swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 30

Hello frnds… without taking much time lets come to d story

Sanskar’s anger

Morning sun Was touching the eyes of sanskar. He woke up with a smile and came to his swara. His angel was also awake. Her eyes though weak but still shined with love to see her love with her..
Sanskar: gm my Jaan. .
He placed a kiss on her forehead. Swara smiled feebly at him..
Sanskar: hw are you feeling now
Swara nodded. Sanskar placed his hand over her. He saw her hand swollen up due to the drip
He suddenly felt immense anger boiling inside him. IT IS YOU BECAUSE OF WHOM SHE SUFFERED..his inside punched him.. sanskar looked at her
Sanskar: is it paining.
Swara: no.. it’s nt dat much..
Sanskar smiled at her . He knew she was lying…
Swara knew what sanskar was thinking…
Swara: sanskar.. can u please give me something..
Sanskar : just say. Whatever U say would be my duty..
Swara kept his hand in between hers.. .
Swara: please forget whatever happened in these days. Plz…
Sanskar looked at swara. He was astonished to see her
Swara: sanskar.. plz… stop thinking and stop blaming yourself.. it’s killing me. Plz. . If I know that u will behave like this I would better be off dead..
All of a sudden swara felt a drop of tear over her hand… sanskar was looking at her
Sanskar: dead… right. Don’t u dare swara… don’t u even dare to utter this word…
Swara: then stop blaming…
Sanskar: yeas. I ve… bt now just shut up for a while and give me a hug….
Sanskar hugged her tightly… even after 1 year she knew how to tackle sanskar… some ways can never be forgotten..

There embrace was broken by a tap over the door…. swara looked at the door…. a very known face was standing and trying to peep over the window…
Swara: uttara didi….
Uttara opened the door and came inside..with each step her smile increasing..
Swara: how are you di….
Uttara placed her hand over her hair…
Uttara: sanskar..go n get ready for the office.. m here to take care of my bhabhi….

There was happiness spread all over the maheshwari family…. it seemed that after a lot of turmoils finally the spring came….
Uttara was back with the family…. swasan were happy…swara was getting better day by day… but.. there was darkness in laksh’s life…

After 1 month….
Ragini opened the windows of her room… she placed all the belongings of swara in her room… after a long time a smile was visible on her lips… a smile after a long time…
Shekhar entered her room. He looked at his daughter smiling after a long time. He felt a great relief.
Shekhar : so.. dr ragini… done with preparation…
Ragini smiled…
Ragini: she is back… my sister… she is back… now I don’t want any other thing..
Shekhar : sanskar will be here any moment… have u done with preparation..
Ragini nodded…

There was a knock over the door..
Shekhar: I suppose they have come…

Ragini rushed downstairs.. her swara was standing in the living room… with sanskar..
Ragini rushed to hug her..
Ragini: welcome back… ..
Swara felt a burden fell off from her heart. Finally she is safe. ….away from those monsters…. she is safe with her family…

Trip to mountains…. swasan try to solve the distance amid

Hello guys…. Note from soumya Di….
She is sorry for the late update……

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