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So guys lets start….

Swara went towards bed and try to sleep on the other hand sanskar trying also to sleep but cant sleep on Couch bec.. its very uncomfortable…..

Sanskar slept on uncomfortable Couch but still swara couldnt sleep she turned her side and See sanskar sleeping peace fully on Couch but still she can see how uncomfortable is for him sleeping on Couch she was admiring sanskar

Swara POV..

How cute He is looking while sleeping???? oh my god how can happen that He has still now no girlfriends I mean He looks so handsome and mostly CUTE??…
( swara jerk her thought)
Oh my god swara are you MAD what are you thinking cute and handsome pagal ho gai hai kya…..
I dont know felt very Safe when I HUGGED him and the way He cared for my mother like his own mother I still remember that day when I Met him I mean the Most ruthless Person for the World but for me a angle…..


I was getting ready with my mother we had a impotent Meeting with mr SM we went to his office I thought He would be a old man but I never thought that He will be a handsome hunk oh my god I cant belive my eyes He was sooo dam handsome my First thought I was looking at him like a stupid idiot Girl but He didnt even looked at me huh He is very arrogant huh I dont care so we started our Meeting after we were going when suddenly mom fainted I didnt knew what I was just looking at my mom she was lying kn floor mr sm ran to her he called for ambulance but still I didnt react then He held my wrist we sat in the ambulance then i relize whats happening here I started to cry we reached in City Hospital mom was take to amergancy award I was still crying he held my shoulder and i hugged him and He try to console me

San: shhhhhh miss gupta everything will be fine 

Then i relize my postion I parted away from him.

Me: I am really sorry mr sm

I tried not to look at him then doc came out I Run to him

Me: plzz doctor tell me what happend to my mother why she fainted is she fine can I meet her ( I asked him in one breath)

Doc : relax miss gupta yeah she is fine now but
I intrupedt him

Me : what but han plzzz tell me (intrupedt by mr sm)

Mr sm: shhhhhh miss gupta doc. What happend to MA ?

I felt very happy when He used the Word ma bec. Nobody cares for other but this Man is something special

Doc : See miss gupta your mother have CANCER and she has few chances to survive we have to start her treatment and plzzz dont give her any Kind of Stress

The Word CANCER just took my life I dont know whats happening all i was thinking my mom is my World I dont have anybody in this I wont let my mom go away from me like this we will fight I dont I just hugged him again thigtly and He didnt try to console I was Broken totaly and He knew that….

After sometime I heard nurse saying I can me my mom I just into the cabin and hugged her thigtly and asked why she did this to me why she didnt told me why why ???????After few mins I Broke the Hug and looked at her she had also tear she whiped my tear she asked me something I was shocked I didnt knew what to say but I knew I can do anything for her so I have to do this

Shomi: shona can you Do me a favour

Me: Ma what are you saying just orderd I will do

Shomi: will you marry my friends son ?
(I was numb and kept Quit ma continue )
Dont know how long I will survive before that I want you to be in Safe hands plzzzzz

Mom said while crying I just nodded my head in yes bec..she did everything for me now is my turn to Show her I can do anything for her….

After 3 days we went maheshwari mansion bec. Moms friends lived there went Inside ap n Suju anty hugged my mom like sisters and They blessed me there to my shock I was mr SM He was coming down I was looking him without blinking my eyes but then my mom called with I came back to World

Mom: mr SM you here
Ap n Suju anty looked at her and said with smiling
Ap : Shomi He is my sanskar but how do you know him

Mom: what He is your omg I cant belive yeh sanskar hai and yeah I know him bec He is my Project Patner

Suju: not Projekt Partner also son in law

I n sankar looked eachother didnt what to say sanskar Broke the silence

San: mom ma I just want a simple Wedding in a Temple plzzz

Ap: but sanskar

San: Ma plzz you know ma fainted few days back bec of stress that why I dont wana celebrate those all Rituals I want only simple Wedding plzzz

Saying this He left I was overhelmd the way He cared for my mother at er that He left I convice them only for my mom…. and After that few days we Got married…….


I married him for my mother I dont know about this family how many people and i dont know about HIM….
After while swara slept…..

SwaSan romance
Laksh entry back to home

So guys now you come to know why Swasan are married and mostly swara dont know about the maheshwari family…

What will happen when swara Come to know about laksh ?
Do swara have feeling for  laksh now ?
What will happen when sanskar Come to know about swalak ?


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    Awww my babies
    Laksh ke liye to bada jhatka hoga

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