- they are in school and i have sent driver dada to pick them both up.
done with this part.

precap- i hope now you understand the region of sanskar’s anger. do read next two episodes. full of sanskar’s anger and jealousy and then swasan moments, and their romance.

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