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thank you everyone for your wishes and ALIA SAXENA HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AND JANNATUL.NAYMA09 HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BRO TOO. all silent readres who commented and are liking my ff thank you all.
swasan came to maheshwari mansion and were welcomed whole heartedly. laksh seemed bothered about something but treated everyone well and maintained his expression. they all spent sometime with them pretending to be happy.
then laksh got a call and he went outside excusing himself.
meanwhile sanskar talked to mm elders.
sanskar- bade papa i have thought to shift the luggage tomorrow and yaa i thought about the company. i checked it’s records and the company is same as it was three years back. so to bring more profits i have thought my company is starting a new project. i have thought to merge maheshwari company in that project with ours. [sanskar explained about the project] what do you think.

dp- beta as you think is correct. i am proud of you.
sanskar- thank you bade papa. i have the papers with me right now. if you sign them then we can start with the project. actually i got the papers made ready before i came here. so if you think it’s right then [forwarded the papers] please read and sign the papers.
dp- [happily] why not. [dp was about to read]
sanskar- bade papa in the first page it is written that…..[himself told about things written in papers] sorry actually you read it.
dp- it’s ok sanskar i will sign it.
dp signed on the papers.
meanwhile sanskar forwarded a papers to shekhar,

shekhar- what is this sanskar beta.
sanskar- baba actually i have bought a property on ayush name. so as he is not big enough for this so till he becomes 18 you will be the care taker for the property. these are those papers.
shekhar- what is the need of these.
sanskar- baba there is no need but it was just my wish to gift something which may be benificial for him in future. you can read it and then sign and please don’t say no.
shekahr too signed the papers without reading and gave to sanskar and just then laksh entered with the man furiously.
laksh- [seeing the papers] papa did you sign on these papers.
dp- haan beta. sanskar has told about the project of his new company. it would be good for our company.

laksh- no papa.
laksh- sanskar give the papers back. i want to read them.
sanskar- but i have already told about the papers to bade papa. and then he signed it. [he said with a smile]
laksh- papa did you read them.
dp [confused]- no sanskar explained it and i just read the first page and signed it.
man- sir i told you.
laksh- sanskar give these papers to me. i want to read them.
sanskar- but what’s there to read in them laksh. i said i already told what is written in it.
dp- laksh what is going on here and who is this man. i think you are one working in our office right.
laksh- yes papa he is mr. sharma. he came here to inform that sanskar is planning against us to take revenge because we didn’t trust him.
dp- [shockingly] what are you saying laksh.
laksh- i am saying the truth papa. see these papers. you remember sanskar arranged a meeting day before yesterday and we attended it. in that meeting mr. sharma accompanied me and bhai. there after meeting we all signed some papers and now mr. sharma got to know that those papers were of company and our employement under him. sanskar had named it on his name and papa now the papers you have signed is property papers.

laksh- that meeting day too i heard his workers talking something like sanskar is planning to take over a company and their property because they didn’t trusted on him earlier and this will be his revenge.

laksh- not only this mr. sharma read those papers accidentally that day and informed me too that evening but i didn’t trust him and said to show him if that was so. today he somehow got these papers and also got to know in his office that property papers have been printed and sanskar is going to take your sign. he attempted to steal those papers and was unsuccessful and he directly came here to inform us this.
laksh- i did read these papers and not only this i heard sanskar talking on call to swara that he doesn’t leave anyone so easily who hurts and distrust him and points towards his family. am i wrong sanskar. moreover papa mr. sharma has voice recording of sanskar talking to tanmay that now today plan will be complete. they will get the papers signed showing fake love and concern to us.
sanskar said nothing.
laksh- now why are you silent. speak up dammit. ohh got it what will you speak. your moto is complete. you got the property papers and also the company on your name. so tell us now how much time will you take to throw us out and what do you want me to do as i am your employee right.
dp- sanskar why you did this. we did not trust you because situation was like that but now we trusted you. we came to know the truth so why all this.
ragini- swara tell sanskar not to do this. this is your family too. what will you get by doing this.
ap- sanskar beta did you really do this.
ram- sanskar i don’t believe you did so.
sujata- naa sanskar this is wrong. i don’t think you did it. [a bit doubtful] did you do this in real.
swara claps her hand loudly. all looked towards her with shock and confusion.
swara- wow sanskar you actually did it. i thought you would be wrong for once. but no you were 100% right. i mean so perfect planning and expected result you got. hats off to you.
sanskar just smiled which raised mm doubt more and laksh anger to peak. laksh held sanskar’s collar.

laksh- you didn’t want to forgive us then you wouldn’t have done so. what was the need of all this.
swara stood up angrily and pushed laksh away from sanskar.
swara- [angry with blood shot eyes] don’t you dare mr. maheshwari. don’t. it would be very bad for you.
sanskar held swara from shoulder for support as she stood up.
ragini- [holding laksh] swara behave properly with laksh. you can’t just treat him like this when you are wrong.
swara- [smiled sarcastically] ragini come out of your laksh sometimes and try to see the reality.
dadi- aee chore. don’t say a word to my laado. see your husband and his deeds first. shekhar i told you naa that they all are planning something but you you didn’t believe me and not even cared to question her even once.
shekhar- mishthi what is all this happening.
sumi- [carelessly] i don’t know shekhar.
shekar- but swara tells you everything. she must have told you.
dadi- shekhar you have also signed papers. what was in those papers.
shekhar- [shocked to realise that he too signed the papers] sanskar what was written in those papers.
sanskar didn’t said anything.
dadi- aee sanskar tell us what are in those papers.
swara- talk to him properly mrs. parvati gadodia. you don’t have any right to talk to him like this.
shekar- swara she is your dadi. talk with her by calling her dadi and not by name.
swara- [carelessly] she is no one to me and neither are you. so stop showing your rights over me.
ragini- swara we all trusted you and sanskar and what you both did. such a big game plan with us. how could you.
rashika- ohhh hello do you know the meaning of trust.
sanskar- [calmly] rashika stay out of it. i don’t want you to involve in this. you requested so i allowed you to come along but now here better you maintain distance from this matter. you still are a kid and don’t forget you promised.
rashika- sorry. i will keep quite.
laksh- sanskar answer our question.
sanskar- laksh you know you are the biggest fool of this world and very bad at trusting anyone and especially me.
laksh- [angry] sanskar you….

sanskar- now that you asked me to answer so just keep quite and listen. what you said us to forgive you all for not trusting on me. first of all i am noone to you all as i broke relation with everyone the last time i left this place. so i have no rights to forgive you all but you all kept on pesturing us for coming back. you wanted us to come to hell from the heaven we have created by our own hands.
laksh- what do you mean.
sanskar- laksh was this your trust that broke in two days. you kept on convincing us for four days and your trust broke in just two days. wow. how do you expect me to live here with you all.
sanskar- this was all my plan to show you all that you never trust me and won’t ever. you believe on strangers so easily but on your family members nahhh.
sanskar- this all thing was planned by me and as expected you all didn’t showed your trust but your question and doubts on us. just 10 minutes you all took to distrust me after telling that you all trust me. and the amazing fact is my parents who gave birth to me don’t trust me and nor the one whom i considered more than my parents sometime.
all were stunned listening him.

laksh- what do you mean all planned by you and..
sanskar- [interrupted] yes all planned by me and yes you are a big fool. laksh check the papers you are holding again. those are not real but a duplicate and false papers. check it.
sanskar went to mr. sharma
sanskar- thanks mr. sharma for the help. it means a lot to me.
mr. sharma- sir i was your employ earlier but were with them after the merger of karma and maheshwari company. you have helped me and brought me in such good condition when i needed it the most. when i saw you after so many years i was so happy. when you asked help how can i deny. sir i could even give my life for you.
sanskar- mr. sharma what are you saying. you are elder to me and i just need your blessings.

mr. sharma- sir because of you my family and my son is saved. i bless you and your family of all happiness. especially your son. he is so good and naughty too.
sanskar- hahaha that he is. after all in this matter he is went on my wife.
mr. sharma smiled and then went to laksh.
mr. sharma- sir this is my resignation. i am leaving the company.
laksh- [shocked] why?
mr. sharma- sir i have got my sir back and second in a way i cheated on you by joining with sanskar sir in his planning. that’s why. i am sorry and please accept my resignation.
laksh- then where will you work.

mr. sharma- sir i will work for sanskar sir.
laksh was shocked and he took the letter.
mr. sharma- i should leave.
sanskar- mr. sharma come to office tomorrow and mind you i am still strict about time and work.
mr. sharma- sure sir. [and he left]
all were in shocked state and were confused.
sanskar- so laksh read the papers. now take these. these are also false. you should learn to be fast in recognising legal papers and false one.
sanskar- well whatever happened till now was my plan. everything happened as per my thought. i already told swara about this plan and i guessed you will surely come to say sorry and convince us after pagphera day and i was correct. same happened and i executed my plan. and see you all didn’t trust me.

sanskar- you know what you all go with the situation and behave like the situation is. you all never trusted me and each time i had to prove myself but no more. i don’t have any relation and or any kind of emotion for you all. even if you would have passed in this test i wouldn’t have stayed here because i have my own world which i have created. i am very happy in my world. so you all don’t try to persuade us.
laksh- we are sorry sanskar
sanskar- please laksh stop all these. i am not interested in all your talks. enough of your sorry and convincing us. learn the fact that you all can never trust us. you were guilty to doubt on me without my mistake and so you wanted me back, not because you trusted me.

sanskar- bade papa should i ask you one question. i have done wrong in past but swara was always right. she always stood for you all. each time when it came upon family’s respect and welfare she always was there for everyone. she sacrificed everytime for you all. why didn’t you trust her. you called her your daughter right. then couldn’t you trust her for once.
all were speechless especially dp and bowed his head down.
sanskar- it’s of no use to talk to you all.
sanskar- maa[sumi] i think the last thing we should do and finish this once and for all
sumi passed him her mobile.
sanskar played two videos.

1st video showed dadi talking to ayush and manipulating him against sumi.
2nd video showed dadi in jail and meeting parineeta.
in the video dadi was scolding parineeta for changing the plan at the last moment and ending up in jail. she warned parineeta not to disclose her name that she was with her in the kidnapping. in return she promised that she will take revenge from swasan and sumi and also separate ayush from sumi as she did 4 and half years ago. she waas blurting all the truth in the process of talking to parineeta. she thanked god and said how lucky she was that she was not present there when parineeta tortured swara and how due to ayush she was late and further due to traffic she got late and was saved.
video ends. all were shocked to see the video.

sanskar- [with red eyes burning in anger] so dadi what did you think that you will plan so much and we won’t get to know. how did you even think of laying your fingers on swara and swayyam.how dare you to harm them. you were lucky that you did not get arrested that day and was saved from punishment but not now.
at that time inspector entered the scene and with the proofs arrested dadi who was badmouthing about swara and sumi and took her away.
sanskar- now listen all of you carefully. i have no relation with anyone of you and never ever try to come to us and specially near swayyam. i have tolerated your presence around swayyam for this much time because in any way i didn’t want swayyam to see all these. but if next time if you come across us and go near him then i won’t take even a minute to say him against you and he will hate you all for his life time.
rashika- bhai now let’s go from here.
before sanskar says anything sujata angrily spoke.
sujata- aaaeee chori. have you done something with my son that he is so against us. i know girls like you. and i have also seen you loitering around jamai ji [tanmay]. stop all these. he is my daughter’s husband.
all were shocked to here sujata. rashika was shocked and in tears to listen such things about herself.
sanskar- [shouted] mom [sujata flinched at his roar]
sanskar- think before you speak.
sanskar turned towards rashika but she started running from there. rishita were also shocked.
sanskar ran behind rashika calling her name and so did tanmay and rishita. uttara stared sujata continuously.
uttara- maa don’t you think before you speak. i wonder are we really blood of this family.
all looked at uttara stunned.
uttara- [teary eyes] how can you think so disgusting about her. she is a kid and about whom you spoke of loitering around tanmay is the one who called him bhai before my and tanmay’s relation. she is the one who was the cupid of our story. she was the first one to know tanmay loves and me and she did what not to convince me for tanmay and i proposed him also because of rashika. she is like a small sister to tanmay. she is a kid and you spoke so much to her.
uttara- [wiping her tears and with anger] i filled ashamed of myself to say that i am the daughter of this house. i have blood relation with you all. but today i too break all relations with each and everyone present here. i feel disgusted to be with you all. chiii. i did right that i went sanskar bhai otherwise i would have been living with person who don’t value emotions and are such low thinking people.
otherside sanskar ran behind rashika and caught her hand. rashika struggled to free her hand but then gave up and hugged sanskar and cried.
rashika- bhai i didn’t do anything as such. believe me. how can she say like this to me.
she cried hard.

sanskar- shhh calm down. you are our sweet kiddo. she is absolutely wrong. don’t hear her words. they are like this only. why are you crying. my sister is very brave and here she is crying. won’t you show her who you are and what she told was wrong. how can you just run awa and cry like this like a cry baby.
rashika- but bhai what she was telling i never thought like that. i…
sanskar- you don’t need to think. you have a pure heart and soul without any evil. rashika for me stop crying. and don’t worry they will pay for making my kiddo cry.
rishita who were there standing angrily calmed and smiled hearing sanskar. for once seeing tears in rashika’s eyes they were angry on sujata and sanskar too. but now they smiled with contentment that sanskar cared for rashika and there anger vanished.
rashika looked at sanskar- bhai what will you do. don’t do anything. after whatever it is she is your mom.
sanskar- she is no one to me.

tanmay- hey angel devil.
rashika hearing tanmay voice hid back of sanskar and held his shirt tightly while crying. she remembered sujata’s words.
tanmay- [shocked at rashika’s reaction and tears formed in his eyes] hey rashika why are you hiding from me.
rashika did not say anything and cried silently.
tanmay angrily pulled her out and cupped her face while she cried.
tanmay- [angrily] rashika why are you crying.
risabh- tanmay leave her she is crying.

tanmay- one minute sir.
tanmay- rashika why are you crying. you know you are crying means proving that what she said was right.
rashika instantly looked up hearing him.
rashika- no she was wrong.
tanmay- yes she was wrong but you are proving her right by crying. you are my sister and used to call me bhai before kowing about me and uttara then why did you cry hearing her. you should have anwered her back at that instant itself. how can you just hear her and come out like this crying.

rashika- i am sorry. [wiped her tears] i will answer her now.
rashika- bhai [sanskar] you don’t have problem naa.
sanskar- absolutely not. i don’t care for strangers.
rashika- then let’s get back. have to complete our work.
nikita- rashika beta…
rashika- mom i am fine and full of energy now. i have to complete my target. now let’s get going.
saying this all moved inside mm.
done with this part.

precap- mm finally out and sumi asking for ayush custody. don’t worry mm out completely with no further dialogues and later happy life of swasan.
sorry i tried posting it yesterday but due to net problems couldn’t. this is yesterday’s part and 1 more episode today which will be for today.

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