Swasan dillagi epi 14

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Hey guys so lets start the epi n thankyou soo much for the love which you guys gave..

Swasan room…

Swara was reading something but her concentration was on sanskar who was walking here n there in room…

Swara pov..

What happened to him…why He is walking here n there n why he is looking at mirror after every 5 mins..i mean there is nothing on his face…n He is looking so worried I hope he is fine nothing serious..

Pov ends..

Sw: mhm sanskar..

But sanskar didnt listened her bec..he was in his thought…Swara went towards sanskar..Sanskar was facing his back to him so swara placed her on his shoulder n with that sanskar came back to his senss he turned n looked at swara..

San:mm swara

Sw: han sanskar what happened to you I was Calling you..


Sw: Woh you were looking so tensed na

San: no no nothing to worry..

Sw: no sanskar I can see na

San:swara there is nothing like that..

Sw: sanskar tell na plzz

San: hmm (he start looking here n there…n swara looked at him worriedly)

Sw: plzzz na

San: wo wo swara I was thinking how I will go to office…

Sw: (confuse) huh you will go by car na…

San: I know swara but I I mean..

Sw: what do you mean..

San: wo i mean how will I face them After today incident..

Sw: (confuse) huh today incident (then she looked at him in shocked n wide her eyes..bec..she relized about what what He was thinking n Star blushing…)

Seeing her blushing sanskar moved towards her face..n cupped her face lovingly…Swara looked at him n closed her eyes..Sanskar was totally lost in her n without relizing what He was doing he..captured her lips..Swara was shocked opened her imaditly n wided her eyes..but After sometime she also start responsing him..her Hand went towards his hair n start pulling him more on herself…..

Soon sanskar relized what He was doing n start feeling guilty..he Broke the kiss..

San: I am sorry swara I am really sorry.. (without looking at her he went outside…)

Swara looked at him..and she knew that He was feeling guilty but she was happy…

Swara pov..

I know He is feeling guilty but I am happy..Infact very happy huh I dont know why but his every touched made me go crazy for him yeah…I am going crazy for him even I never had those feeling for laksh…huh dont know what happning to me but I love this feeling..
Its been 2 hours since sanskar left huh where is He…I was Calling since 1 hour why he doesnt picked my Call where are you sanskar I am MISSING you..what what ohhh swara you are missing sanskar whyy..my thoughts Broke when I heard door opening..finally he came back..

Pov ends..

Swara looked at sanskar n was shocked to see him like this Tears start fowlling from her eyes??????? Swara went towards sanskar n hold him..

Sw: sanskar sanskar what happend han

San: swara nothing

Sw: what nothing tell me how did happened

San:swara relax

Sw:relax my foot see how much you r BLEEDING..

Swara made sanskar sit on Couch n Took first aid Box n start doing first aid on his head…still Tears were fowlling..

San: I am sorry na stop crying

Sw: how this happened han tell me..

San: swara When I went outside I start walking on the road suddenly a truck came I think break was fail that why He couldnt control on driving…n was about to Hit me (swara Put her Finger on his lips she didnt want to hear anything n just hugged him thigtly not let him go..but After sometime she made him lay on Bed n start crassing her hair…After a while sanskar slept but still swara wasnt feeling sleeping)

Swara pov..

When I saw sanskar in this state I couldnt control myself..seeing him like that I felt pain in my heart..he is everything to me yes I relized how much important he is for me..he is my LIFE..YES MY LIFE…I LOVE HIM YES I LOVE HIM…

Pov ends…

Swara slept hugging sanskar thigtly still she head fear in her loosing him…

Precap:dont know…

So guys did you liked the epi….

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  1. Simin

    Finally realisation

  2. Awesome

  3. Arshaanya

    Aaawww dey kissed ??

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