Swasan: Dreams will come true (Chapter 3)

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~Harsh words ends with silence that breaks a heart~

Swara dolled up herself in few minutes after receiving a message from Sanskar to meet for their assignment discussion……She wears a floor length black skirt with aqua coloured blouse…She rushes to Sanskar car upon his arrival at the street of her home….. Swara panted heavily “Sanskar you are nettling my life….How on Earth a girl can get ready in half an hour????He giggled “Don’t argue as if you are not a girl when you got ready on time….Swara rolled her eyes “Whatever..” Sanskar smiled “I will drive you to mall and buy things needed for our project….As you told we will complete this project early so that we don’t rush in last minute…..” Swara giggled “Good that at least you accepted my command…..” Sanskar nodded “Don’t dream high and buy whatever you wants as I have to go somewhere else….”

Swara arched her eyebrow “Where you wanna go without me???” She paused for his reply but he remain unanswered so she nagged him again “Sanskar tell me where are you going??” Sanskar scowled “I don’t have to answer all your questions…Do I? Can you shut your mouth for a while ….I really hate that I need to be answerable to you…” Swara frowned “I must have be a thick skulled to be putting up with your arrogance ………” Sanskar gasped may be guilt strikes him but Sanskar is always Sanskar…He hardly apologises to anyone so he remains unapologetic for his harsh reply…….. Swara is really hurt for the way Sanskar spoken to her……She murmurs in her heart ” I also hated that Sanskar easily explodes his rage at times and behave completely different and opposite when you are happy….No matter how much I try to understand the two sides of him…It is a utter waste on my energy as he is the most complicated person in this Universe …..I am not foolish to refute an argument with someone not aware of his behaviour anymore…I rather uphold my little left dignity with my silence because impolite Sanskar will exist for the rest of life………”

Swara zipped her lips and when Sanskar nonchalantly enquires her about the amount of cash she is holding……Swara pretended to be dumb and deaf….Sanskar gives some cash but she reluctantly pushed away his money and made a move from the car…She remains firm to be yokelish to him the way he does……Sanskar is dissapointed with himself as he is the reason she become a lifeless doll…….. He cursed his himself “I hated that I hardly become uncontrollable in sounding bossy….I wanted to make her happy every time but it become epic failed when she asked him questions…..I am unable to control my temper when someone throws question at me…He sighed “I had to rectify my mistake as I know she is sulking now……..”

~Every little things we notice on the person that mattered the most in life~

For now, I have to bring back the two invincible little things that always glows her beauty……..I noticed the moment she was in my car when her wrist were plain and empty but I tend to remain blind because I wanted to gift her later….. However, now situation is different and I couldn’t cry over spill milk for my impossible attitude yet I have to convince her…..It’s unbearable for me to watch her silence especially without a smile dwelling on her face….”
Sanskar unquiet mind shall have serenity upon her beautiful grins and her tingling noise of her bangles…….. Sanskar then rushed to purchase her a gift…..He fetched Swara but Swasan’s conversation are again muted to the air ……Sanskar try to initiate their talk with his questions but Swara hardly even looks at him so forget about having a conversation……. Undoubtedly, she was getting on his nerve but he patted himself to be calm…..After all, its his rudeness that made Swara to camouflaged her chirpiness…..

Swara is welcomed to Sanskar’s lavishing home and she is amazed with the beautiful interior design yet she glowered in displeasure….Sanskar requested her to sit on the sofa and she nodded….. Sanskar almost choked with her silence and huffed puffed to utters her name “Swara…..”She hummed and Sanskar kneel down to her with a small paper bag supported by his two fingers…..He again cleared his throat and sounded huskily “Swara I know I was rude but what I can do ….I have always been like this and it was purely unintentional….I never meant to hurt you…..” Swara snorted “I am not at all hurt Sanskar and this is you….You can’t masked your realness with your smile or anything..I don’t look like I care about you…Do I?????” Sanskar chortled “I do care for you and I really mean it. ..I care for your smile…..your happiness…your silence….Don’t ask me why but I care even if I am very insensitive ….”

Sanskar opens the paper bag and Swara is shocked to see him with bangles….He holds her hands and truly his touch increased her heart beat that flushed her face with pink….He slowly puts in the bangles with customised stones that were delicately pinned over the bangles and it is exquisitely colourful … ..Swara is surprised but she arched her eyebrow “So for pacify me you bought the bangles right???” Sanskar refused quickly”Not really!!!Actually I always see your hand adorned with bangles and for the first time you came without wearing it…..Supposedly, you forgot it then must be because of me as I pressurise you to get ready hastily and finally you are smiling after like ages……..”

Swara giggled You know what???You are insane…At times you are the worst creature I ever meet and at times you take efforts to make me smile…Don’t be too confused about who you are…Be straight……..” Sanskar pursed his lips “Done???Can we start our project now??” Swara quivered her lips “I have to say sorry to tell that I don’t care about you…I actually gets very hurt when you sound rude but never mind Swara from now will adjust herself with your temper…. She gasped “but Sanskar you shouldn’t have wasted your cash…..Every little penny counts and you should learn to save it!!!!!” Sanskar smiled and nodded “every little of your pulchtridrinous smile counts and you should spread positivity with it” Swara stares at him with a smile and he replied with his grin………She wonders again he made his magical smile works on me and hence proved he is incredibly a bottle of saccharine not a bitter gourd juice……

~Have fun to regret nothing~

After hours of juicing out their respective brains to come up with a creativity for their project and it finally happened….They get their hands on in the project and were enjoying each others company to set up a replica of TV with food printer system…….It’s Swara’s witty idea and Sanskar couldn’t reject it as she is very excited about doing that….She holds every explain with details on doing it and the most prominent one is she wants to eat the food while a chef is cooking in the TV so that she can taste….May be now Sanskar learns that Swara is not just loud and playful but the biggest foodie he ever met….Yet, he must applaud her for being sincere throughout the work and get their project done until the sky gets painted with black colour…..

Swara couldn’t resist the tiredness in her eyes and unknowingly she slept on his shoulder….Sanskar gazes at the beautiful woman sleeping peacefully with her ruffled wavy hair over her face…He locked her hair behind the earlobe and he couldn’t be more mischievous than using this moment to draw a moustache for her with a pen of black marker….Surprisingly, he never knows she is a lady Kumbkaran that never response to any kind of stimulus….She wakes up only when she feels to wake up…….Sanskar also took a bunch of selfie with Swara’s cute moustache….He is hidden mischief talents are showing up only around his partner that claimed as his friend……

Sanskar also prepared the soft copy of presentation completely as per every functions of TV listed by Swara previously…..Sanskar’s mobile rings and that made Swara gets conscious….She blabbers a little and rubbed her eyes…..Sanskar heart skipped for a moment as she is truly flawless and especially the moustache crazed him to laugh…Swara knit her eyebrows “What’s so funny Sanskar??” Sanskar on his mobile’s front selfie portrait camera and placed it right in front of Swara….She is super shocked to look at herself and her fingers runs over her face…. Sanskar laughed and she glared at him….Swara quickly grabbed the marker pen in her hand….She starts chasing him all over his gigantic living room……Sanskar finally gives up and rest on his sofa…

Swara accidentally in excitement stumbled over the sofa…She nestled on him and he grasps her hand tightly…….They shared an eye lock in the the air pulsating good vibes……Swara then struggled to get over his grip and to get the marker pen yet no avail….Sanskar chortled over her antics and she hit his forehead with hers twice……..She winks at him when he yells in pain….Sanskar slowly pecks her pointed nose and soon he pulled it hardly….She pouted and pulled his nose in return……..Swara and Sanskar starts laughing…..Perhaps, both forgets the fact they are actually cuddling against each other……..God never permits to lengthen the Swasan’s moment when it got interrupted with a clarion voice that squealed “Sanskar………..”

To be continued ?

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