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Swara was standing there in front of some teachers and Mr. Malhotra was questioning her and she was standing with a frustrated look

Mr. M: so swara explain

Swara: sir there is nothing to explain, this ring is given by my mom it’s a mauli and I don’t like it to tie around my wrist so she made a ring by this and it suited my this finger so I wear it here.

Mr. M: oh so you want me to believe it

Swara: you believe it or not sir it’s the truth. If you want you can call my mom and ask her

Mr. M: then why you said sahil that you are engaged

Swara: sahil…. omg…… sir he was irritating me like hell and to just get rid of hom I told like that and you beloved it

Mr. M: what if you are cooking another story now just to get rid of me.

Swara: with all due respect sir why don’t you call my ma or baba and ask them directly I’m sure they won’……..

Peon: excuse me sir swara gadodia is asked to meet the principal

Swara: yeah sure, excuse me sir

Saying this she went from there without giving any chance to mr. Malhotra

In principal’s cabin

Swara: good morning sir, (surprised) maa, baba aap yehan

Principal: swara they wanted to meet you urgently so take them to visitors room

Swara: sure sir ayiye maa

In visitors room

Swara: maa, baba what happened that you came here so urgently and sir too allowed……

Shomi: swara calm down everything is fine

Shekar: no mishty we can’t give her any false hope, swara’s first listen to us calmly and after that whatever will be your decision, your baba will be always with you

Shomi: me too

Swara: but baba what the matter

Then they told swara’s about sanskar’s decision for breaking the engagement and marrying kavitha.

They thought swara’s will breakdown heading this but to their surprise she was laughing like anything

Swara:( laughing) you are believing him, baba you know what he is such a good actor that anyone will come into his trap. (Trying to console shekar) believe me baba he must be planning something and you said that dad is supporting him and mom is against him. So it’s clear that dad knows about his plan and my poor mom is suffering. Please baba trust me he won’t let you down

The next moment she was pulled into a bone crushing hug. She was numb and then realising something

Swara: sanskar!!!!!!!??????

Sorry for the short update will post next part tomorrow itself sure pakka wala promise

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  1. Pnap

    awesome part di
    eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. Independent

      Thank you dear will post soon

  2. Phoniex

    Nice dear it was amazing to see Sara’s trust in him

    1. Independent

      Thank you dear after all they are our swasan

  3. Soujanya


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      Thank you dear

  4. Sus

    awesome dear

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      Thank you dear

  5. Excellent and awesome dear…….eagerly awaiting for the next part

    1. Independent

      Thank you febi

  6. swara’s trust is true

    1. Independent

      Thank you mannu

  7. Amazing..liked it a lot..tc..

    1. Independent

      Thank you kumu

  8. Neptune

    aww di. such a cute update..
    swara’s trust on him was lovely…
    and the last line..
    aww so it’s sanskaar present there…
    omg am soooooooooooooooo excited for the next part…

    please di post soon..

    1. Independent

      Thank you so much dear

  9. Nice…..

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      Thank you dear

  10. Rockleon

    Awesome dear !!!!

    1. Independent

      Thank you dear

  11. Simi

    Aww Swara’s trust n their hug ????
    Amazing update

  12. Amazing….

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      Thank you yamee

  13. super awesome ???

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      Thank you dear

  14. please don’t use Hindi if u use then give subtitles 🙁

    1. Independent

      Sure dear thank u for the suggestion

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