Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 22)

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Hello everyone… Thx for your love…

Swasan fight.. sanskar realised his mistake

It was morning. Sanskar hadn’t slept for whole night and so was the condition of swara. Swara had not entered the room but spent whole night on the terrace. Sanskar tried to meet her but everytime lakshya stopped him. Lakshya was right. She needed to be left alone for a while.
Sanskar: lakshya… How can i say these words to her.
Lakshya: Bhaiya… First you gave her love and then snatched that. First you hugged her and then pushed her. She is not a doll Bhaiya. She is a human and she has emotions.
Sanskar hung her head low.
Lakshya: do you even know how much she had done for you. She did every possible thing to make you fine. She did everything she could have done to make sure about your recovery. She even overlooked herself for you.
Sanskar: i know lakshya. Just for a mere piece of paper i did this.
Lakshya: even if she had burnt the original paper you had no right to scold her… She is your wife not your servant.
Sanskar: i am sorry lakshya…. Really.
There were tears in his eyes. Lakshya wiped those.
Lakshya: chliye leave… Let’s do something to make her smile.
Sanskar nodded.

Swara didn’t sleep whole night. Her eyes were swollen due to continue crying. Everytime she tries to forget the words of Kaveri started to haunt her. She asked a servant to take out her clothes from her room. She didn’t even want to enter the room.

Sanskar and lakshya heard swaraa’s voice. She was doing the arti. They went there. Ap and dp were also there. Swara completed the arti and turn around. She gave the arti to dp and ap. Her feet stopped seeing sanskar. She didn’t want anybody to learn about last night. She simply give arti to sanskar without even looking at him. She turned leaving sanskar in guilt.

It was afternoon. Swara hadn’t enter the room or even met sanskar. Sanskar did everything possible to talk to her. But she ran from there. Finally sanskar found swara. Before she could have protested sanskar held her hand and took her to his room. Sanskar almost dragged swara. He wanted to say sorry. He wanted to let her know how much he was guilty. Swara tried to free her hand but the grip was too tight. Sanskar pushed her in the room and locked the door. swara was shocked at his gesture. She didn’t even looked at him. Sanskar came near to swara. Swara felt the memories of last night coming back. She felt his words trying to pierce her ears. Sanskar was coming nearer. She was not able to see the guilt and love in sanskar’s eyes. She was assuming that he was still in a rage. For the very first time swara felt fear from sanskar. For the very first time swaraa’s heartbeat raised on seeing sanskar not because of love but from fear. Sanskar touched her forearm. He was about to hold her cheek and caress them but suddenly swara placed her hand on her cheek and tilted her face. Her eyes were tightly shut. A voice escaped from her mouth.
Swara: mat mariye…. Don’t hit me..
Sanskar’s hand stopped in air. He was shocked at her words. He looked at her. Her eyes were tightly shut and tears escaping. Her breath was fast. She was shivering with fear. Sanskar lowered his hand.
Sanskar: swara… How can i hit you?
Swara was still shivering. Sanskar patted het hair. She didn’t calm down.
Sanskar: swara… Talk to me.. swara please…
Swara opened her eyes. He saw sanskar standing there. His eyes were full of tears.
Sanskar: swara… I am sorry…
Swara didn’t reply. She took a step forward. She started to walk away from sanskar. Sanskar didn’t want her to go.
Sanskar: swara… At least say something. Please.
Swara didn’t turn.
Sanskar: if you really feel for me swara… then for the sake of that feeling you have to stay.
Swaraa’s steps stopped. She still didn’t turn. Sanskar ran and hugged her from back. Swara stood motionless.
Sanskar: i know you will forgive me. I know you can’t stay angry on me.
Swara: i was not angry. I never was. How could i be angry on heir of the kingdom yuvraj.
Sanskar turned her around. He cupped her face.
Sanskar: swara… I did wrong. I know.
Swara: yuvraj… You can never be wrong.
Sanskar felt something wrong.
Sanskar: swara… No… I am a human… I can be wrong.
Swara: no.. you are yuvraj.. you can’t be wrong. I was wrong. It was me who was at fault…not you.
Sanskar looked at her. Her eyes were dry. Her face was pale.
Sanskar: swara….
Swara: i have to go… There is a lot of work to be done.
Sanskar: servants are there…
Swara: and i am merely one of those servants. That’s why i have to go.
Sanskar felt a stab in his heart.
Sanskar: no swara… You are not… You are the would be queen of this kingdom. You are my wife.
Swara: no… You have shown me what place i have in this palace. Woh i don’t have a family and when i got one i thought it was mine. But i forgot my status. Thanks for bringing back me to reality yuvraj.
Sanskar was not able to say anything. He wanted to tell swara how much guilt he had. But now he understood what he had done to swara. All he could do was to stare swara with dry eyes.

@lakshya’s room.
Lakshya: what are you saying bhai?.. swara behaved like this.
Sanskar: yes… She behaved like this… Lakshya i have done a grave mistake.
Lakshya held his head.
Lakshya: bhai… Without ragini’s help we can’t settle this matter.
Sanskar nodded.

Ragini was getting ready for evening function. Suddenly all the servants move out. Sanlak came inside.
Ragini: aap dono… What happened

After few minutes..
Ragini was giving death glare to sanskar. Sanskar was standing keeping his head low.
Ragini: sanskar Bhaiya.. by relation you are my elder brother in law… But since childhood i called you Bhaiya. Can i show the rights of a sister now. Right to scold you..
Sanskar: i know ragini.. i have done a mistake.
Ragini: mistake .. Bhaiya mistake happens only once. What you have done was a crime.
Sanskar was listening everything.
Ragini: bhai.. earlier too you have done the same mistake. She is your wife…
Before ragini could say a word they heard footsteps. They turned and found swara.
Ragini: swaraa..
Swara: didi… Woh ma is calling you.
Ragini smiled.
Ragini: are.. wait… Come here..
Swara didn’t move.
Ragini: what happened swara…
Swara tried to keep smile on her face
Swara: didi… I have a lot of work. Afterall it’s your marriage.
Saying so swara ran from there. She didn’t want to see sanskar.
Ragini: see… She is trying to hide her emotions.
Sanskar: but not next time.

@ hall
Everyone was gathered in the great hall. The function was going on in a good pace. They heard a beautiful voice.
Everyone looked at the direction. Swara was singing. Suddenly she twirled with her heavy lehanga twirling with her. Sanskar was mesmerised. Swara came to ragini and kissed her forehead.
Swara was leaving everybody awestruck.
Ap too joined swara.
Lakshya: Bhaiya go…
Sanskar: but how…
Lakshya almost pushed sanskar on the floor. Sanskar came near swara. He too started to dance with her. Swara tried to go but ap stopped her.
Swara again started to dance.. her flowery hair covered sanskar’s face.
Swara pulled ragini and lakshya on in the mid. Everybody gathered around them and started to dance.
Everyone was dancing. In between sanskar came near to swara.
Sanskar: swara.. please… Man jao..
Swara turned her back.
Sanskar: swara…
She moved out. Lakshya signed sanskar to go. sanskar followed swara.

Swasan consummate their relationship

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