Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5


Swara’s pov.

I was sitting silently in his car while he was driving totally ignoring me.
I felt a little weird by his behaviour.
Little ?? Completely weird person.!!

I chose to see outside. From the outer view I can guess that we are going to a residential place may be his house. But why will he take me der.?

After a couple of minutes we stopped the car outside a beautiful and a large house.

He opened his side of door i expected him to be a gentle man to open my side as well or atleast ask me to get down. But no he is not normal even.

He left the car and started walking towards the mansion.
And I have to follow him now unfortunately not having another option.
I entered his mansion and it was way beautiful then i thought by looking from outside.
He asked me to sit in front of him.
I sat and then looked him questionably and I think he understand and
“you know we met before?” he said.
Wait. What ? No. This is the first time i saw him. But then why is he saying this.?

“What ? No. We didn’t” I said.

He shook his head in negative.
And than told me about our first meet when i was drunk.
He told me everything and i was listening casually. But my eyes got widen when he told we kissed. What we kissed. No he is lying.
I then thought of all the things that happened that day.
All the erased memories came back and i felt embarrassed of whatever i did.
“wo… i didn’t.. wo..” I left lack of words and kept stumbling with the words.

“I am sorry. I didn’t do that intentionally. I was not in my senses.” I said finally.

“I know. You need not to feel bad or something. But i want that to happen in your senses” he said.

Wait. ??.. No Never.

“What do you mean.?” I asked.
“You are of course not a kid to not to understand. I mean you and me. U know what i mean.” He said scratching the back of his head.

“Means you love me.?” I asked.
“o wait. Hell No. I don’t and i will never. I don’t love you but i want you” he said.

What does he think i am.?

“what do you think i am.? A sl*t ?” i said angrily.

“No. Why will i think that way ? Of course not . I know you but only you can help me.” He said.

“Help. With this offer. Seriously.?” I asked
“and why do you need my help. You are so perfect and famous anyone would love to help you. Why only me? And the help to fulfil your lust. But sorry i cant help you” I said and started to leave.

“I am not perfect and this is not my lust but my helplessness. I dont know what i am asking you is right or wrong but i need you?” he said.

“Why should i and why only me .? Hire anyone of your use.” I said.

“i cant trust anyone like this.”
“and how can you trust me?”
“I know you will not tell anyone. In last 30 days i know this much”

Last 30 days. He stalked me. He know about me. What the hell is happening in my life.?

“I know you were drunk and dont remember anything but i do. That was the first time without harming myself i got relaxed.”

“What ?” i asked being shocked.

What does he mean.? This is not the same person I saw few minutes back. He is not just the same. This man have heart and a lot of pain inside. It is clear in his eyes.

He sat down on the couch and i don’t know i too sat beside him and kept my hand on his shoulder.
He showed me his hand and i can see a lot of cuts on it. A lot of. Deep blue. Red.
“What are these of.?” I asked holding his hand. He hissed in pain. I felt bad seeing him.

“I am Sanskar Maheshwari. People love me think me i am perfect. Many want to be me. But they don’t know the reality. I never wanted to be what i am. Never. I wanted to live my dreams. Wanted to fulfill them but i was always forced. Forced to do what i don’t want. My dad always wanted me to be an actor as he was. I like to acting but i was not interested in this. I wanted to do Hotel Management. But no one allowed. I tried leaving my house but my mom always stopped me and asked me to deal with it. I always did this for my mother. Without saying anything. She loved me and my only moral support. And i love her the most.“
His voice started to shake in between and he tore into tears. I passed him a glass of water. He took it and drank a bit then he continued again.

“But Then THIS YOUR GOD took her away from me. The only reason of my living. The only support of me. Whenever i felt alone i used to say her. But i broke down when she died and her last wish was to be with my dad. I hate that man. The one who never loved me. The one who only treated me as his son infront of others. He used to beat me when i didn’t follow him and break his rules and fake reputation. Who never thought about my wishes but always forced his on me. But for my mother i did it too. I dealt with that man. But after 2 years i left that building and came here.

This loneliness killed me. I hated it but this is my reality. Whenever i felt sad or i am in anger. I have no one beside me. Then i started harming myself( said showing his cut hands) . This for a time helped me but that day i met you. I never was close to girls because i can never trust them but i told you everything.
And then you kissed me . I was shocked not expecting this. But then i relaxed. I felt good. See i am not saying you to love me. You can leave whenever you want. I will not stop but i need you.”

He said and i was looking him blankly. Okay i do feel bad for him. I can never imagine what he have gone through because i have everyone beside me. I can only feel bad. Actually very bad.

But hell NO. I can’t do this to myself.
He is asking me to be slave. A s*x slave. A subm*ss*ve. This is literally not possible.

“See i do feel bad for you. I really do. But still i cant i m not the one who sleeps over. Sorry but i need to leave.” I said and started to leave.
I was about to leave when he held my hand and pulled me towards himself and without giving a second kept his lips on mine.

I was shocked and blank. I tried pushing him and beat him but no he is more strong.
He was sucking my lips hungrily. I felt no use and stopped protesting but didnt gave in. He wanted to enter his tongue inside my mouth. But i didnt allow him and tried pushing him again.

His hands travelled to my waist and started caressing it. Suddenly he pressed it hard. In pain i opened my mouth but he pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I after some time got lost in his touch and started to respond and moan forgetting everything.

He understand it and departed his lips and moved down to my neck and placed wet kisses over there. His hands reached up and opened the zip of my dress. I gasped and moaned.

He removed it from right shoulder a little while caressing my bare back. He placed his mouth on my shoulder and nibbled the skin. I moaned and my hands reached up in his hairs and started caressing it. He bit the skin.
While he did same on the other side.
He was about to lower my dress. When i came back in my senses and pushed him.

“You just cant do this. You cant force me.” I said angrily.

“I will not force you. Now i will make you want me as much as i want you.” He said with a smirk and then came closer to me and settled my dress and zipped it back. Then while going he pecked my lips.

“and you want me to drop you to your place.?” He asked.

“no” i said and left without waiting.

I dont know what just happened to me. I cant let him touch me. I will not. I will not come in front of me. But why was i not able to push him and why do i get lost in his touch.

I hired a cab and left to my place.

Swara’s pov.

I was sitting on the bed of Hospital when I found reports lying by my side. I picked them up and started reading to pass my time.

But something caught my view.

No this cant happen. This just cant. This is not true. This is not possible.

To be continued….

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