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in the night after all had dinner they went to their respective room.
swasan room
sanskar was doing his work with full concentration. but he was eagerly waiting for swara to come in the room. in these 6 months he was concerned for her but this much desperation to see swara, he never felt. he had seen her an hour ago and still he is occupied with her thoughts only.
after finishing the household works swara came in room. sanskar pretended to work but actually he was observing swara from the corner of his eyes. he was waiting for swara to say something but she didn’t. instead she changed her clothes and then laid down on the bed and got busy with her mobile.
it’s almost half an hour since swara is busy on her mobile.she finally kept her mobile down and looked at sanskar who was working.

swara- good night sanskar.
she waited for him to answer as everyday but in mind she was thinking that he won’t wish her as everyday but got surprised as he wished her back.
sanskar- good night swara
swara’s happiness had no boundries as sanskar after so long replied him back as usually he didn’t as he used to be engrossed in work.she smiled whole heartedly along with a tear escaped her eyes which was noticed by sanskar. sanskar was happy to see her smile but at the same time was guilty as those tears in her eyes was due to him.
swara sleep by closing her eyes .sanskar worked for a while and then went to bed. he looked at swara and pecked her forehead lightly and then slept by looking at her and holding her hand.
next day morning
it was a blissful morning and from today our separated swara and sanskar would again start their journey to live like swasan, filling each others life with colours and forgetting their past and being happy and romantic [hehehe don’t scold me for expressing the feelings so badly as this ff is my first attempt.]
both swasan woke up simultaneously and looked at each other and then at their interwined hands. they had an eyelock which was broken by sanskar.
sanskar- [smiles]good morning princess

swara [shocked then surprised and then happy and overwhelmed to listen princess] good morning sanskar
sanskar smiled got up and went to washroom taking his clothes.
swara sat on the bed and thought whether she is dreaming or is it true.she slightly pinched herself and said
swara- this is true means sanskar was really smiling and called me princess.[tears of happiness oozed out of her eyes but she quickly wiped them ] no this time i should be dancing and i am having tears in my eyes. how stupid i am. it felt so nice to here princess from him again. my sanskar is back it feels.
soon sanskar came out from washroom taking bath completely dressed. seeing this swara went in washroom and she was smiling.

sanskar- [in mind] swara i am feeling so nice to see your smile. don’t worry princess i have realised my mistake and now i will make everything fine. i was so stupid to think about past and ignore you all. but now i will be back to the old sanskar who loved you and now i will live ONLY FOR YOU and your happiness and not think about those who have not trusted me.
on breakfast table
everyone was having there breakfast silently and sanskar seeing this spoke
sanskar- why is everyone so silent. is there any kind of curfew implemented here.
all looked at sanskar surprised as he himself used to work while having breakfast too and never spoke even a word.
sanskar- why is everyone staring at me. do i look like a ghost to u all.
tanmay [murmuring] you are not a ghost but sudden change will make everyone feel like that only naa.

sanskar- [narrowing his eyebrows] tanmay are you saying something. speak clearly i could not get what you are speaking.
tanmay- no nothing, i was not saying anything but i wanted to know about your yesterday’s deal.
sanskar- that was pretty good and the clients agreed.
tanmay- yaar how can you work so much and so perfectly. i am doing this job since past two years and got promotions but now you are senior to me just in 6 months time. huhh leave chances for us to bro.
sanskar- then work hard bro [sanskar chuckled]
swautt sumi were watching sanskar with happiness that he is regaining his old charm back.
sanskar- swara give one more chapatti. i feel to have some more.

swara – haan
swara gave him one more chapatti happily
sanskar- waise swara i thought you will take a lot of time but i was wrong.
swara [confused]- time for what
sanskar- to learn cooking as you didn’t knew to cook. but now you can cook ok ok type food.
swara [furious]- ok ok type then why are you eating it. go and have something from outside delicious and better than this. don’t need to eat this one.

saying ths swara was about to take his plates but he held her hand
sanskar- wo swara i have to rush to office so can’t afford to eat outside and you know naa eating outside doesn’t suite my health so i am helpless in this matter.and by the way now i am full and however it was eatable so doesn’t matter.
so sanskar was back to his teasing avtar swara was furious at him for teasing her about her cooking but was happy to see sanskar talking happily so she was just admiring him.
sanskar- don’t stare me like that. i will not run away. now i have to leave.
swara was embarrassed and shy but then soon composed and went behind him to room to give him all the things.
here in hall sumi was smiling and happy for swara and sanskar while uttara was in shocked state.

uttara- maa am i dreaming?
sumi- you are not dreaming beta. sanskar is trying to change and i guess it is because of you yesterday’s conversation.
sumi seeing uttara not responding
sumi [shaking uttara]- uttara beta everything will be fine now so cheer up like sanskar.
uttara smiled at the realisation that her brother happiness is returning.
done with this episode.

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    Keep smiling??

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