Swasan dillagi epi 11

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Now lets start….

In the evening swara was getting in ready her Red saree..she applyed little make up on her she was looking stunning…but she was strugling with her dori…she tried many time to tie but couldnt…When sanskar Enter in the room He was mesmorized seeing swara for him she was looking like angle…He saw her strugling with her dori..He went near her..Swara looked at him through mirror He held her dori…Both were sharing passionate eyelock..When sanskar Finger brushed on her bare back she closed her eyes feeling his touch…this all was notice by sanskar…He was looking at her every movement..soon He tied her dori..made her wear her mangelsuter and Filled the hairline with sindoor…Swara opened her eyes they share again eyelock which was now broken by uttra…

Utt: bhei bhabi plzz Come down everyone is waiting…

San: yeah uttra…

Swasan uttra went down they meet with guest….uttra went to stage and Made a annoucment…

Utt: ladys and Gentleman let me introduce to you all Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari..
(Uttra came from stage held swara Hand and took her to stage…)meet her she is my beutyful and lovely bhabi…

Swara smiled at her she was about to go when some of sanskar clients ask swasan to dance…swasan looked eachother nodded in yes…Sanskar went to stage foward his Hand to swara….Swara held his hand happly..the Lights gets off and the spotlight was on swasan….

Sun Saathiya Maahiya
Barsa De Ishqa Di, Syahiyaan
(Listen O friend , my love
Make the colors of love rain over me)


Rang Jaun Rang Rang Jaun Re
Haari Main
Tujh Pe Main Jhar Jhar Jhar Jaon
(Let me get all colored
Oh,yeah just let me
Let me just get dispersed over you
Oh, yeah)

FROM BACK….Swara closed her eyes feeling his touch….

Hoon Piya Bas Teri, Main
Ho Chhule Toh Khari Mein
Toh Khari Main Khari Main Khari Main
( I’m just yours my love
Just touch me and it will get all real
All real.. All real)

Sun Saathiya Maahiya
Barsa De Ishqa Di Syahiyaan
(Listen My friend, My love
Make the colors of love rain over me)


Main Ret Si Boond Ka Zariya
Tu Paa Ke Tujhe Bheeg Jaun Re..(2x)
( I’m sand and you are a water droplet
Let me have you and get all wet)

Swara thinking while dancing how her life changed….

Thar Jaun Thar Thar Jaaun Dariya
Yeh Thar Jaun Je
Ishq Ye Paake Main Tera
Nikhar Jaun Ri
(Get me all leveled to the surface
To the surface..
Having found your love
Let me get all beautified)

Piya Bas Teri Main
Ho Chhule Toh Khari Mein
Toh Khari Main, Khari Main
(I’m just yours my love
Just touch me and it will get all real
All real.. All real)

Sun Saathiya Maahiya..
Barsa De Ishqa Di Syahiyaan
(Listen My friend, My love
Make the colors of love rain over me)

The Song end but still swasan were lost in eachother but They came in sense when They heard clapped sound…soon both parted swara went to her Mother and sanskar to his clients….soon the Party was over and the guest left…Everyone was so tierd they went to their rooms…

Swasan room….

After changing his clothes sanskar Working on his laptop…and swara was brushing her hair…Sanskar looked at her she was lost in her thoughts…soon Broked by sanskar..

San: swara

Swara came back from her thoughts…

Sw: yeah sanskar

San: I wanted Talk to you about something…so plzz can you come here

Sw: hmmm

Swara went towards bed..she was now sitting infront sanskar…

San: swara I wanted that you should join office with me.(swara looked at him)yeah swara mom want me to make our company toghter and for that I want you to Work in our company when we both Work toghter it will be easier also for me and you can also handle your company..so what do you think….(swara was listing all this with concentration..Sanskar looked at her waiting for her answer..) swara(swara looked at him)

Sw: but sanskar how can I handle buisseness and what about mom and ma?

San: swara dont worry about them I already Talk with them and They also think that you should be indepandent..

Sw: thanks sanskar but I cant I dont know about buisseness

San: dont worry swara I am there na

Sw: yeah sanskar but..

San: no but swara I am there na i will help you and thats final… (with that He closed his Laptop and laid on Couch to sleep..)

Sw: thank you sanskar ( she also laid on Bett before sleeping she looked towards sanskar and feeling Bad for him because of her he is sleeping on Couch uncomfortably swara thinks something…) sanskar

Sanskar looked at her : yeah swara

Sw: Woh sanskar you can sleep on Bed na the Couch is uncomfortable for you…

San: no no swara its okey

Sw: no sanskar I know your Neck paining you didnt told bec..you didnt want me to hurt but sanskar its hurth when you dont tell me anything…

Sanskar looked at her he can see how much she is feeling Bad for him..Sanskar couldnt see her hurthed He went near her cupped her Face make her looked towards him….

San: swara looked at me (swara looked at him He could see Tears in her eyes bec.of him) you dont need to feel bad okey I am fine..(He whiped her Tears with his thumb) And now smile plzzzz I dont wana see tears in your eyes ( swara smiled at him and nodded her head in yes…Sanskar Kissed her forehaed He was about to go when swara held his hand)

Sw: sanskar plzz

San: swara

Sw: plzzzz (with pleading eyes)

San: (melted) okey you sleep here I will Sleep on left side okey

Sw: yeah

San: now smile

Swara smiled at him both laid on Bed on their respektive side…Both swasan were happy…soon they slept…

Precap: New entry….swara in office….Swara jolousy…

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    Awesome but one part is missing in which swara sholud say about lucky

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      Oj ok I will Post

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