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One and half months leap
Days were passing like this. swasan were happy. their life was going smooth. it was one fine morning swasan were sleeeping in each other’s embrace when they were disturbed by sunrays. they woke up and smiled looking each other.
swara- [kissed on sanskar’s cheeks] good morning prince.
sanskar- good morning princess. [kissed on her forehead] kya baat hai bahut pyar aa raha hai [what happened, you are showing so much of love this early morning.]
swara- [keeping her head on his chest] can’t i show my love to you.
sanskar- yes you can and i liked it. i hope everyday i get this treatment.
swara- don’t hope too much, ok.
sanskar- [laughed slightly] ok dear wifey.
swara- sanskar

sanskar- hmmm
swara- i am feeling like something gonna happen.
sanskar- matlab[means]
swara- means i am getting dual feeling that is good and bad both.
sanskar- when you are with me only good will happen and if something bad happens then it won’t last long as you are the happiness of my life, a brightening star who doesn’t allow anything bad to come near me. so don’t think too much.
swara- [tightened her grip on sanskar] i love you
sanskar- [kissing on her hairs] love you too.
they slept for some more time and then woke up and got indulged in their respective works.
before going to office.
sanskar- swara one favour. can you please place the booking for decorators and caterers by yourself.
swara- i knew it you won’t come along with me. ok[she made faces]
swara- invite your colleagues for the pooja.

sanskar- k
sanskar kissed on her cheeks and mumbled a sorry and drove to his office.
it was afternoon time, in sanskar’s office
sanskar came towards his boss cabin and was about to knock but stopped hearing a familiar voice coming from the cabin. more than the voice the talks going in shocked him.
man-[inside cabin] i will give you the biggest deal but in return i want you to throw your employ sanskar out of this office putting false allegations.
boss- and why do you want so and why do you think i will agree to you.
man- i gave you a reason to agree and i want so is none of your buisness.
boss- how do you know that he works here
man- yesterday when you came to give presentation at mehta’s office i was present in that office and saw you both and so collected information about you both.
boss- if i don’t agree to you then
man- bandra 60 hectares land for your new project. how about you get that without any further court hearings.[the man smirked evilly]
boss- give me five minutes to think.
man- sure.
after two minutes of their discussion sanskar barged in their cabin shocking both of them.
boss- mr sanskar don’t you have manners to knock before entering.
sanskar- sorry sir but it was necessary.
sanskar forwarded a letter to him.
boss- what is th..[interrupted]
sanskar- my resignation
the man and boss both shocked
boss- you can’t give resignation like this.you have to work here for next two months before leaving or will have to pay compensation of rs. 5 lakhs. so what do you say. [smirked]

sanskar- [took out his checkbook and filled the amount and signed it] here 5 lakhs encash it. i hope now i am free.
boss was hell angry as this move of his hurt his ego but he can’t speak a word more. sanskar turning to the man.
sanskar- mr aadarsh maheshwari don’t think that you can harm me. it won’t be possible so don’t try. if i am not interfering in your lives then you too don’t poke your nose in my life.
[yes the man was aadarsh who came for a business meeting in mehta’s company in mumbai and saw sanskar their who came to that company for a deal finalization along with his boss.]
aadarsh-[angry] i will see you.
sanskar- haven’t you seen me till now. i don’t want to see you by the way. good bye.
sanskar came out of the cabin in full anger and was going out when tanmay stopped him.
tanmay- dude what happen why are you so angry?

sanskar- please tanmay not now.
tanmay- [concerned, holding him from shoulder] bhai what happened. anything serious, you can say me.
sanskar-that man how could he. [sanskar said everything that happened in the cabin and about aadarsh and boss conversation.] i don’t want to be here for moment more. i want to go to swara. yes i will go home and meet her. i need her by my side now. i just want to talk to her.
tanmay- bhabhi will be in school and after an hour or so i think the school will be over.
sanskar- ok then will go to school.
tanmay- bhai be calm and go carefully. i will meet you at home.
sanskar nodded and left from there immediately. he messaged swara to wait outside the school as he is coming there.

an hour later near the school. sanskar was waiting for swara anxiously outside the school gate. swara came out of the school and saw sanskar and came near him. as soon as sanskar saw swara he hugged her tightly. swara was confused as sanskar came once only to school to surprise her and now he came and this sudden hug. she was worried for him when she looked at him with pale face.
she broke the hug and cupped his face.
swara- [lovingly] sanskar are you ok.
sanskar- swara in office aadarsh bhai…
before he continues he saw a girl crossing the road and a car speeding towards her. he freed himself and ran towards the girl to save her.
swara turned to see the direction in which sanskar went and was shocked to see the car so near to them. the car approached sanskar and he pushed the girl and….
swara- sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
swara fainted.

precap- read the next epi.

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