Swasan-we enough for each other (episode -1)

Swara point of view
I am happy now that I atleast answer to that jerk who put question mark on my character. … I came to my house i am dying with hunger it’s already 3 days I didn’t ate anything. ……..when mom was alive she won’t allow me to skip one time food also …but after her death i couldn’t able to complete my education also…. I don’t have job …nor anyone to help …..I went to kitchen their is only empty bottle and in fridge only empty water bottles nothing to eat or anything to prepare. ..and in the name of money in Have nothing. ….I came out of my house. …all were happy in their life….I started walking on the street. ..their we can see the reality atleast I have a house atleast ..but many are there who have nothing nor house nor clothes if sometimes they get food or they live with empty stomach but still they are happy
And in one side people are living good life variety of items to consume well maintained house different sorts of clothes and so on. …..I am starving I am very much hungry I want something to eat ……….I saw a woman is distruting ladoos outside the temple all the beggars are Arround her ..I also run wards her but my bad luck again …ladoos where finished. ….by cursing my luck i move forward i saw a woman coming out of her house with plate of food. ..
I thought it’s my dream but it’s true that lady with food comes forward and throw it near dustbin …and goes on don’t know when I reach their is take out roti and some pieces of Curry and started eating it …..and think something

Sumi and swara is coming from school while coming swara see certain people are eating food from garbage
Swara-mamma look they are eating from garbage. .ewww how ugly they are
Sumi-swara beta ..you are very small. You want understand what is hunger actually is…and what hunger make a person now u never make fun of such people ….u should thanks god he has given you food to eat.
Flashback ends

Swara-teary eyes. ..today i understood mom what you mean that day
Two pairs of eyes where seeing her with teary eyes. ……
Swara leaves to her house and sleep by remembering her mother’s sweet memory

After sometimes she hear a knock ..she gets up and make herself presentable and open the door …see a guy standing outside holding vegetables and packet of biryani
Swara-sanskar. ..what’s this
Sanskar -woh I thought to. …woh ..ha …I purchased extra so I thought to give you
Swara-sanskar did some one told you. ..u are very bad in telling lies
Sanskar -okay …I have seen you and know everything about you
Swara-smiles painfully …ohh
Sanskar -swara don’t think it as gift and don’t imagine that I have brought it for taking your advantage. ..I simply want to help us
Swara-thanx for everything. .and sorry I can’t take it. ….sanskar from childhood people use to abuse me and my mom. ..I couldn’t able to stop them to abuse my mother’s character but I won’t allow anyone to point fingure on her up bringing. ..sorry bye good night. ….close the door
Sanskar -smiles. ..I acp sanskar ram prasad maheshwari …..I was always shame of myself to be part of this society but today I am proud to be an Indian. …a citizen of that country where girls where do any sacrifice for their love once and can do anything for their love one
Sanskar comes to his house Its big mansion it’s name is RS mansion………he goes to his parents and share everything with them
Sanskar is lying on sujata’s lap and sujata is caring his hairs and ram is feeding food to both of them. ..tears are flowing from their eyes
Ram-beta don’t cry this society is like this …..when you the son of business tycoon and kavita is similar to our status this doesn’t accept ur relationship …my own brother snatched his brother sons happiness in the name of pride…when he claims that you are like Laksh to him
Sujata-beta we only can do this ….to bring you away from that mm but we can’t able to bring kavita. ..
Sanskar gets up
Sanskar –no maa papa you both are best parents any child can get you both left everything your relationship. ..dad i know dp is like dad to you but for me u left him …when no one trust me ..all proves are against me that I have murder kavita. .that tym you both were with me
Sujata-beta you are my part i now you were guilty or not …..you are our everything because of you we got biggest happiness to become parents. ..u know we u were born your dad was not ready to touch u nor allowing anyone to touch
Sanskar -why mom
Sujata -he said your skin is very soft by taking u with rough skin of our hands you will get injury
Sanskar hugs ram
Raj-you are my pride son….more than ram prasad maheshwari the business tycoon I like to hear father of Acp sanskar maheshwari
They spend some good times

Next morning
In Gd mansion
Dadi and Shekhar raglak is standing in there house temple and janaki is doing arti after finishing arti then where going to eat breakfast .at that time swara comes in
Dadi -hey what are you doing here after spoiling my Ragini reception yesterday
Ragini -swara please you go from here ….don’t create seen in morning
Swara-i want to talk something then I go
Laksh -no one is interested to hear u
Swara-u are guest here so behave like it only
Shekhar-swaraaa kya tamasha lga rkha h …kya yahi sikhaya h tumhari maa ne
Swara-hey don’t dare you. ..it’s my mom value that’s why I cool still now …forget it but know i want my right ….
Dadi-what right
Swara-right of being your son’s daughter right of a daughter
Dadi-you want anything. …why my son will give …now your mother is also not their to tell who was your father or father’s
Swara-mrs gadodiya if my mother never thought me never disrespect your elder so now I have given my answer with hand …let it be i am not begging my right this time I will snatch it this time …..this court order ….get ready to face me in court
Swara comes near Shekhar he looks down
Swara-don’t worry I don’t need your surname nor any right of daughter from u..it’s a curse to be a child of a spineless man daughter i am swara shermistha bose …you are thinking then why this court case. ……because it’s only way to prove your mom is not characterless
Swara by going looks at janaki who was smiling painfully towards swara
Swara whole day search for job but in last she got the job of maid &caretaker of old couples …and has to do all work (clean clothes and dish,clean the car ,cooking, cutting wood for cooking )

Frnds do you want me to drag court case
Recap -swasan friendship. ……


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