Swasan- Demon and his prey (chapter 5)

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Chapter 5

Scene 1

“What are you doing,Swara?” Said Rithvik entering her room while she was reading something…

“Just doing some work.” She replied not looking at him and still reading.

“How was your extra classes?” He asked raising his eyebrow.

“So you got to know about this?” She replied looking at him…

“Hmm..” he sat beside her and held her one hand between his hands.

“Are you fine?” He asked.

She nodded and hugged him…

“I am just scared you know. I wanted to get rid of all this. I cant breathe without getting scared. I wanted to remove it even if its my illusion.” She said…

“I understand Swara. Do you wanted to go to a psychologist?” He asked being concerned.

“No. Its okk. Let me handle first but if it doesnt work then I will do whatever you will say.” She said him.

“Do whatever you feel is right. But please I want you to be fine. There is no one except you for me.” He said…

“I will Rithvik. I will be fine.” She said assuring him..

She squeezed his hand..

He kissed the top of her head and both remained still hugging each other….

Scene 2.

“What are you doing this to me? I have never been so desperate to have someone. Your pure soul is attracting me more and making me restless. It is going to be real fun haunting you.” Said Alex standing on the top of the building covered with a hoodie..

A girl and a boy were seen at the otherside of the building terrace hugging each other.

“She smells so fresh.. but I dont feel like having her.. I just want you Swara now. And I know how I have to get you.” He said with a smirk….

Scene 3

Next day

Swara was sitting holding the book which Mr.Dutta gave her in the class..
She was thinking something deeply…

“Swara…” someone called her.

She came back from the thoughts and looked above.. she saw Sanskar was standing there with a smile on his face…

“Hey. Sanskar.” She said with a smile.

“Heya. Can I sit beside you?” He said.

“Ofcourse.” she said and shifted to a side.

She again started thinking holding the book.

Swara(in mind): Why Mr.Dutta asked me to read a blank page? He is strange.

She thought shifting the pages of a book.

Swara: I think I should ask him before the class starts.

Thinking this she left the place holding the book.

“BLANK.. BLANK.. BLANK..” said Sanskar when she left to himself and gave a evil smile…

She came to a room where Mr.Dutta was sitting.

Mr.Dutta: Hey young lady. You here? Have you read the book?

Swara: No Sir. It was all blank the page you told me.

Mr.Dutta: What? (He asked being shocked standing from the chair and holding his head with his hand).

Swara:( she was scared seeing him this way): Sir. Is everything fine?

Mr.Dutta nodded.

Mr.Dutta: Go to your class.. i am coming.

He said.. Swara nodded and left to the class.

She went and sat beside her.

Mr. Dutta entered the class and went towards the White board.


He turned around.

“Generally it is not done this much soon but I was thinking to do something different this time. Lets start with the Black Spots. One of the most dangerous things in the world.” He said.

“In this world there are many demons. One among them are from the Black Spots. This is a simple name for them as they leave black spots on the body of the people they kill or haunt.” He added.

“Sir. We have seen few days back a murder case of Ms.Amrita. It was found some black spots on her body.
Is it possible that it is related to this.” Some one from the class asked Mr.Dutta.

“Yeah. It is possible.” He replied.

“I was also shocked the way she was killed.” He added.

“But Sir why they kill them? Is they have some motive behind or..?” Someone from the class asked again.

“They do have some hidden motives. They get some advantages some time but sometimes they do it for showing they are present.”

He told some things more and answered the questions…

While Swara was listening all this carefully and relating it with the incidents happened with her…

While Sanskar was drawing something on the paper uninterested in the class… he listened when Swara spoke something.

“Sir. Can we find the name of the person from the black spots on person’s body?” She questioned.

“Like Some Demon’s name AL…” she was cut in between by Mr. Dutta.

“NEVER TAKE A DEMONS NAME ALOUD.” he said warning her.

She nodded.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed without answering the question of Swara.

Everyone left the place except Sanskar and Swara.

“So you to felt something like this?” Sanskar asked her while she was packing her bag.

She nodded.

“Hmm. Dont you feel scared?” He questioned her again.

She nodded again in positive.

“Hmm. I will be waiting near the car.” He said and left the class room.

She was left alone in the class when she again heard a whisper sound.


She started sweating badly and ran out towards the car and hugged Sanskar tightly.

Sanskar hissed a bit and backed off.

She looked at him.

“I am sorry. I was scared. Are you fine?” She said.

“Yeah. Its ok. I understand.” He said.

“Are you hurt somewhere?” She questioned.

He looked confused.

“You hissed in pain when I hugged you so.” She asked.

He nodded.

“Yes. Just met an accident few days before. So.” He said.

Scene 4

“Can you come with me tomorrow?” Sanskar asked Swara outside her apartment.

“Why? Where?” She questioned.

“I told you i am new here. I want to buy some things so wanted a company and I know none except you.” He said.

“Oo. I thought you are new only to the class. Sure I will come with you.” She said.

“Good night.” She wished him and stepped down the car.

“Night.” He said when she was gone looking straight with a smirk.

To be continued.

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