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Sanskar was leaving for office and swara came to see him off.
in the parking lot sanskar kept his bag and files in the car and then quickly kissed swara on her forehead and said bye.
swara was shocked, surprised and happy. there were no words to describe how she felt now.sanskar again came back to her and whishpered in her ears.
sanskar- waise whatever you cook is the best as it has your love which i can’t get in hotel’s food. and you cook really tasty.

without giving swara chance to react he sat inthe car and drove off.
swara was happy and few tears escaped her eyes which she wiped and smiled wholeheartedly. sanskar was observing swara from the rear view mirror and he too smiled seeing her smile and guilty because unknowingly he gave pain to swara who is his life, reason for his existence now.
today swara went school happily and she even did not cry after sanskar left for office.
she was the happiest person on earth today. whole day she was smiling. while on the other hand sanskar in the office was much relaxed. he worked efficiently and felt happy.
in the evening he returned from office and swara opened the door and she smiled seeing sanskar and so did he. he went to his room to freshen up after asking swara for coffee. she happily prepared coffee as sanskar likes and came in room. sanskar has just came out of washroom. swara kept the coffee mug on table and was to leave the room when sanskar called out for her.

sanskar- swara
swara- haan sanskar
sanskar- ummm sit here for sometime.
swara was surprised but then obliged and sat down.
swara- haan bolo sanskar. what’s the matter.
sanskar- can’t i sit with my wife without having any serious thing to talk.
swara- no i didn’t mean it in that way.
sanskar-[smiling mischieviously] don’t be so serious. i feel like i am sitting with an old women.
swara- [widening her eyes] old women. do i look like a old women to you. you arrrgg i don’t wanna talk to you. you are old, you are like grandfather, oldie.. u…u ..urrrgg leave it.
swara stood up when sanskar pulled her to himself and she landed on his lap and her upper body striking his chest while sanskar both hands on either side of her waist holding her.

she slightly departed herself and looked into his eyes which showed a lot of love. they had an eyelock. sanskar tucked her hairs falling on her face behind her ears and gently pecked her forehead and swara closed her eyes to feel his touch while a tear escaped her eyes. sanskar wiped the lone tear and spoke caressing her cheeks.
sanskar- swara i don’t like tears in your eyes but i know i have been the reason for your tears for the past six months. i am so sorry for that. i am really guilty for my ignorant behaviour towards you.
sanskar had tears in his eyes and swara eyes too welled up.
swara- sanskar u n…
sanskar-sshhh please let me speak. i don’t want to trail off today.plz

swara nodded
sanskar- swara in all these months i have tried forgetting the past. although we moved here and i have taken oath to not to go back to them still there [maheshwaries] memories are not erasable. but one thing i realised that i have always been thinking about there distrust on me and people greed for money. i wanted to make money and secure our future but in all this i did not realise that i am hurting the one whohas been with me all the time no matter what. you trustedme the time when all left me. you loved me when i carved to be loved and cared by someone. in these six months you never complained and you know that was your biggest mistake.

swara was listening him intently and looking him lovingly
sanskar- yes it was your biggest mistake. if you would have told me that you feel lonely and i have been ignoring you then we would have solved the problem earlier. and i am a good businessman but number one fool to not understand that i am thinking about everything except my love, my life. now i will not at all thinkabout past as they don’t matter to me much.now that matters is you, our love, and your happiness and maa and uttara’s too. I LOVE YOU AND NOW MY WHOLE LIFE IS ONLY FOR YOU.
swara hugged him tight and cried but showing her happiness and sanskar too

swara- i love you too sanskar and i am also ONLY FOR YOU. i love you
they were tightly hugging each other as will not leave each other.
sanskar- swara wohh i want a favour from you.
swara departed herself from the hug and questioned.
swara- which type of favour.
sanskar- i will be busy in office works for the upcoming two months. it is very crucial. i won’t be able to give you much time. but i don’t want you to be upset.
swara- don’t worry sanskar. i understand you. i won’t be upset as long as i see you smiling and haan you will have to give compensation for that.
sanskar – and what is the compensation?

swara- nothing much just say i love you once in a day. i will feel i got everything.
sanskar- i am sorry swara.
swara [with pout] i said to say i love you and not i am sorry.[cupping his face] sanskar i don’t like this sorry expression of yours and this guilt feeling, erase them all from your heart and mind. i want to see you smiling and happy always and that can only give me real happiness. so promise me you will be happy always and free yourself from all kind of sorrows.

sanskar- [smiled] promise. i love you. i love you so much my princess.
swara- i love you too my prince.
they again hugged each other.
sanskar- swara
swara- hmmm..
sanskar- swara you are sitting on my lap from a long time and it’s paining.
swara -[ breaking the hug] i am sorry.
swara got up from his lap

swara- i hope you didn’t mean that i am fat.
sanskar- [again pulling swara resulting her in his lap] i don’t mind even if you are fat. i can make you sit on my lap whole day but now i have to work[ moving closer to her ears and realeasing hot breath on her neck and ears causing her to shiver with the proximity] and your presence so close may distract me and we can end with some other work and i surely will have no problem with the second option. actually it will be much more better infact the best to do than this boring office work.
swara- [blushing and nervous like a newly wedded] sanskar do your office work.
saying this she pushed him a bit and got up and moved out of the room hurriedly without looking at him.

sanskar laughed a little seeing her blush and hurry to move out. he resumed his work.
done with this episode.

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