Swasan- destiny made me meet you (shot 1) by samaira

Hey guys samaira here!! I have already posted the intro if u didn’t read go and check it out…

Let’s start:-

Points to be noted:-
* Sanskar is a bestie of sahil and he is 25 while sahil is 30..
* Swara is much educated
* Everyone Pampers a lot to swara and loves her a lot but still sometimes have the narrow mentality..
* No introduction of sanskar in this shot he will be there in the next one( hopefully)
Let’s continue:-
Swara was still sleeping in her beautiful bedroom.. just then her beauty sleep is disturbed by her mamma Sumi..
Sumi- swara beta uth ja ( swara dear wake up)
Swara- plzz na maa only 5 mins..
Sumi- I know ur 5 mins swara did u forget today the groom s family is coming to see u!!

Swara wakes up with jerk listening it…
Swara- hmm ok u go maa I will go and get ready and come..
Sumi goes…
Swara s POV..
Oh sh*t how could I forget abt the family coming to see me!! But how can I live with the guy whole I really don’t know uff this is so confusing and that too the boy is an army officer naam se hi sadoo lagta hai.. ( by his name only he looks stupid / dangerous) Sahil shekhawath!!
POV ends..
After this all swara goes to fresh n up…
After this she comes down literally looking like an angel …

Swara- good morning Papa
Nd she hugs shekhar..
Nd then greets Dadi and Sumi..
Dadi- ur looking so beautiful swara kisi ki Nazar na lage tujhe!!
She puts the teeka on her temple..
While swara just smiles…
After they r done with breakfast … Sumi and Dadi go for preparing dishes for the groom s family like sweets samosa and all … Swara was also helping them little bit…

Just then sahil s family arrives consisting of mother sujata father rp and sister uttara..
# sahil s family is really damn sweet …

Dadi Sumi and shekhar goes and greet them after settling themselves comfortably Sumi brings swara…
Swara is coming holding the tea tray in her hand like a typical bride …
Sujata dp and uttara like her very much sahil also likes her…
After their discussion…
Sujata- I think we should let sahil and swara alone for sometime to know little abt each other…
Sumi- yeah sure swara take sahil to the other room…
There s a room just beside there s…
Swa– hil goes there …
They both sit opposite to each other..
Swara was feeling a bit nervous as they haven’t talked before… So she was fidgeting with the end of her dupatta..

Sahil started the conversation..
Sahil- so do u know how to cook??
Swara- hmm thik thak actually bohot accha u know whole family is the fan of my pancakes…
Sahil just smiles..
Sahil- so can u do house hold chores like sweeping washing clothes and all .. which a house wife does..
Swara-( amused by his question) hmm I sometimes help maa in the chores…
Sahil- hmm ok so what have u studied..
Swara- I have done graduation I mean last yr now just have to give the exams…
Sahil(bit disappointed) see swara u don’t need to do the work I just need a wife who be with me and take care of my family … Nd I earn enough money to fulfill ur needs so there won’t be any problem…
Swara- hmm

Sahil- u can ask me anything if u want to ask something??
Swara-(excitedly) umm who s ur faviorate actor..
Sahil- I don’t watch movies it’s such a wastage of time I thought tht u will ask abt salary but it’s ok if u have some proper question to ask so u can..
Swara gets disappointed .. nd keeps quite..
After a 5 min of awkward silence they heed back to the family…
Nd Sumi ask swara to bring the sweets..
After she is bought..
Dadi- swara ur marriage is fixed!!

And everyone gets happy and feeds sweets to each other..
Swara is a bit sad as his thinking is so different from her!!
And she gets even more angry when they ask abt dowry.. but she stays quiet..
Night time:-
Swara is just being numb and Sumi is massaging her head!!
Swara- maa I can’t marry sahil he is so backward by listening his talks I was thinking that he needs a made and caretaker for his family…
Sumi (angry) Shona r u mad or what wife has to do it wht her husband asks..
Swara- I know maa but .. I also have some respect I can’t follow his orders..
Sumi- shut up swara going to collage u r becoming so modern ur father has fixed up the marriage nuthing will happen now…
Swara knows it’s waste to talk to her mother so she keeps quite..

Wedding day:-
The wedding is Done and swara now become swara sahil shekhawath!!
Let’s see what’s going to happen on their first night!

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