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so rashika and swayyam in mm.
everyone was enjoying with swayyam and rashika.
swayyam was running while laksh was chasing him. suddenly he hit a woman and fell down and started crying due to pain.
woman- beta [she knelt down and picked him up in his arms.]don’t cry.
laksh- swayyam chachi give him to me.
[yes the lady was sujata]
sujata- chorre let’s go in hall.
she brought swayyam in hall while rashika panicked seeing him cry.
rashika- champ what happened. why are you crying?
laksh- woh he fell down and that’s why.
sujata made him sit on sofa and brought first aid box. swayyam got hurt on his hand.
rashika was trying to pacify him.
rashika- champ don’t cry. is it hurting a lot.[she blowed air on his hand]
sujata took his hands to wipe the wound with cotton but he withdrew.
rashika- champ get first aid done.
swayyam- no it will burn
rashika- nothing will happen.

swayyam was not letting anyone to do his first aid.
rashika- champ i didn’t knew you are so weak. how will you save your mumma when you are crying like this and won’t get your wound cleaned. you are weak. i will tell cutie maam that champ was crying.
swayyam- no i am mumma’s brave boy. papa too says that i am mumma’s bodyguard. [wiping his tears] see i am not crying.
he forwards his hand to sujata to clean the wound.
swayyam- aunty you do your work. i will not cry.
sujata carefully does the first aid.
sujata- tell me what you wanna eat.
swayyam- lots of chocolates, kheer and milkcake.
everyone widens their eyes at his demands but then all had tears reminding something but soon it turned into hatred for some and guilt for others.

rashika- champ we should not demand anything like that. and this much of sweets will rot your teeth.
swayyam- don’t worry i will ask dadi for medicines. [he showed his 32 to everyone while rashika sighed in disbelief]
rashika- you all don’t need to bother much. he is like this only.
swayyam- it means i won’t get sweets and chocolates.
aadarsh- no champ wait for sometime i will bring chocolates for you.and maa please prepare the sweets.
ap, sujata and ragini went in kitchen and prepared sweets. here in hall laksh made swayyam sit on his lap and played with him while rashika got a call.

on call
rashika- hello
rashika- please don’t get angry. i am sending you the address you come to pick us up.
call ended

rashika-[to laksh] lucky bhai can you give me the address of this place. i have to message it to cutie maam so that she come here to pick us up.
laksh- haan. [he dictated the address and rashika messaged it]
rashika- champ mumma is coming. we will have to leave. please save me ok. she is angry on me. you will save me naa.
swayyam- will think.
aadarsh- [coming with two polybags] champ here is your chocolates and i bought you some toys too.
swayyam jumped from laksh’s lap and ran towards aadarsh and thanked him for gift and sat on the floor and started eating chocolates.

aadarsh and laksh was seeing swayyam smilingly.
rashika- champ control yourself. you sat floor and started eating.
swayyam-[while eating] don’t disturb
rashika was seeing him open mouthed.
the ladies came from kitchen and saw swayyam sitting on floor munching chocolates.
ragini- hey champ come and sit on chair and then eat. see we prepared sweets too.
swayyam looked at the tray and came and sat on dining table.but couldn’t eat as his hands were full ofchocolates.
ragini- should i feed you
swayyam nodded vigorously and ragini feeded her.while rashika was convincing him to pacify his mom’s anger and he payed no heed.
rashika mobile rang and she became worried.
rashika- champ rush. mumma is waiting outside.
aadarsh- call her in.
rashika- some other day big bro. today let me get saved from her anger then i will surely introduce her too. champ stop eating.
swayyam wiped his hands and then kissed everyone on their cheeks and ran outside while rashika followed him.

scene changes. it was evening time and a hotel is shown. a man was seen shouting at the workers to do things properly.
man- put these lightings properly and remember when the bride comes down then put spotlight on her.
like this he was instructing everyone and working non stop.
a lady comes from behind and keeps her hands on his shoulder.
lady- sanskar bas everything is done. everything is perfect.take rest for while. you are working since morning. relax.

sanskar- swara how can i relax. see they can’t do a single work perfectly. inspite of saying multiple times they do things wrong.
yes these are the heavenly couple swasan.
swara- but nowalmost everything is done naa.
sanskar- haan but i will cross check once.
swara- sanskar calm down. i understand what you are thinking. don’t worry everything will be alright. and what’s the tension when the groom is well known to us. arre he is ready to marry in temple and here you are taking tension of the decoration.i fear that he don’t run away as you both brother and sister are making him wait for so long.
sanskar chuckled- true.

sanskar- what about everyone. when will they reach here.
swara- everyone has arrived and have deliberately choose there rooms and are getting ready and troubling maa.
sanskar- chalo we will also get ready and i should call tanmay once. he told that he reached but i did not meet him till now. at least let me check how is our groom doing.
swara-[serious] sanskar i want to tell you something
sanskar- haan bolo
swara- i invited them.
sanskar- whom
swara- maheshwari’s
sanskar- swara i told you not to invite them then also. you meet them and invited them.
swara- i haven’t met them just put the invitation card in their mail box.
sanskar- but i already told you not to invite them. we are doing wedding here because tanmay’s family wanted it to be in the hometown. otherwise i wouldn’t have come here.
swara- sanskar i already told you the reason. you should understand that for a girl how important is it that her whole family be present in her wedding.

sanskar- swara we are her family and we are present there.
swara- sanskar get above your abger. i supported you when you broke ties with them and will support you in every decision till my death but that does not mean i won’t speak when you are wrong especially when you are taking decision of anyone’s elses life. if you don’t care about what me and uttara feel then don’t and throw them out when they come. and yaa don’t talk to me. i will be there beside you but till you don’t understand what i am saying it’s better that we don’t talk.
a lone tear skipped swara’s eyes and she moved from there.
sanskar thought about what swara said now and a few days earlier and was convinced to her upto an extent. but he was scared to face them as he may break down facing them. although now they don’t matter to him much but still they were his family. but now he decided that for uttara he will agree for their presence and also ask sorry from swara and convince her as she means the world to him, she is his soul.
done with this part.

precap- uttara’s sangeet and swasan and maheshwari’s faceoff and swasan life in past 3 and half years.

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