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So lets start…

At office

Swaraglak were attending a very important Meeting during this meeting swara felt someone gaze on her when she looked towards the person she became little sceard but she try to behave normal but bec..of that Person she couldnt be…soon the Meeting got over everyone were leaving and swara was also about to leave when the person stoped her…

Man: (smile evily) Mrs maheshwari can I Talk to you plzzz

Swara looked at the Person with disgusting look she couldnt deny infront everyone because he is great buisseness man After sanskar (hahahah guys nobody is Better then our hero) Everyone left the confrance hall even raglak also left because They had some important work…

On the other side at mm mansion

In swasan room

Sanskar start start moving his Finger little bit…he was feeling something wrong gona happened today tears also start fowlling down from his eyes??but nobody were there to see this everyone was busy in their Work…he start breathing heavily and was feeling restless…..

At office…

Sw: (angrily) what do you want

Man: you

Sw: shut up (saying this swara was about leave but he hold her wrist) how dare you to touch me RAJAT leave me

Raj: not soo soon Baby the Day I saw you in shopping mal from that day I promised myself to make you mine..

Sw: leave me you Bustard (swara try to push him but he made his Grip more strong on her)

Rajat pinned swara on Wall and start crassing her cheek…

Raj: why dont you leave that sanskar han he is now good for nothing..

Sw: dont you dare to say anything about my sanskar

Raj: huh your sanskar but know he is Not with you

Sw: he is and he always be with me (saying she struggle to get out his Grip she pushed him with full force and slaped him Hard)

Raj: how dare you to slap me I wont leave you know

He was about touch her when someone punched hard on his face…Swara looked towards raglak and got teary ragini hugged her thigtly and tryed to console her…

Laksh held Rajat color and start beating him Black Blue…

Lak: how dare you to touch her han… (beating without any marcy) do you know whom you touched she is sanskar maheshwari wife means maheshwari family dil you will pay for this Rajat gupta…

Laksh picked Rajat and throw him out of the confrance hall infront everyone….Everyone was shocked to see some buisseness man came towards laksh to stop him but he didnt…but After soo much struggle they took Rajat away from him….

Ragini took swara to their cabin and was consoling swara…Laksh came to them and was very angry on swara…

Lak: swara

Swara looked at him with teary eyes…

Lak: since when is going on this han

Sw: Woh woh

Lak: damit i want answer

Sw: from past 2 months

Lak: and you didnt even bother to Share with us han ? What if.. (intrupedt by phone call..) what ma ok we are coming dont worry…

Hearing laksh swaragini were tensed mostly swara bec..it was call from mean sanskaar

Sw: laksh what happend?

Lak: we have to go

Sw: is sanskar fine na

Lak: Woh bhei

Sw: laksh plzzz tell me

Lak: bhei is in Hospital

Sw: what how when

Rag: swara plzzz lets go…

Swaraglak went towards Hospital..while going Hospital swara was praying for sanskar…

City Hospital

Swaraglak ran towards the maheshwari family…

Sw: Ma what happend to sanskar

Ap: dont know beta he was breathing heavily….

Sw: what but what happend and what did doc said..

Ap: nothing beta they are checking him…

All were tensed and trying to console swara but she was only crying Holding her mangelsuter….

After sometime doctor came all rushed to him and were asking about sanskar health…

Sw: doc how is sanskar…

Doc: Mrs maheshwari  sanskar is fine now and he is out of come but..

Hearing from doc sanskar os out of come swara happyness were out of World she couldnt her sanskar is out come…

Sw: but what doc..

Doc: plzz take care of him He still has critical condition dont gave him any Stress

Sw: ok doc can I meet him

Doc:not yet Mrs maheshwari mr maheshwari he is still uncoussion you can meet After when we will shirt in normal ward.. (saying this doc left)

Swara hugged ragini and start crying out happiness she hugged everyone..today she felt her life is back today she is happy really After 6 months she was smiling whole hearthly…

Recap: sanskar critical
             Swara slaping laksh…

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