Swasan: Dreams will come true (Chapter 2)

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~No one is floating alone forever because God eventually made someone for them~

Swara is all dolled up in red with black tartan blouse and a blue skinny jeans…..Her wavy hair flaunts in the air as she walks in the empty streets covered with darkness…..She had no choice rather than watching her path carefully as even transportation in her life isn’t effortless ……She is the first on the bus station hoping for its rapid arrival….She hated early morning classes because first she had to wake up early…. Then, she had to walk on a lonely road….She had to wait for a longanimous hour to catch a bus….She grab the novel titled ‘Desire’ and flipped to the page she left…Her eyes begins indulging to every words written on the book….. She got her bus and went to her college…Surprisingly, Sanskar is sitting at the corner of the lecture hall and his eyes are only beaming to his MacBook ……… He is all chiseled in dark blue collar shirt with white pants…Swara chuckled “May be he is not just handsome but cute…He is cute like a small boy faking to be adult…” Swara clears her throat and stands beside him….He never bothered to look up at her but he utter just three words “Please sit, Swara…” Swara bugged out “How you know I was here!!!!” Sanskar stared at her “I can sense that danger is near me!” Swara rolled her eyes “Whatever…I think I should go away Sanskar Maheswari to keep you away from danger…..

Sanskar chuckled “I just joke …..Good morning Swara….” Swara grins beautifully” Good morning, Sanskar Maheswari!” Sanskar arched his right eyebrow “Why you came very early?” Swara giggled “Why not? I just wanted to be punctual as you…” Sanskar sighed “Next time I will fetch you to college so that you don’t have to travel in bus or train…” Swara curled her lips “You even know that I took bus…You must be the most sincere in stalking me and I am independent so your help is not needed..” Sanskar huffed puffed “and you speak as if you didn’t stalk me and I am your friend right Swara????Can’t I help you or am I not deserving to help you????” Swara hold her ears “Sorry Sanskar…I didn’t mean to be rude…You are deserving in everything and I am glad that you are always willing to help………Sanskar Maheswari you are actually dominating but I swear you are kind too…”Sanskar smiled and gasped “Just call me Sanskar…Simple and nice….” Swara giggled “How you can say your own name is nice…too infantile….I have to say it…..” Sanskar’s glared at her and shook his head in annoyance…Swara pouted “I just play…I am sorry again Sanskar…….” Sanskar nodded “Please stop being sorry for every little things….”

~Never take a genuine love for granted~

Kavya and Sahil are dating over the decades…..Sahil is one man woman and he loves Kavya since they were teen…..High school love and it continued till college….Sahil do not belongs to high class family but his family is quite stabilised middle class family….He knows the status between Kavya and Sahil is like sky and ground but he truly loved her…It’s a love at a first sight for him….He feel for her from the moment he met her……He believes she is not beautiful but he is the sweetest girl he ever meet…..Ironically,Kavya isn’t the right girl for him……. She masked her realness to be his girlfriend…..In a reality, she is a self centred brat and only wants to be in a limelight among her friends so have choosen Sahil only for good looks…good looks …..and good looks….Kavya knows their relationship isn’t forever phase because if she have someone asking her hand for marriage….. She is very firm in dumping him for someone better than him….She never knew that she should treasured their love because once she let go the love, she won’t be able to find it ever again……..

~Envy is an art where blessings of others are count instead of own~

Kavya and Sanskar had one in common….they are from rich-oriented family and both their dad’s are good friends…..Kavya have hitted on Sanskar uncountable times but she is failed to lure him….He always ignored her in any business parties organised by their family…..Sanskar only have responded her with a glare when she squealed his name in peepy voice or some late nights she had the seductive tones and moves to captivate his attention…..She never know Sanskar hated someone stooping low to behave as a whore…… Undoubtedly, Kavya burns in jealousy after having the glimpse of Sanskar and Swara smiling to each other…..She can’t digest that Swara and Sanskar together…..The green-eyed monster wonders how on Earth Sanskar is giving attention to the pipsqueak Swara?????Kavya questioned herself “are they dating or hooked up??? I will strangle the Swara Gadodia if she is in love with Sanskar….I badly need to know their relationship status…..How suddenly they are sitting together??? “Kavya sighed in relieveness when Sahil hugged her…She knows Sahil mingled literally with everyone and especially he had a good equation with Swara even if they were just high-bye classmate….

Kavya snorted ” Darling……What’s your take on the unspoken relationship status between Swara and Sanskar???”
Sahil knit his eyebrows”Why you claimed it as unspoken relationship ???Oh yes!!!! Laksh just told me they are good friends…. ” Kavya is mummified for a moment and she wobbled “Friends…..Sanskar become a friend with a girl ….Unbelievable….” Sahil nudged her shoulder “That’s his personal and why are you so worried for Sanskar…You never told me that you know him!” Kavya frowned and mutters “No…I don’t really know well about him…Our families shares a good bond and Sanskar always stayed away from girls…….May be I overlooked the fact that Sanskar’ prefer to flirt around with girls… Sahil smiled “I don’t think Sanskar is a flirt and you know he is actually a very responsible and matured guy I ever known…..He is handling the Maheswari empire and at the same time he is taking up his degree as it’s his dream to be an engineer rather than just be a businessman. ..He told me in a pub once I met him with Laksh…..I know he is just a little introvert so may be that’s why he stayed away from girls and … can we just go for our lunch then intruding his personal dear… Kavya rolled her eyes “He don’t really stayed away from girls,Sahil . …Look how closely he is sitting with Swara ….. Whatever let’s have our lunch darling…..”

~Our heart unknowingly find million of reasons to be around with someone closest to it~

At the end of their mathematics for engineering lecture, Sanskar huffed puffed “Swara can I ask you something…” Swara giggled “You can ask anything without any hesitation??” Sanskar shared eyelock with her and he liked the questioning look on her face….” Sanskar couldn’t resist from pecking her nose and he did…..Swara is vacuous over the top as he pecked her but she shoves it off with a smile…..Sanskar mutters “Do you mind to be my partner for the computer programming assignment???? I thought to do it individually but now I change my mind…. ” Swara nodded excitedly ….She paused and arched her eyebrow “Why me??Why not others??? Sanskar glowered “I don’t have to answer for all your questions….Do I??! Swara pouted and murmurs “He is epitome of rudeness and that will never be changed…..” Sanskar mumbles in his heart” She should be happy that I am doing with her instead she throw nonsensical questions…..Impossible….” Swara unable to figure and it’s very surprising for her that he wanted to a project with her….It’s unexpected and she wants to know badly why he choose her instead of other but her mindless questions remain unanswered…Yet,Swara did not give up so she stutters “Sanskar….I…I want to know why you choose me??!”

Sanskar locked her hair strands behind her earlobe ” I know you don’t have any good friends here so I don’t you to do the project alone….It’s huge task plus you are working so I thought to share your burden…that’s all…” Swara sighed “You know my work finishes late so it will be hard for you to wait and waste your time to discuss just about assignment…… Sanskar unrealisingly whispers “I don’t mind waiting for you and you don’t have to be alone anymore….Sanskar is here for you….!” Swara is dumbfounded to hear that from Sanskar… Yet, she can’t refute or speak up anymore to the tender hearted guy…..Swara smouldering eyes is magnetise to the intense eyes and they begin to share an eye lock …..The moment passed away when Sanskar nudged her “You don’t have to eat me with your eyes….” Swara snorted and whispers “Thank You for the every bit of your care…..It means a lot. ….Sanskar nodded and walked away………..

To be continued?

Thank you for reading and hope swasan fans liked it ….lots of love for all the support and comments????

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