Swasan-divorce denied (Part 1)

Marriage functions are going on girl having two thaal of sahagun which contains dresses of bride and jewellery suddenly some one pump into her as a result thaal falls

Girl-cant u see and walk …see all things mixed up. ..know how will decide which is for my which bhabhi
Small Boy-soli di . …I will help you
Small mixed up everything and divided two. .
Now girl has no option so I take the thaal as it is …..she came to the room where two girls where sitting
Girl -swara bhabhi Ragini bhabhi
Ragini -Uttra
Uttra -bhabhi look your wedding dresses. …and Ragini bhabhi sanskar bhai have special selected it for u
Ragini shies
Uttra-awww my badi bhabhi it’s your love marriage and choti bhabhi it’s your arrange marriage
Swara-but Laksh is cute
After sometimes she goes it’s marriage say both girl were in veil ap and sujata takes them make sit besides Sanlak. …marriage complete by putting sindoor on brides hair line and tying mangalsutre on bride neck
After vidai they went to mm All rituals where performed brides where taken to the room
Sanskar room
His bride is sitting on bed sanskar came sit besides her
Sanskar -biwi your husband is dying to see your beautiful face ….remove it na
Bride nodes in no
Sanskar -okay I will remove. ..as sanskar remove the viel he get biggest shock of his life

“””””””””””””””””””””Swara “”””””””””””””””””””
Swara-jiju you here u should be with di na in your room
Sanskar -now I got it you and Ragini where playing with me hai na. …Ragini come out stop this game otherwise lucky surely will kill me for spoiling his first night
Swara-jiju I am serious….we are not playing any game …and it’s Laksh room
Sanskar -stop it ha….swara go to your room …..Ragini come out
Swara-jiju di is not here
Sanskar -okay if it’s not a game then what are you doing in Ragini’s lehnga
Swara-jiju it’s mine. ..i sware I have weared this lehnga in marriage
Sanskar -shockingly whatttt but it’s for Ragini
Swara-jiju Uttra has given me this lehnga only
Sanskar grabs swara hand and comes out at the same time raglak also comes. ….SanRag where painfully seeing each other and praying that their assuming would be wrong
Laksh -what happen yrr
Swara -don’t know yrr why are you in that room ….I was waiting for you here
Laksh -stupid it’s was sanskar room and that’s my room. ..I have gone to bring two big mug Belgium flavour chocolate ice cream and harry Potter movie
Swara-really. …
Sanskar -while you both shut up….
Sanskar drag swara and Raglak follows them by looking them
Ap-what happen beta
Ragini -Uttra Uttra come down

Uttra comes
Sanskar -which dress i have asked you to give Ragini
Uttra –
Sanskar -answer me damit
Uttra tells about the incident Ragini gives her tight slap …….
Ragini -your one mistake spoiled 4 life
Swara to Laksh-i am feeling sleepy
Laksh -don’t sleep i have brought ice cream who will it ….
Swara -buddy tomorrow na buy same lehnga and gift it your Hitler. ..
Laksh -off course yrr so that they will sleep and let others sleep
Sujata -what happen if swara wore that lehnga in your reception I will buy same lehnga
Laksh -ha bhai tomorrow itself i buy it …for a lehnga both of you are behind Uttra di
Swara-ha jiju
Sanskar -shouts because of this lehnga me and swara get married
Ragini -yes instead of sanskar in am married to Laksh
Parineeta -i have video recording. ..
From various recording it’s cleared swasan and raglak are married
Sanskar -shout in anger now I am not your jiju
SanRag were broken and where crying for each other all were sad seeing them ….god only know how that knight passed Ragini has become weak

Next day
Gadodiya’s also came all were worriedly sitting swalak where in kitchen having sandwich
Swara-laksh I don’t want to be your Hitler wife
Laksh -same here
Swara-what we will do they love each other and we two where best together. . I thought we will go to clg together our first yr is going to start
Laksh -and i thought we will hang out together we will watch movies cricket and all …..hey we can do so
Laksh -divorce
Swara-ha you are so intelligent
Laksh -thank you ….Let’s go and tell to all
Swara-yeah come
Swalak comes out smilingly
Laksh -everyone listen we have solution for this problem
Dp-whats that
Swara-divorce. ..we will divorce them so they can marry and we can marry
Rp-divorce is not joke …if we go for it also I takes six months
Laksh -so what. .we will as it is and more over all thinks I and swara is married and bhai and bhabhi
Ragini -do you think marriage is a joke. ..it’s big thing swalak in front fire we four have take promises and married
Sanskar -divorce is not good thing swalak it will spoil every one think about Uttra and Ayush. …marriage is a tie of seven birth
Laksh -oh common bhai …u don’t have problem in continuing with swara but think about me Ragini is 4 yrs elder to me
Sanskar -it’s fact now you are her husband. …Laksh relationship are not pencil which you don’t like u can erase
Ragini -think about everyone
Laksh is going to say something but swara stops him
Swara-lucky let it be …..can u both give answer to my some questions. .jiju I mean what ever. …can you ever able to give di’s place to me …. can you able to love me like u love di …
Sanskar –
Swara-di can our relationship can stay like after …can u able to love same when you see me with him ….can you able give his place to Laksh ….
Laksh -let me clear you both you both or you all by keeping this all hold old value but me and swara is not with u ….I will never accept this marriage never accept her

Before anyone could react media enter ask about the exchange of brides ..swara is moving towards Laksh but sanskar holds her hand …..and Ragini apply fake smile
Sanskar -it’s not exchange actually me and swara is in relationship but she is young and clg student…and u all now my business rival
Ragini -similar in my case and he is smaller to me …to avoid loose talk me answer Sanskar pretend in love
Many questions continued but SanRag is only answering the questions later media goes
Swara -i hate u di..sry Mrs Ragini. …and u Sanskar maheshwari u are no one to me
Ragini -listen to me
Swara-shut up Ragini maheshwari …from today my sister Ragini is dead
Laksh -never expect that I will accept u as my wife. ..and this marriage. ..Mr sanskar thank for putting this aunty in my life
Sanskar -Lakshhhhh
Laksh -i think you are feed up from her that’s why you are putting her on my head
Ap slaps Laksh
Ap-behaviour self you are talking about your wife
Laksh -she is nothing to me if want divorce from her …. mom look at her she is 4 yrs elder to me. …all will make fun of me
Swara-listen Mr maheshwari you want or not but I want divorce

Now how will love will blossom here
Recap -sanskar in drunk state force swara

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