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don’t get confused with this episode. read it completely to understand and then everything will be clear in next episode.
in kolkata two days after aadarsh encounter with sanskar inoffice in mumbai.
in aadarsh-parineetaa room.

aadarsh- i met sanskar in mumbai. i tried to make him jobless, but before executing my plan he heard my conversation with his boss and he himself resigned. then i thought to make him homeless but he left the house where he was living before i reached there. that man yaa tanmay in whose flat they stayed told that they emptied the flat the same day he resigned. i tried to find about him but didn’t get any clue. yaa but got to know that he met with an accident and swara too fainted there but after that what happened don’t know.
parineeta- what have we to do knowing what happened to him or swara. they are curse to us. they always take away the name, popularity and rights we have. and i think it’s their habbit to disappear suddenly. don’t you remember how they left 8 months ago. we didn’t get any clue of them.huh!

parineeta- leave about them. aadarsh i want a new necklace.
aadarsh- you bought one last month naa.
parineete- that was last month. and i want it for mr verma’s party next week.
aadarsh- ok then go and buy it. here is the credit card.
parineeta- thankyou aadarsh ji.
sujata who heard their conversation was shattered to learn about sanskar’s accident. she came to her room and cried for long. now she was not less than a lifeless body.
3 and half years later in kolkata

in mm hall
aadarsh- parineeta what is this. you shopped for 3 lakhs in one day.
parineeta- so what’s the big deal in this in this aadarsh.
aadarsh- [furious] big deal. you shop almost of 15-20 lakhs per month and asking me what’s the big deal. if you continue like this then surely in few months i will be bankrupt. and by the way what do you shop every now and then haan.
parineeta- [angry] don’t shout at me. i have done shopping only not a crime. and why do you earn when i will not expend it. actually what do you want from me. do clarify.
aadarsh- parineeta do whatever you wish to but in limits. this is not the way to spend so much money on shopping. and i need some of your time. that’s it. instead of shopping and attending those stupid parties everyday can’t you just spend sometime with me.
parineeta- ohh please aadarsh don’t talk like people in their seventies. i can’t stop going in those parties. they are just so much of fun.
aadarsh- it’s waste to talk to you.
parineeta- so is it for me too.

parineeta came in the room while aadarsh moved out.
ap, dp,rp,sujata and raglak sighed and moved for their respective works as it is their daily routine.
in a park a girl[about an age of 17 or 18] was playing with a child while a woman was there. she saw a man sitting on a bench sad. she came near him and sat beside him.
girl-[fake cough] ahemm ahemm.
the man looked at her but then looked away.
girl- hai i am rashika rashika malhotra.
the man looked at her confused.
rashika looking at his confused face- your name please.
man- [rudely] why should i tell you.
rashika- you sound very rude but no problem i will call you big bro.
man- i am a little less than double your age and you are calling me broother.
rashika- yaa actually i had to take birth approx. 7-8 years earlier but god gave me to my parents a bit late. so fault is of god in this matter. leave all this you are now big bro.
man- [shock] are you nuts.
rashika- huh! accha big bro tell me why are you sad.

rashika- huh! that can be clearly seen on your face.
man- [kept quiet for some time but then hesitantly] life isn’t as we think………….. the persons we do everything for doesn’t care for us then it irks.[and he trailed off]
rashika- although i did not get exactly about whom and what you are talking about but will advice you that if a person does not care for your concern towards them and takes it as nothing then they are not worth it. you know you can easily understand the difference between who really care for you and who doesn’t . your heart will speak about a person’s truthfulness. it’s just that you have to understand it.
man- you speak much more than your age.
rashika- when we get big bro like you then we have to behave mature.take this and be happy. every problem have a solution. the need is to find it.
man- i am not a child to eat chocholates.
rashika- i don’t think that anything as such is written in any rule book. anyways enjoy bro and bye will meet you again later if destined.
man- hey my chocolate.
rashika turned and gave him chocolate with a smile.
man- thank you and bye.
rashika- my bhai says no sorry and no thank you in friendship. bye.
rashika went to the small child and started playing while the man moved from there smilingly. this was all noticed by a woman.
next day
the man again came to the park in the hope to meet that girl[rashika]. he came and didn’t find her. he was disappointed and was going when a voice stopped him and he smiled.

voice- finding me.
man – yup you called me big bro so thought to meet my sister again.
rashika- hmm you are smiling, not bad.
man- after having a sister like you why should a person be sad.
rashika- meet him, my champ, my best buddy.
man looked at the small child and bent down.
man- hey baby
small child- i am not a girl. call me champ not baby.[he said this with a frown on his face]
rashika and the man chuckled.
man- sorry champ. friends.
champ- first i will judge you then.i need time.
rashika giggled while the man was shocked to hear the child’s talks.
man- ok then let’s do one thing. let’s go to my house it is nearby and i will introduce you to my family and tell you about myself. then we can be friends naa.
champ looked at rashika for answer and rashika thought for a while.
rashika- wait a minute.
she dialled someone’s number.
rashika- hey bhai’s princess i want permission.
os- what
rashika- i want to go to a friend’s house. champ is with me and kamala bai is also with us.
os- which friend.
rashika- a new friend. don’t worry i am going and i will message you the address. bye and thank you
os- no you…

rashika- bye bye bye.
rashika cut the call without giving the other person chance to complete the talk.
rashika- let’s go bro
man- who were you talking with.
rashika- champ’s mamma. huh! she is cool but sometimes overprotective.
champ pinched rashika and showed angry face.
rashika- ahhh. sorry sorry. your mamma is the best.
rashika- now shall we move.
man -yeah.
they drove to the man’s house and reached in five minutes. they entered the house.
rashika- hmm your house is quite big.
in the hall.
woman- who are they aadarsh.
[yes the man is none other than aadarsh]
aadarsh- maa she is rashika. i met her yesterday in a park.
rashika- [folding her hands] namaste aunty.
ap- namaste
rashika- so bro she is your mom.
aadarsh smiled. ap looked at the kid.
aadarsh- champ now let me introduce myself. i am aadarsh maheshwari and she is my mom. now will you be my friend.

champ- [looked at rashika and she gestured yes] ok
aadarsh- tell me your name
champ- my name is swayyam.
ap- you all sit i will bring snacks for you.
aadarsh- maa tell ragini.

ap- she went market with laksh.
ragini [from stairs]- maa i have brought all stuffs.
raglak descended the stairs and looked at rashika and swayyam confused.
ap- beta she is rashika and this is swayyam. aadarsh met them in park and brought them here.
ragini- hello beta, hello rashika. i am ragini
rashika/swayyam- hello/hai.
swayyam went near laksh who was busy in his mobile and pulled his pant to gain his attention.laksh looked down at swayyam.
swayyam- what is your name.

laksh-[ kneeling down] my name is laksh laksh maheshwari.
swayyam- l..a..k..s..h so diff..icult name. i will call you [thought for a while] lucky. haan lucky uncle. and you[pointing towards aadarsh] big uncle.
laksh stood numb for few minutes while others too went silent.
swayyam- what happened. name is not good
laksh- no it’s good.
everyone was enjoying to the fullest with them they played with swayyam and talked with rashika.
done with this part.

sorry for no swasan scenes and about them. but this epi was necessary for further chapters.

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