Swasan… Don’t hate me Season 2… Chapter 32

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Hello frnds

Swara joined hospital

Swara and sanskar reached home. As soon as they opened the gate they heard a voice scolding swara. It was ap.
Ap: swara… Don’t you understand you are not well.
Swara bowed down her head. She knew a nice scolding was waiting for her.
Ap: swara… Why did you go to hospital. Do ypu want to get admitted again?
Swara nodded .
Ap: what…
Swara: no.. woh badi ma… I was just feeling bored. So…
Ap: bored haa…
Swara giggled a little.
Ap: dp ji… She is bored… So let’s do one thing… Let’s get swara and sanskar married… Soon..
Dp: yes ap ji… You are absolutely right.
Sanskar: ji badi ma bade papa… You are right…. Wait..
Everybody glared at sanskar. Sanskar realised what he just said. He looked here and there and then downwards. Ap laughed at his childishness.
Shekhar: ji ap ji… It’s better to get them married soon. Afterall it’s been enough time they were tested by destiny.
Ap smiled.
Dp: i ll go and check the preparations. Now Maheshwari mension cannot stay away from its daughter in law.

It’s night. Swara was wearing a yellow anarkali. Her hair were open. She was still looking weak but the spark was still in her eyes. Ragini was helping her in the arrangements.
Ragini: uff.. badi ma b na.. she was so excited that they decided to do the engaged today itself. How much i wished to prepare for your engagement. But no worries.. you just see in your sangeet what your didi has in your mind.
Swara was staring at her reflection in the mirror. She looked at sanskar’s pic kept before the mirror.
Ragini: sanskar loves you very much swara.
Swara looked at ragini who had tears in her eyes.
Swara: didi… Tears…
Ragini: nah… I am so happy you got your love. Everyone is not so lucky.
There was a pain in ragini’s voice. Swara understood everything.
Swara: didi… Don’t worry.. everything will be fine.
Ragini: nothing will ever be fine swara. You see… I still love him…but… I don’t want to love him.
Some footsteps broke the conversation. They both looked in the direction. Sanlak were standing there. Ragini lowered her gaze.
Ragini: swara… You just come… I m going.
Ragini rushed out of the room.
Sanskar: swara… Bhabhi is alright?
Swara: no.. she is not…
She looked at laksh whose guilt didn’t let him gaze directly into swaraa’s eyes.
Swara: jiju… What was her fault?
Lakshya didn’t answer.
Swara: she loved you.. and.. well whats gone is gone.. please at least do something which will ease her pain.
Lakshya gazed at swara. Tears were visible in his eyes.
Lakshya: swara… I did wrong… I did wrong to both of you… I don’t even know if i am able to stand in front of you but trust me… I am sorry.
This was it for lakshya. He folded his hands in front of swara. He moved out of the room.
Sanskar: he is going… He is going away from here. He has demanded a transfer to Delhi so that he can stay away from Bhabhi.
Swara was shocked to listen this.
Swara: but…. It isn’t the solution… She and he..both wil die without each other.
Sanskar: he is going tomorrow. He doesn’t want to cast his shadow on our wedding.
Swara: we have to stop him.
Sanskar: he will not. He wants ragini to move on.

@ hall
Swara put ring on sanskar’s finger. The happiness was trying to come out from her eyes but she tried to control. This was Sanskar’s turn for putting ring on her finger. Sanskar suddenly realised something. He remembered how he forcefully snatched ring from swaraa’s finger. His trance was broken by a tap on his shoulder. He came back to reality and found his swara smiling at him. He put the ring on her finger. A smile spread on swaraa’s lips.

Swara ashutosh face off…

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Sanskar lying on floor…. Blood everywhere… His eyes closed.
Swara on gunpoint. Hospital hijacked.

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    Awesome update!!

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