Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 17)

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Hello frnds….

Man is lakshya… Sanskar’s condition critical

Sanskar was breathing heavily. His face was pale. His eyes were closed. Doctors were trying to revive him. But no use.
Doctor: maharaj.. his pulse is falling. You all can meet him. May be nearness of loved ones can give him strength to fight.
Dp saw his son with tears in his eyes.
Dp: ap ji… Our son needs us…
Ap nodded. She sat on the bed near sanskar and kept his head in her lap. Tears were not ready to stop. Dp tried hard to control his emotions. Lakshya too sat on the floor holding his feet.
Lakshya: Bhaiya.. see i ve come back.. your besr friend has come back. Don’t you give me your blessings.. see i am touching your feet.
Lakshya choked. His voice was lost. Only tears.
Swara was still sitting lifelessly on the couch. Ragini caressed her hair.
Ragini: swara… He needs you..
Swara: my love story has ended even before it’s start…. It’s all because of me.. how can i go near him.
Her eyes were dry yet swollen.
Ragini: it’s not like that swara. He loves you. You can revive him.
Swara: i am his bad luck…
Ragini: no…
She almost dragged swara near sanskar. Even ragini was full of sorrow seeing sanskar in this state. But she knew if she showed her emotions who will support everyone.

Swara sat on the floor near sanskar. She held his one hand. She didn’t utter even a word. His condition was bringing tears in her eyes. She was looking at Sanskar with great love.
Ap: sanskar… Beta please wake up… Please…
Dp held her hand.
Dp: ap ji… We can’t change…
He was not able to speak further. He looked at his family crying.
Sanskar took a deep breath. Blood oozed out of his mouth. And suddenly his body calmed down. His head turned towards one side.
Ap: sanskar…..
Doctor checked his pulse. He looked at dp and folded his hands.
Doctor: we did whatever we could. But… We are extremely sorry. The heir of the kingdom is gone.
Swara felt a stab in her heart. She was not able to believe on his words. She held his hand tightly.
Cries of ap echoed in the room. All she could do was to cry her heart out. She had lost her son.
Dp too couldn’t control her tears. He held sanskar’s hand and cried… Then cried some more.
Lakshya was drenching sanskar’s feet with tears.
Lakshya: maine hi der kar di ane me… If could reach a little early then….
Ragini stood near swara. She was remembering sanskar’s care for her as a little sister. She wanted to cry but also had to be the support system of everybody.
Swara was still holding sanskar’s hand. She was continuously looking at him as if he will say something any moment.
Ragini: swara…. Himmat rakho…
Swara didn’t listen anything. All she could say was his name…
Swara: sanskar….
Ragini held her hand…
Swara: he can’t…. Hai na…. He can’t go….
Ap looked at swara. She felt lots of pain seeing her newlywed daughter in law in this state. She looked at sanskar
Ap: you said beta that swara is your responsibility… Now you are leaving…
Her voice was mixed with tears.
Ragini: swara… Calm down… Accept the reality…
She knew if she will not accept the reality another mishap may occur.
Swara: didi… He ll come…..
Ragini slapped her hard. Everyone looked at her.
Ragini: no swara…. He will not….. Accept it…
Swara came back to reality after the slap. She felt tears streaming down her face. She hugged ragini and hid her face. Her sobs were enough to even melt the stones. And sanskar’s heart was much softer than a rock.
Suddenly sanskar moaned. His fingers moved. He tried to catch his breath.
His moan was enough to fill the dried soul of his family with the ambrosia of life.
Doctor came near him. He checked his pulse. An expression of happiness was clear on his face. He looked at dp.
Doctor: maharaj. God has listened to your prayers. He is out of danger.
Dp felt a joy building up in his heart flowing out in the form of tears. Ap wiped her tears and kissed sanskar’s face all over. Lakshya hid his face and try to control his tears of happiness. Ragini felt a great relief. She thanked god immediately.
Suddenly sanskar’s eyeball moved. His fingers moved. Ap caressed his hair with lots of love. Sanskar opened his eyes. He tried to speak something but too weak to do so. All he could do was a faint smile.
Dp: beta…
Dp held his hand. His eyes were teary. Sanskar saw dp such emotional for the second time first being on lakshya’s death.
Ap: take rest beta. You need to get well soon.
Sanskar: who…. Who saved me?
Ap: you will get to know everything.
Lakshya signed ap not to tell anything about him being alive. With lots of care he moved out of the room.
Sanskar turned his head on the other side. Ragini smiled seeing him. He too smiled her back. His eyes were searching for two beautiful eyes. He looked here and there. Finally he found her. In the corner she was standing. A smile on her lips accesorising her swollen red eyes with tears. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to say sorry to her. But he felt himself too weak to keep his eyes open. He dozed off even before he could have think so.
Ap kissed his forehead. She looked at swara.
Ap: swara beta… Come here..
Swara moved towards her.
Ap: beta… You are alright na..
Swara nodded.
Ap: beta… There is two times the happiness. Both the sons of this palace have come back defeating death. So you and ragini have to take care of both of them.
Swara nodded. Ragini nodded too.
Ap: ragini beta. You are not looking good in these clothes. Go and wear new clothes. Your happiness has been returned.
Ragini nodded. She ran out smiling. And she saw lakshya. The blush on her face was just like a new bride. Lakshya saw her blushing. He felt immense happiness to see her.
Lakshya: you don’t look good this way.
Ragini: hmm… I am going to change.
Lakshya: wait.
Ragini stared at him. Lakshya took the sindoor from the temple and put it in her hair. Ragini felt tears building up in her eyes.
Lakshya: perfect…
Ragini blushed.

Night had passed. Swara was continuously sitting near sanskar.
Ap: beta… It’s morning. You are also not well. You go… I ll take care of him.
Swara: ma… You take rest.. don’t worry i am here.
Ap caressed her hair. She smiled
Ap: beta… Don’t you forget i am your ma too. I will not feel good if you fall ill taking care of sanskar.
Swara: rani ma.. don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. In fact you take rest.
Ap: nobody can win you in arguing. Ok fine.. i am going…
Ap kissed her forehead and went outside. Swara again took sanskar’s hand in her and eyed lovingly at him.

Morning birds chirped. Swara took bath and did arti. She took the arti in sanskar’s room. She took the aarti and rubbed her hands in sanskar’s head. Lakshya was watching all this from the window. He felt a great relief watching her love for his brother.
Swara caressed sanskar’s hair. A drop of water from her wet hair fell on sanskar’s eyes. His sleep broke. He opened his eyes and saw swara caressing his hair with one hand. He was mesmerised to see her in his favourite colour blue. Swara was staring at the sunrise from the window. She didn’t noticed sanskar has opened his eyes.
Swara: thx a lot god you listened to me. You blessed me with his life. Keep him happy always. I don’t want anything else in my life.
Sanskar felt a strong urge to hug her. He knew she loves her but this much of love was unbelievable. He noticed tears in her eyes. He felt great regret for not trusting her. He finally gathered his strength
Sanskar: swara….
Hearing the voice swara turned at once. Her smile stole sanskar’s heart.
Swara,: ji… Aap uth gaye… You awake..
Sanskar nodded. He was busy in seeing happiness in her glittering eyes.
Swara: ji… How are you feeling?
Sanskar smiled faintly…
Swara: oh… How stupid i am… Asking these questions… Slight pain will be there… How stupid…
Swara hit her head lightly with her hand. Her smile and tears both were there at the same time.
Swara: you take rest… You need rest… Let me call rani ma…
Swara was about to go when she felt a tug on her hand. She turned and saw sanskar holding her hand. He tried to sit but was not able to do so.
Swara: are are… Don’t sit.. take rest… Your wounds are very deep.
Sanskar: not deeper than those i gave to you.
Swara kept finger on her lips
Swara,,: shhhhhhh… No need… Forget about everything. I don’t have any grudges. You did what a king must do.
Sanskar: but failed as a husband.
Swara: shhh… Now no more words.. i am not angry with you. Not even as a wife too. You are fine and that’s the biggest gift i got from you.
Sanskar felt a great guilt for not trusting such an innocent girl. He looked at swaraa’s face and saw the ocean of happiness. He smiled at her.
Swara,: god has sent you a very special gift. It will reach to you very soon.

Sanlak meet… Love love and only love…

So friends… How was it…

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