Swasan- Being a Devil’s slave (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7


Swara’s pov.

No. How can this happen.? I am… i am.
No this cant happen. This is not possible even. No this cant.

Does everyone knows about this?
But why anyone didn’t say me anything.
But how come I be pregnant? We always used protection. How will I tell this to everyone? Mom, Dad , Bhai , Ragini , Sans.. Sanskar.

How will I tell him ? No I cant tell him. Never. I don’t want to ruin his life. But what about the baby?

So many questions keep revolving in my mind. Aaahhh… now it hurt.

Door opens and Ragini entered in.

“How are you feeling now?” she asked being concerned.

“Better but bhabhi.. wo. I am. Wo. “ I try to say playing with words.

“so you came to know” she said pointing towards the reports.

I gave her shocked expressions.

“You are pregnant, Swara” she said.

I nodded while looking down tears start to form in my eyes. While loving a person I forget about all others.
I am feeling very bad and guilty now.
“Bhabhi?” I tried to ask but my throat choked in between.
“Everyone knows about this” she said.

“And i am here to take you home.
You are being discharged.” She said.

“I don’t want to go bhabhi. I don’t know how to face all.” I said sobbing keeping my face in between my palms.

“But you have to Swara. Its ok. Just don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” She said and hugged me. After a couple of minutes a calmed down and gets changed.

And we both left for home with the driver. No one else came to see me.

Have I done this much bad.? That no one even wants to see me.
I thought while tears were falling down my eyes silently.

But how is this possible? I thought and remembered something.

**before 2 months**
Swara’s pov.

I was standing in his room. This happens rarely when I am on time but he is late.

I was thinking about him and the way he called me at the mid of night. Is he okay ? No. He is not something is wrong with him. My heart says to ask him.

I thought I will ask him.

At that time he came and back hugged me and started kissing my neck. I always get so lost in his touch. But i need to ask him.

“Sanskar” I called for him.

“Hmm.” He made a sound in response still kissing my neck.

“Wo. I wanted to. Aaahhh.” I shouted in between as he bit my neck.

His hands travelled inside my top and he started caressing my waist.

My words struck in my throat as his actions increased.
I completely forget about everything.

He turned me towards him.
He immediately dug his face in my neck and started giving wet kisses.

I started moaning on his small touch.
His hands roamed on my back under the top started moving up and he unclasped the hook of the Br*.
While i start to unbutton his shirt.
He stepped back and removed my top in a second.
Now i was only in my jeans in front of him.

Again I can see the devil in his eyes which was lost for a few moments.

He removed his clothes as well and threw me on the bed and came over.
He licked, kissed, sucked every inch of my body.

Soon he entered inside me and i moaned loudly.
He smashed his lips on mine and started kissing me hungrily.

After about 3 hours.
He left me and by now i was so sore.
This pain was killing me as I was already tired because of hectic schedule of day.

I somehow managed to get up and collected my clothes and was about to leave the room when something struck my mind.

“Did we use protection?” I asked him and turned but I think he was fast asleep.

So I left the place without disturbing him.


Swara’s pov.

This was time I conceived. Hell i should have taken care. How can I forget about it? I have to tell this to Sanskar asap.
I asked Ragini that I need to go somewhere. She was denying first but later on agreed. We left her to home and I left to meet Sanskar.

To be continued.

Hey guys. I was thinking to give Sanskar’s pov next.

But only your response will tell me. If you want it or not?
and believe me i am very disheartened seeing your response. Thinking to wrap it up fast. Should I.?

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