SWASAN : the dream i ever dreamed [prologue] by neptune…..

Helloooooooooooooooo everyone am back again and this time with a story that hurt us the most….
Guys as you all must be knowing that our swasan pics are edited by some people and they are spoiling our memories I tried to request them to not use those pics but they won’t understand they are hell bent to hurt us and break our fandom you know I tried to request them in one story but just to hurt us they edited another swasan pic and kept it in their second story just to hurt us. You people will be knowing it very well how it feels to see our heavenly pair’s beautiful pics morphed this badly but never mind they just want to make us feel hurt and bad actually I was feeling very sad seeing those pics that’s why I thought to share my feelings with you people……..
Well guys we all know that few days back a plot was started from our dream track and they just wanted to make us feel hurt by starting a story from that track in that way, but guys we have learned from our swasan to make the best memories in the worst situations right so I thought to continue the story from that prologue but in my way and the pairs would obviously be our beloved swasan.
So guys I will be continuing this story only and only if you people want it and you people support it. We will not let anyone ruin our dream track so please tell me if you like it or not..

The story starts from when ragini’s truth was out swasan were not married and all the secrets are not yet unfolded. As soon as her truth was out ragini could not think of any other way to save her marriage with her laksh ji finally swara was proved not to be characterless and everybody got to know who was the real culprit.
Ragini started her drama of being the innocent marwadi girl and tried to gain sympathy by crying. But but but was it the way everybody thinks so, was it laksh for whom ragini did everything or was it for someone else, was her love and obsession with laksh? Was all this planning and plotting done for laksh or to gain someone else?
Was Sanskaar really changed or was he still upto something??
Ragini suddenly began to cry and other people were clearly confused except one person and that was? [ hmm guess who is with ragini in all this]
Ragini : daadi, dekha aapne kese laksh hum par bharosa nahi karte dekha wo abhi hum par shak karte hai daadi abhi.. [daadi did you see laksh does not trust me even now he is still doubting my love daadi still]……….

Scene 2
Ragini is meeting someone in the dark. She straightly goes and hugs that person while the other person was feeling uncomfortable and he quickly separated her from himself while she was confused with his behaviour.
Ragini : don’t worry everything is going according to our plan only and soon we will be together forever.
While she was quite happy while saying this the other person was clearly not happy and he was not understanding why because it was he who had done all this planning..

So guys please tell me whether I should continue with this or not because I am very confused about it whatever will be the answer of majority I will accept it. So please tell me all your views honestly and yeah another thing I know that in this part I just showed ragini but I had to I had no other option from the next part swasan scenes will start but their love story will not be easy it will be a ride full of love, hate, jealousy, passion, truth, rights, justice and the most important thing our VALUES AND SPIRIT.
Another question:
Do you all want ragini to turn positive or want her in a negative role? Do you people think that I am degrading her character?
Please answer all my questions honestly I would love to hear all your previews whether good or bad. Meet you all in the next part till then bubbye……….

  1. Moon

    i really felt hurt and disguisting when i saw those pics but never mind* taking deep breath*let them live in their imaginary world of their ragsan which is just a joke as we all know. when we request them to do not change pics they show us attitude like we have said them to stop fanfictions and talk to us rudely which shows us that they are true ragini fans who have learned to hurt others like ragini but they didn’t learned from ragini how to speak politely with others and understand their feelings

    when i read that prologue na seriously i felt bad that they used swasan track. i mean to say they can frame any story but to hurt us they take from track*taking deep breath*

    we didn’t stopped them but they take topic to another level but atlast we all know reality that it was swasan and will be swasan which can’t be erased by some pics.

    coming to your story . it is awesome and i am looking forward for it

    and sorry for taking my frustration out.

  2. Aarushi_99

    Ughhh love you for this!! *big big teddy bear hug!*?

    Guess what, even I went there by mistake.. but I’m happy that I didn’t read anything cause whenever there is a SR FF that doesn’t have couple name in the title, I always go to the comments before reading, just to confirm that it is a SwaSan ff or not.. aaj kal na in logo ka koi bharosa nahi..???
    But the thing that disturbed me like hell was a comment that I read by mistake.. ughhh it was just.. forget it..!?

    Anyways, coming to this, I feel like that man who was feeling uncomfortable is Sanskar but I hope it’s not… let’s see what happens..! Btw, I loved the prologue..
    Update soon, take care!!?

    1. Aarushi_99

      And yeah.. about those pictures.. honey they are just jealous of our Swaru because she was able to make the chemistry.. no no.. MAGIC along with Sanskar that Ragini would never be able to do.. not like I hate her or something, I like her.. but not her fans..??

      Tbh, even I felt really sad seeing those pictures but they are deliberately doing this to make us feel bad and breka us, and guess what.. they are successful in it..!?

      A week ago I think, I was feeling sad about something that happened (it was about these bro-sis fans) and even thought about leaving TU.. I talked about this with someone and she told me “Let them affect u, but when it’s over, affect them more than they did to you..” so that’s why I’m ignoring them cause I don’t want them to win..??

      You know, jab sher chalta hai toh paagal kutte bhokte hai par phir bhi sher apni chaal mein mast rehta hai aur bhaao nahi deta.. lekin jab baat hadd se badh jaati hai toh sher apni daahad se hi unhe chup karva deta hai (english translation: when a lion walks, dogs do bark but the lion remains cool and gives no f**ks.. but when they cross their limits, the lion shuts them up by only one roar… dont know if it was the right translation?)..???
      Hehe I saw a movie yesterday and this dialogue is from that movie.. It suits best in this situation according to me…??

      Anyways, ignore them as much as you can but wehn they cross their limits, we’ll show them how SwaSan fans fight…???

      Now calm down every one and watch SwaSan scenes..! Take care!!???

    2. Saumya_K

      OMG Aarushi u gave me right idea! Now I’ll also read comments b4 reading the update. Thanks for that! N BTW don’t think of leaving tu bcz of those loosers ;p

    3. Aarushi_99

      It’s ok Saumya.. No need to thank me..?? I’m happy that I gave the idea.. now atleast other SwaSan fans won’t be hurt after reading a FF with that bro-sis as a pair.. ewwww!
      And nah.. I won’t leave TU.. atleast not because of those people who mean nothing to me.. for me they even more useless than a white colour pencil..??

    4. Saumya_K

      No No dear! I white pencil certainly comes in more use than them! ;p

    5. Aarushi_99

      That’s true!? Tbh I shouldn’t insult poor white colour pencils like that, by comparing them to those people..??

    6. Pramudi

      Same pinch Aarushi, me too do that comment reading thing in SR ffs to know the pairs. ?

  3. AnuAnn

    You know what from starting there r only less no. of rag- San ffs… Only few swalak fans only write on those bhai bhen Jodi that tooo along with swalak.. But when sanskars character became much popular and he became an ideal husband , those who now crying for that Jodi start to write stories abt them.. With an hashtag their fav couple … Before that don’t know where was their ideal couple ..and their love for den. Any way leave it .. And coming to morphed pics at first I toooo feel hurt …and later try to ignored it becoz I know they just only want to hurt us .. And the 2nd rsn which also makes me happy… They r indirectly admitting SWASAN r the best couple .. Nd have best chemistry, perfect features etc…otherwise y don’t they morph any other couples pics for their bro sis jodi not even raglak where ragini was there…IgnoranceIsBliss for dem. Actually I have no hard feelings for ragini even though it was a negative character for sometime.. But her fans make me hate that character… And coming to story love to read any5hing ab9ut my SWasan

  4. Continue year it’s looking interesting don’tthink about they are onlyou thinking to make ragsan as couple but in actual swasan is ideal couple so don’tthinkabout them up continue

  5. Continue year it’s looking interesting don’tthink about basher they are only thinking to make ragsan as couple but in actual swasan is ideal couple so don’tthink
    about them up continue

  6. Continue make her negative ithings will be interesting

  7. Pramudi

    Neptune dear, This is amazing. Plz continue. I’m loving this. And dear try to update your “if your mine.. ” also.
    About ragini’s character, do whatever you want. I don’t care about her. Even won’t mind if she stay -ve forever. I didn’t hate her earlier but her fans made me to hate her.
    Coming to those morphed pics, earlier me too was hurt. But later i got used to ignore them. Because they even don’t deserve that too. The truth is those are our SWASAN pics & scenes. Even they can’t ignore swasan. They secretly admire them. That’s why they only use swasan pics.
    And i don’t want to label that pair as bro-sis after ragini’s filthy act of molestation. ? but still these pathetic fellows are hell bent to make them as a couple. ?

    Because of swasan i got a chance to read wonderful stories & found great friends in here & IF. Loved, love & will always love swasan & swasanians.

  8. Arshaanya

    Hey leave dem dear… dey r jus trying to irritate us bt by doing dese things dey r makin fun of demslvs n degrading dere fvrts….
    Srilatha is mad…dere is no doubt in it… dey r pairing her wid evry1 even dey r not sure whuz real pair for ragini ????
    Dey r jls of us as dey nvr got perfect chrctr/role n prfct male lead ??
    Dats y dey r fulfilling dere fantasies by doin dis…dis shows how low dey can go n degrade ragini by showin it wid dffrnt male leads…
    N comin to story go for it… n i dun want positive ragini..let it be negative… n comin to degrading no darlin u r not degrading… raginiz chrctr was ngtve in serial dats y sometyms swasan fanz show her ngtbe bt dan all make her postive which she dun dsrve in some stories….
    Degrading is wat naagin fan does wid swaraz chrctr…
    Continue soon

  9. Seebu_s

    dear neptune…,some are doing this to hurt n irritate us and we very well know that…so y to waste our precious time…they are jealous of swara,sanskar and our heavenly ‘SWASAN’…jealous of swara bcs she is sherni girl.. always stand for right..they will say they hate her…but show their fav.’s like swara.. which makes me rofl??and jealous of sanskar bcs their real male lead of their female fav. is good for nothing??(*not using anyone name*)and they always burn in jealous seeing our couple story(in serial)sanskar’s love to our swara is eternal???and our SWASAN love story is EPIC STORY…they didn’t get any that type stories except 2mins maggi scenes??and don’t u know their favourite’s will ship anyone with her?and everywhere other couples fans are making fun of that female character????so ignore and fly…don’t give damn to shit ppl and morons bcs they will never change??and they can only live in that imaginary world which is created by so called fans?and coming to story…seems interesting…and TU don’t edit my comment?

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Disgusting pics n disgusting people! Leave them dear, don’t take tension. They must feel ashamed to call themselves as ragini fans! Chiii…. Its not need to requesting mad girl. We r SWASAN FANS, we r SWASANIANS! In any time we don’t bend infront of any mad people. We should be stay strong! Let them try their level best, but they can’t change the universal truth (i.e) SWASAN n raglak r real pairs! So just neglect those people.

    Plz continue this dear… And about ragini’s charac, I don’t mind if she is a positive or negative. Its ur choice dear. Once again I told u dont take tension bcz of that not worthy people.

  11. Hey dear.. The concept is amazing.. N I m too a swasan fan… Bt I love ragini to… So I dont want ragini negative.. Plz hope u understand.. N waiting for swasan love story…. ???

  12. Raphaele

    I like the prologue. Continue for sure. And about Ragini up to you! I always just skip scenes of her (Non-existent you know! ?) and focus on my heavenly couple SwaSan ? so I don’t care about her.

    Stay blessed and keep rocking. I am with you! ??

    Comment edited.

  13. ignore cheap people dear…interesting prologue…i don’t mind ragini in negative…it’s ur wish?

  14. Meera_s

    lol…after seeing those morphed pics,i can’t stop laughing…they just want bed partners to their favourite…so ignore such disgusting and cheap ppl….concentrate on our lovely swasan…

  15. Vyshu10

    Interesting….excited for swasan journey. I m lil confused about how much of truth about is releaved. Guess that unknown person is sanskar.

    And leave those jealous ppl…they dont have any memories that y trying to snatch our fav’s place?? unko jalne do….truth will not change na. No one can replace swasan in their hearts nd from their souls

    Just for an example (not to intentionally offend anybody)….even if Suparnakha wanted Ram and her relatives supported her….Ram is for Sita only na

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