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swasan has started teaching swayyam. it’s been one week since his admission in the school. today is the day finally he will get into the school for the first time. the very first day of his school.
the sun rays fell on our couple swara woke up but our sanskar was still sleeping. swara shook him to wake him up. he slightly opened his eyes to see swara and spoke.
sanskar- swara please let me sleep.
swara- sanskar today is swayyam’s first day of school.
hearing this sanskar immediately opened his eyes and sat. sanskar was not a sleepy head today. why not it’s his son’s first day of schooling.
swara- good morning sanskar.
sanskar- good morning swara. thank god you woke me up. being in sleep i forgot.
swara- [smiled] sanskar i woke u up so that you help me and not to panick.
sanskar- haan sorry. should i wake up champ.
swara- no let him sleep for some more time. let’s arrange all the things and then will wake him up.
sanskar- yaa.

then swasan kept all the required stuffs in swayyam’s bag and took out his dress etc and then swasan sat on either side of swayyam and lovingly tried to wake him up.
swara- [caressing his hair] swayyam….baby wake up. it’s time to get ready. ……… wake up baby.
swayyam- turned and slept facing other side.
swasan chuckled at his act.
sanskar- champ get up……champ [slightly shook him]
swayyam- let me sleep more.
sanskar- champ get up. see your papa too got up and you are sleeping. that’s not fair. get up champ.
swayyam- [slightly opened his eyes] papa why you get up. sleep.
sanskar- champ today is your school. you want to be late for your school
swayyam- [woke up in excitement hearing school] today i will go to school.
sanskar- yes. now come and let’s make you bath and then mumma will get you ready.
swayyam- ok.

sanskar and swayyam went and the father son duo took bath. swara and sanskar have decided that alternate days swasan would help swayyam in all his basic works but since swara has been in hospital sanskar is doing all these works as swara is still not completely recovered. due to her stubborn behaviour he has allowed her for cooking but nothing doing which makes her bend or stresses her. her stitches are not completely cured.
both sanskar-swayyam had masti while bathing too and then swayyam came out and swara started making him wear his school uniform and then till then sanskar too came out wearing his shirt pant. swayyam was all ready and sanskar took several pics of him and then they headed downstairs, offered prayers to god and then settled at dining table. swara and sumi brought the breakfast and all had it and swara had a tough time feeding swayyam. then came the turn of milk.
swara- baby have this milk.
swayyam- is it necesarry.
swara- swayyam i am not going to run behind you. gulp down the whole glass now.
swayyam- mumma ….
swara- baby see ayush finished his milk like a good boy. you too are my good boy naa. chalo drink the milk.
swayyam looked at the glass of milk and then at sanskar for help but sanskar did not look at swayyam. sanskar knew if he will look at swayyam then by his looks he will be convinced to help him and that would lead him in trouble. moreover milk is good for his health. skipping it sometimes is done but everyday naahhhh! it will affect his health and he won’t take risk for his son.
with no options left swayyam started drinking the milk making faces.
now everything was set. swayyam was wearing white shirt, full pant, a tie and belt around his waist. he was looking extra cute.
swasan dropped ayush first to his school and then came to swayyam’s school.
swasanyam got down and walked upto his class with swayyam. there they were introduced with the teachers and swasan made swayyam understand that he will have to live here and call the teachers as maam and respect them and do as they say and behave like a good boy.
swara- swayyam she is your teacher anupama maam and she is nandini maam. she will be with you and you follow what she says. ok and be a good boy.
swara kissed his cheeks.
sanskar too kissed on his forehead.
nandini maam- maam sir now we should take him in the class.
swasan – [emotional] yes sure.

teacher held swayyam’s hand and started taking him in.
swayyam was already uneasy with so many strange faces around him and the moment teacher held his hand and started taking him in and swayyam’s hand slipped from sanskar’s hand he didn’t understand anything and jerked teacher hand and ran and hugged swara’s leg crying.
swayyam- mumma where maam is taking me and why are you not coming.
swasan got tears in their eyes. sanskar somehow composed himself but swara couldn’t and her tear slipped down her cheeks.
she sat down and hugged him to stop his crying.
swara- baby now i told you naa that you have to obey what teacher tells you. now go with her.
swayyam- no mumma i don’t want to go. i want to be with you. i don’t want to go.
swara- hey stop crying baccha. why are you crying. don’t cry like this and go with maam.
swayyam- no papa come with me. i won’t go alone.
sanskar- [wiped his tears] champ tell me one thing. i go to office or not.
swayyam- yes.
sanskar- do i take you there
swayyam- no
sanskar- same way you have to go to class and i can’t come with you.
swayyam- then i don’t want to go.
sanskar- but you wanted to go to school naa. and you saw how ayush bhaiyaa went to school and he did not cry also and you are crying. i will tell this to rashika bua and then she will tease you.
swayyam- no don’t tell to bua. i am not crying. but i don’t want to go inside. you come with me.
sanskar- champ we can’t go inside.
sanskar- accha you go inside and me and mumma will stay here. till teacher leaves you to come back we will be here and then when we will return home we will have icecream.
swayyam- you will be here promise. [forwarded his hand]
sanskar- [holding his hand] promise. now go with maam and don’t cry. my champ is strong naa.
swayyam- yes i am strong and don’t go. i will come and check ok. mo cheating.
sanskar- no cheating. ok now go. bye
swayyam- bye papa…..bye mumma.
swayyam went with nandini maam and swasan looked at him going in. swayyam entered in the class but again came back to peeked out to see swasan standing there. he became relaxed and went inside.
outside swasan were standing there. then swara hugged sanskar and started crying.
sanskar- what happened swara. ssshhhhh now why are you crying.
swara- [sobbing] nothing….just that…..first time swayyam…..will…be away……from me and not with any other member of house……the way he was crying i feel bad……..he will be fine naaa. …..i hope he won’t cry.
sanskar- he won’t. and what is this you are making my shirt wet. both mother and son are cry baby.
listening sanskar swara broke the hug and looked at him.
swara- we are cry baby.
sanskar- offcourse.
swara- then what is this. [swara put her finger at the corner of his eyes which had a drop of tear]
swara raised an eyebrow with questioning look.
sanskar- that i ……was not……..crying. it’s just that something went in my eyes and it’s just one drop.
swara- sanskar there is no need to hide from me.
sanskar- fine seeing swayyam crying i didn’t feel good. but i know he will be fine.
swara- hmmmm. chalo let’s move.
sanskar- no i promised swayyam that i will be here. so we will stay here.
swara- i am saying to come home. i am saying to go there. that place is nice we could wait there.
sanskar- ohhh. sorry. come.
swasan went and sat on a bench placed at the side of corridor.
swasan chit chatted and swara informed at home an sanskar at office that they will be in swayyam’s school this whole day.

it was the departure time and swayyam came running outside and seeing swasan he jumped over them.
sanskar- so champ how was the school
swayyam- it was good. papa you were here only naa.
sanskar- i promised naa so i stayed here only. now come let’s go and you will tell us what happened in school.
swayyam- yes papa i have to tell about my new friend.
sanskar- yaa we will talk when we reach home. first let’s us pick your ayush bhaiyaa and then have ice cream as punished.
they all went and picked up ayush then went to ice cream parlour and had ice cream and headed in home. once in home swayyam jumped over sofa and started jumping.
swasan came and sanskar held him.
sanskar- now tell me did you like the school
swayyam- yes papa. and i made a friend also. she is so cute like mumma. she is good girl and teacher was very good and we played so many games. but teacher was sometimes scolding too.
swara- if people do mistake then teacher should scold them. you should not feel bad and listen to the teacher.
swayyam- ok mumma i will listen to teacher.
swayam then explained everything that he did in school and was yelling in happiness and jumping all around.
like this the day passed.
done with this part.

precap- same as before sanskar angry and then later romance.

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