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swasan: only for you [epi-20]
thanks to all who commented and to silent readers too.yes many of you are right that swayyam is swasan’s son.

sanskar thinks to ask sorry from swara and comes to talk to her but swara doesn’t listen to him and continues to do her work.
after some time
guests started arriving and maheshwari’s also arrived there.they were shocked when they received the wedding invitation card and decided to attend. they don’t know anything about how and where swasan lived these many years.
[note-everyone till now thinks that sanskar was greedy for money and so broke there trust by getting laksh arrested and taking money for this fact. but as he was the son of that house they were curious to meet him and see him. sujata lived in that house like lifeless body, did not talk with anyone.seeing her state others started talking to her. over these years aadarsh and parineeta always had fight and aadarsh was completely frustrated by her. he has somewhat started realising that he did wrong with sanskar but his mind is stopping him from accepting this fact.aadarsh started mingling with the family and care for them too]

in the party hall
maheshwari’s entered and were shocked to see the elegant decoration and security outside the hotel. they entered and saw sanskar talking to someone. they followed their gaze on the direction sanskar talked and moved. then there gaze fall on swara who was busy talking and instructing the manager. swara too saw them and started moving towards them when sanskar came in front of her.
sanskar- [did not notice maheshwari’s] swara sorry naa. you know that i have high temper and so i don’t understand things when i am in anger. please forgive me and end your silence aandolan.
swara- [tensed] sanskar woh..
swara holded his hands tightly whereas sanskar was confused. he moved his gaze in the direction swara is seeing and froze for few seconds.swara understanding his condition squeezed his hand in assurance and he relaxed.
sanskar- i think we should start the function. i will make announcement.
swara- are you ok?
sanskar- [smiled] you are with me then i am fine in hell too.
swara- [angrily] sanskar
sanskar- i am really fine but i won’t talk to them. don’t expect anything from me except that i am allowing them to attend the function. now let me welcome the would be couples.
sanskar moved from there and swara came towards maheshwari’s.
swara- [folding her hands] namaste. i didn’t know whether you all will come or not but it’s good that you came. please come in and bless uttara for her wedding and future life.please
maheshwari’s were shocked to hear swara talking calmly and formaly.
ragini- swara w….[interrupted]
swara- mrs. sanskar, i would prefer if you could kindly call me mrs. sanskar, mrs. maheshwari.

ragini- so you are mrs.maheshwari too. i would call you…[interrupted]
swara- my husband’s name is only sanskar so i am mrs. sanskar. and it’s a humble request from you all that don’t start any topic here. you are here to attend the function for uttara. so keep your concern till there and no interference in our lives otherwise i would regret to invite you without the consent and will of my husband.
swara left from there and the maheshwari’s were shocked to discover that sanskar was not in favour to invite them.

on the stage
sanskar- so here i welcome you all to sangeet and mehndi of my sister uttara. thank you to everyone here for being a part of this function and blessing my sister.
lights goes off and spotlight is shown on the stairs from where uttara and tanmay are descending the stairs together.
everyone clap for them and bless the couple.the function started and some professionals came on stage and gave performance.
uttara- bhai where is everyone. the function is being so boring.
tanmay- bhai she is correct. the star of our house and this function is missing.
sanskar- wait i will call and then inform you.
sanskar called someone and talked for a while.
sanskar- uttara 10 minutes they will be here.
uttara- [sad] ok
sanskar saw her sad and he was also not feeling good when he saw maheshwari’s and was tensed that why isn’t uttara reacting.
sanskar- uttara you ok naa.
uttara- yaa why are you asking such questions.

uttara saw in the direction where sanskar took glances of and was shocked and tears formed inher eyes. she saw the maheshwari’s and all her emotions came in the form of tears.
uttara- bhai how they are here.
sanskar- swara called them. if you want you can meet them.
uttara- no bhai i….
sanskar- i am happy that you are with me and trust me that’s enough for me. i know you want to meet them so go. i don’t have any problem. but haan be quick as we have to start the main function.
uttara hugged sanskar and said thank you.
swara- [from behind] haww i knew you love only sanskar and so did not bother to ask about your bhabhi even once. tanmay ji i hope after marriage you will remember me.
tanmay- bhabhi don’t worry, i won’t forget you. afterall you are the bestest bhabhi in the world and don’t add that ji with my name. how many times i will have to tell you. since i am engaged with uttara you are calling me tanmayji. it’s so irritating.
swasan uttara laughed at tanmay.
swara- [cupped uttara’s face] uttara go and talk to them and take their blessing. they have this much right on you. go.
uttara nodded and came towards maheshwari’s. she bent and took dp, ap, rp, sujata’s blessings. they blessed her and hugged her. sujata hugged her tightly and weeped silently.
sujata- chorri how are you? didn’t you both remembered your mother for even once. did i do such a big mistake.
uttara- [breaking the hug] maa i am fine and rest of the talks we can do later. not now.
sujata- you are marrying. bless you with all the happiness of this world. chorri at least tell me about your groom.
uttara- maa there the one standing with bhai and bhabhi. his name is tanmay and he works with bhai. both work together. no actually we all three work together. he is a nice guy and is bhai’s friend.
sujata- you work but why?
uttara- maa i wanted to work and bhai did not stop me. don’t worry i work with bhai itself. now i need to go.
sujata again hugged her. then uttara went near laksh and they hugged each other followed by ragini. raglak blessed her. aadarsh was forwarding his hand towards uttara but she left without meeting aadarsh and parineeta. aadarsh was hurt whereas parineeta was angry.

uttara joined swasan and were talking. sujata came to them not able to stop herself anymore from meeting sanskar.
sujata- sanskar
sanskar recognised that it’s sujata’s voice and a lone tear escaped from his eyes and he left from there without even looking at sujata, leaving her in tears of helplessness.
swara- [hesitantly] mom he needs time. you have to keep patience. wounds of heart are not easily healed.
swara to left from there to see sanskar. uttara consoled her and introduced to tanmay and his family.[note- tnmay and his family know everything about sanskar and maheshwari’s and have accepted them].
swara was searching for sanskar here and there but couldn’t find him.she was hell worried for him.
on stage- a person is shown. he starts to sing and his face can be clearly seen now. it is sanskar. everyone is astonished to see him on stage while swara is shocked as it is not planned and tensed that he may not do anything wrong.
sanskar starts to sing-

sanskar-tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho, tum rehto ho
[tum dil ki dhadkan me rehto ho, rehto ho]*2
meri in saanson se kehte ho,kehto ho
baanhon me aa jao, sapnon me kho jao
tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho, rehte ho.
[sanskar sang the above lines seeing swara]
[sanskar moved down the stage towards swara while guests enjoyed his song. sanskar took swara on stage.]
[deewano saa haal hua, humko toh unse pyar hua]*2
dheere se vo paas aaye, chupke se izhar hua
[ab naa kisi se darna hai, sang jeena marna hai]*2
baahon me aa jao, sapnon me kho jao
tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho, rehte ho

[sanskar did actions like showing himself mad in love of swara, took her rounds while singing, sit on his knees in front of her and forwarding his hand to hold as if he proposing her and then stood up and pulled her into a hug]
hehehehe aahahah hehehe ahhahahaaa
hmmm. [duniya ne tukhraya hai, bas tumne apnaya hai]*2
dil ko kitna chain mila, sabne itna sataya hai
[apna hai ek sapna, ek tu hi ho apna]*2
aaaaahahhhhaaaa…..sapnon me kho jao.
tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho, rehte ho, rehte ho.
[sanskar was emotional in these lines and conveyed his emotions in the form of the words in the song. he cupped swara’s face with one palm and looked into her eyes to find peace in the love which is reflected in swara’s eyes for him. he was relaxed now as swara blinked her eyes to assure him that she is with him and will always be no matter what.he hugged her again] sanskar was back to playful mood.
[whispering in swara’s ears]eyy kya main hi kehta rahunga or tum khuch bhi nahi kahogi.
swara- aaahahahah ahahhhaaaan.. rururururuuuu..lalallaaaa.

[whispering to sanskar] accha laga haan
swara- ahanahaannn. ahhhahhhh
sanskar- rehto ho, rehte ho
swara- sach ahahnnhahhhaaahhhaa
sanskar- kehte ho, kehte ho
swara- baahon me aa jao, sapnon mein kho jao
sanskar- tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho bas tum hi rehte ho.
swasan joined there foreheads while the guests clapped and hooted for them.
this song was dedicated to swara and a message to maheshwari’s that he doesn’t give a damn to them. he needs only is swara and no one else matter to him even a bit.
done with this part.

precap- swayyam revealed as swasan son, maheshwari’s reaction and some beautiful moments.

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