Swasan- Demon and His Prey (chapter 7)

Chapter 7

Scene 1

@ 2:55 a.m.
Swara was sleeping in her room when she heard some strange voices…

She lifted her head to look up but the sounds stopped so she again dropped her head and covered herself with the blanket and slept.

In the hall.

Rithvik was sitting in the hall talking to himself.

“I cant let her stay alone. I need to ask someone to stay with her.” He said and then looked towards the time.

“Aahhh.. its late.. I think I should sleep now.” He thought and left to his room closing the laptop and his filess….

In the room.(Swara’s)

Some weird sounds were again heard… the cracking of the door and weird sounds of someone laughing.. and calling her.

“Swaraa.. Come to me… I am waiting.” Said someone which echoed in her room..

Swara was able to hear everything.. she felt scared and was sweating badly… but still someone stopped her movements and slept closing her eyess…

The sounds become more louder and deeper but she was still sleeping unaffected or try to sleep unaffected…

Slowly her blanket started to slide down her body… unknown to her.. when she realised it.. she sat on bed and screamed with all her power…

She witnessed a man standing right infront of her with the hoddie and smirking at her and with him stood a lot of girls making a circle and all were in the most horrible state….

“Save us. Pleaseeee….” were all they said.. while man smirked seeing it…

Swara: Stopppppppp!!! Stopppppppp!!! Stoppppp!!! (She shouted keeping her hands on her ears and shutting her eyes tightly).

Hearing this Rithvik who was going to sleep came running in her room and directly went towards her..

“Swara…Swaraaa….” he called for her and tried to hug her but instead she pushed him..

“Dont… pleaseee leave me… stay awayy…..ahhhhh.. pleaseeeee….” she said still closing her eyes..

Tears formed in his eyes seeing her in this state.

“Swaraaaa….” he called her loudly and shaked her from her shoulders..

She finally opened her eyes and looked around… she found no one. Only Rithvik was by her side…

She hugged him tightly and started sobbing making her shirt wet…

He rubbed her back calming her down..

“Shhh. Its okk. Swara.. what happened?” He asked being concerned.

“I sawww… that… I just saw a nightmare…” she said unknown how to explain what she saw…

She dont want to trouble him because of her…

“Hmmm…” he stayed there calming her down..

“Swara….” he said after a long silence.

“Hmm…” she responded…

“I wont be going tomorrow.” He said looking at the ceiling.

She departed herself from him.

“Why?” She asked being shocked.

“I cant leave you alone.. i cant leave u like this.” He said with a crying tone..

“Aww… my cry baby. I am fine baba. See nothing happened to me I am all fine. That was just a nightmare.” She said holding his face between her hands trying to make him understand or moreover herself.

“Ok do a thing.. Come with me.” He suggested her.

“Ummm.. i would love to but you know my college.. they wont give me a leave and also the finals are approaching so.” She said sadly..

“Its ok. But take care of yourself. Or atleast go to your friend’s home.” he suggested…

she nodded and hugged him….

Scene 2

“Again.. Why the hell is this happening… i guess it will take a long time to get her.. but now I need someone.. I have to get someone else.
Huhhh.. whatever it is.. Swara you are just increasing the punishment for yourself.” Said Alex standing on the terrace of her house and saw the moon meeting sea..

He looked at this and then at the left side of the street where a girl was lying dead…

He smirked and left…

Scene 3.

Rithvik left the house with great difficulty and promising words of Swara but still tensed about her..

After he left. She started dusting the house while doing so she found a rack of books which were unused from a long time. She took out the books from it and started cleaning them.

“I still remember how much dad loved his books.. he never allowed me to touch them but today…” she stopped in middle and sighed and again started cleaning them..

A book fell down her hands.. at the same time someone rang the bell of her house.. she moved towards the door and opened it..

There she saw Sanskar standing…

“Hiiii.” he said with a smile.

“Hey.” She said doubtly with all the questions in her mind.

“What happened?” He asked her sensing something weird from her expressions..

“Umm. Nothing.” She said not sure about what she is thinking is right or wrong..

He just nodded.

“Ready to help me?” He asked with a smile.

She nodded and

Swara: just give me 5 minutes.. I will come back after getting ready..

Sanskar: okay.

After some time in car.

Swara: Sanskar..

Sanskar: Yes Sweetheart.

Swara: Dont call that.

Sanskar nodded like a innocent child.

Swara: As far as I remember I didnt gave you my number and on that day even didnt told about my address then how you came to know about this.
(She asked with a doubt).

Sanskar: Because I stalked you before.

Swara: what???? ( she asked being shocked).

Sanskar: hehehe… Look at yourself..
I was just kidding. In your diary on the front page you have written your biodata in broad words and decorated it quite well with flowers and all..
(He said teasing her.)

Swara: huhhh.. you read my diary. Stupid fellow… (saying this she hit him with her bag which was in her hand)

Sanskar: Stop crazy girl. I am driving and i dont want to die soon.. Pleaseee.
( she said over dramatically).

She nodded and sat looking outside the window.

After some time.

Something came flying towards them and hit their car from glass.

They were scared and soon infront of them was staning a shadow with a hoodie.

Swara screamed while Sanskar in order to protect him rotated his car and it took a complete 360° round.

It stopped and Swara immediately came out from the car and saw that no one was standing there.

Sanskar also came out…

“Did you saw some there?” She questioned him.

“Yes..” sanskar said.

“See.. I am also able to see that man but…” she said but was cut in middle by Sanskar.

“Hey hey stop… which man?” He questioned her.

“Dont you know. Then why you stopped the car.” She said looking at him..

He pointed towards a particular direction..
A cat was seen there.

“In order to save that cat. But what happened?” He asked her.

She nodded in no saying nothing.

“I want to go back.” She said being scared.

“But Swara its nothing.. see we are fine.” Sanskar tried to calm her.

“Please.. i dont want to go anywhere. I just want to go home.” She pleaded him..

He agreed and dropped her back to her place.

Scene 4

@ 6:30 p.m.

At dutta’s place.

Swara was standing in front of his desk and narrating her whole incident and asking him various questions..

“Mr. Dutta I am scared…” she said at last..

He listened her carefully.

“It is quite obvious from that he is following you and trying to harm you but you are being saved. May be he is unable to do so as his tries failed everytime.” he said…

“How I am saved from all this? ” she questioned..

At the same time the door and windows started opening and shutting making loud noises scaring them both..

They looked around and found nothing…

Mr. Dutta handovered a paper to her in all this..

The chairs started moving and a chair came flying and just passed by his side….

They both became shocked and horrified…

To be continuedd…

How many of you wanted to kill me now? I guess instead of decreasing I increased the questions?.
But will reveal some of them in next chappie. ??.

Thank you.

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