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it was evening and uttmay came from office.
swara- where’s sanskar? will he come late today?
tanmay- no bhabhi he said that he has to buy something from the market.
swara- ohhh.
swara- [in mind] huh he did not inform me. waise what has he to buy? leave it when he will come then will see.
after sometime sanskar came in with some poly bags in his hands.
swayyam and ayush came running to him.
swayyam/ayush- papa/jiju
sanskar kept the bags down and knelt down, and both the kids hugged him.
swayyam- papa what are these. did you buy new toys.
sanskar- no champ. it’s not toys but yes all these are for you and ayush. wait i will show you.
till then swara too came there from kitchen.
sanskar took out two bags and gave one each too ayush and swayyam.
sanskar- these are school bags for both of you. [taking out water bottle] this is water bottle. [then taking out few books] and finally the books.
swayyam- papa why bag? ohhh i will take bag to office as you take your bag. yeyeyyyy i will take bag. [jumped in excitement]

swasan smiled hearing him.
swayyam- mumma see papa got me bag.
swara- [smiled and pulled his cheeks] yes my baby. your bag.
swayyam- papa this chhota bheem is on my bag also. [chotta bheem pic was on his bag] but papa your bag don’t have choota bheem. [moved to ayush and shouted] bhaiyaa your bag have ben 10.
sanskar- did you both liked it
swayya ayush- yes i liked it.
sanskar- new bag for new school.
swayyam- this bag is for office naa papa. do we take bag in school.
sanskar- yes champ we take bag to school. we keep our books bottle and lunch box in bag and take it to school. there teacher will teach you and you will get to learn many things.
swayyam was listening everything with excitation. they both kissed on sanskar’s cheek and then ayush and swayyam went and started playing.

sanskar looked at swara smilingly getting up from the floor but swara looked at him angrily and moved to kitchen making him confuse.
sanskar- [to self] isse kya hua [what happened to her]
sanskar sighed and went to kitachen but swara did not give any heed to him and he also could not say much as sumi and uttara were there.
he came in his room and changed his dress.
sanskar- [standing in front of mirror] what happened suddenly to swara. everything was going well till day and now she is angry according to her expression and i don’t know why? wow!
sanskar thought for a while and then smirked.
sanskar- [loudly] swara……………. swara where is my blue file. ….swara…………swara……..please find my file.

swara who was working in kitchen came in the room listening to his shout.
swara- [angrily] why are you shouting.
sanskar- i am not getting my file. it’s a blue coloured file.
swara- if you are not getting then find it yourself. don’t disturb me even if you don’t get it.
she said a bit angrily and turned to leave. sanskar was in shock with such a reaction from swara. he came to sense and saw her leaving the room. he ran and grabbed her from shoulders and pulled her in the room and closed the door.
swara- [shocked due to sudden pull] aaahhh sanskar what are you doing leave me.
swara- [struggling in his grip] leave me i said.
sanskar- [pinned her to wall and looking straight in her eyes] what happened swara.
swara- what happened is you dragged me in forcefully [said in anger and looked other side]
sanskar- hey swara why are you angry. infact i don’t think i did something that makes you angry. so why are you angry then?
swara did not say anything and kept looking the other way. sanskar was waiting for her reply and when she didn’t he held her chin and made her look at him. she was again going to turn her face but he cupped her face but swara looked down.
sanskar- [soft voice and worried] princess why are you angry? atleast tell me the reason of your sudden anger.
swara- i don’t want to talk to you. just let me go.
sanskar- why princess. please don’t do this. without reason you can’t just be angry on me.
swara looked past him and saw a blue file on the table.
swara- you wanted your blue file naa. it is on the table. now let me go.
sanskar- i didn’t want any file. i wanted to talk to you and so called you by this excuse [stern voice] now tell me why are you angry. i can’t bear this treatment of yours at least not till i know the reason.

swara- wow you want to know the reason. then listen. [complain voice] you went to market and bought all the stuff by yourself. so i am angry. i wanted to buy it with you. but you [made angry face] you bought all alone.
sanskar widen his eyes hearing the reason.
sanskar- [disbelief] you are angry for this reason. seriously.
swara- what do you by saying [mocking] seriously. off course i am dam serious.
sanskar- but swara what is there to be angry.
swara looked at him again with more anger.
swara- [gritting her teeth] according to you i shouldn’t be angry.
sanskar- [hesitantly] actually ………no you ……….shouldn’t but as you are then………… please explain clearly.
swara- [looked at him angrily and then a bit calm] sanskar i already said i wanted to buy these stuffs with you. [emotionally] i wanted to see your excitement when you bought all these. i wanted to feel every bit of those moments and these were the first stuffs we give to swayyam.
sanskar- swara i am sorry. [he hugged her] in my excitement i went to market and bought everything. i didn’t think in that way.
swara hugged him back.

swara- it’s ok. i over reacted. i am sorry. i understand you.
swara- [in mind] i was not angry sanskar but a bit upset. i want to feel every bit of the love you give to swayyam. i don’t want to miss anything. i know what i think is just stupid but it’s true that seeing your excitement and care for swayyam i fulfill the desires and dreams of getting fatherly love.
swara- [to sanskar] i am sorry once again.
sanskar- no i am sorry. i won’t do this stupidity to go alone for buying things from next time.
swara- hmmm. now let me go and help maa.
sanskar- ok go.
sanskar kissed on her temples and let her go. he did his office works and then all had their dinner.
in swasan room swasan were sitting on either sides of swayyam and swayyam was asking things seeing in his book.
swayyam- mumma papa why these photos are in the book. see apple is made here and this is banana. hahaha why the photos are there.

swara- swayyam baby i will tell you everything tomorrow. for today you sleep. tomorrow first we will pray god and then we will start your stydies and i will explain everything ok.
swayyam- ok mumma. but mumma i am not getting sleep. papa let’s play something.
sanskar- i have a better option.
swayyam- what papa.
snaskar said- this
and he started tickling him and swayyam started laughing loudly and sanskar kept on tickling him.
swayyam- papa…..hahhha….papa….stop….hahahahaha…..
sanskar was also laughing while tickling him and swara was laughing little seeing them both. sanskar stopped and laid beside swayyam on the bed and both were catching breath.
swayyam- papa statue.
sanskar became statue that is motionless. swayyam sat on sanskar’s stomach and started moving his fingers on his stomach and chest like tickling him and sanskar was trying to control his laugh. swayyam was tickling him and looking at sanskar for his reaction but sanskar was not moving a bit even.

swayyam- papa why aren’t you laughing. i am tickling you naa so you should laugh as i do.
swara laughed loud hearing swayyam.
swara- hahaha….. baby you have said papa statue so he is controlling his laugh and not moving.
swayyam- oooo…… papa over.
as swayyam said over sanskar breathed hard and swayyam again started tickling him making sanskar laugh more than the sensation, he is laughing at how swayyam is trying to do it.
sanskar then held swayyam’s hand
sanskar- champ i can’t laugh more.
sanskar looked at swara who was laughing seeing them. sanskar got an idea and pulled her and making her fall beside him.
sanskar- now champ don’t you think it’s mumma’s turn.
swayyam- yes

swayyam sat on other side of swara and sanskar on one side and both started tickling her. swara tried to herself before itself but sanskar was holding her wrist tight and now swara started laughing loudly and trying to hold their hand to stop but they didn’t. tears started flowing through her eyes due to continuous laugh and it’s then they both stopped. they wiped the tear drop from either side.
sanskar- are you ok.
swara- huh ! i am tired. ufff [breathing heavily] who tickles for so long.
swara holding swayyam- swayyam baby you are doing just as papa. how much did you make me laugh. now i will give punishment.
swayyam- punish..ment.
swra- yes and she started tickling both swayyam and sanskar alternatively and all being tired fell on bed and soon sleep took over swayyam. swasan kissed him and sanskar looked at swara lovingly.
swara- [feeling his gaze] what
sanskar- just fill my life with your laughter. the best thins i have ever seen in the world is you and swayyam being happy and laughing.
sanskar with the support of his hand from over swayyam came near swara and pecked her lips and kissed on her forehead.
sanskar- good night princess. [sanskar settled back on his place]
swara smiled- good night prince.
swara took swayyam in her embrace and sanskar came close and kept his hand over them protectively and all slept happily.

next morning-
swasanyam were doing pooja and then swara kept swayyam’s books near god’s idol and prayed for her son and his future and requested god to bless her son.
then swara made swayyam write ‘om’ on a notebook holding his hands as the first word for his studies as seeking god’s blessing [this is done in our custome]
thereafter they all had breakfast and swasan sat with swayyam and started with the first letter in the alphabets A.
swara- baby this is called letter A means a for apple. we write this letter like this
swara held his hand and made him write a on a small board. then she made him repeat writing a several times. for sometime she helped him and then sanskar. they were teaching their son. all smiled looking at them.
ayush- papa also made me write all alphabets. there are total 26 alphabets from a to z. right maa [sumi]
sumi- yaa beta.
sanskar- come here ayush.

ayush went to sanskar.
sanskar- so you know all the letters.
ayush- yaa i know all the letters and can write them also. i can also tell object name with the alphabets.
sanskar- very good. so now when we teach swayyam then you too study ok. and now show me what all you have learnt in school quickly.
ayush- [excited] yaa i will write and show it.
sanskar- good boy.
like that swasan taught swayyam and also looked after ayush studies.
done with this part.

precap- swayyam first day in school. sanskar being angry will come in few episodes.

thank you for your support and comments.

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