Swasan- Demon and his prey (chapter 4)

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Chapter 4

Scene 1

Swara was sitting in the classroom waiting for the teacher to come when

“Alexx…” said someone slowly in her ear…

She jerked a bit and looked around and was unable to find anyone just a shadow near the window.

“Who the hell is this AL…” she was stopped in the middle when the teacher entered the again.

He looked around the class and smiled.

“So this time here are many students interested in paranormal classes. Thats good.” He said with a smile.

“So lets start up with the class. How many of you believe in demons or evil spirits? Have you ever witnessed one.” He questioned looking atound.

“Sir..” someone called him trying to answer.

“I would prefer Mr. Dutta instead of Sir or so. Young lady.” He said and she nodded.

They continued their question session while Swara was looking at them when suddenly she saw some blood marks on her wrist.

She rubbed her wrist but it was not her’s. She looked around and then towards the ceiling and found a body hanging on the fan just above her.

“Aaaaaa….” she screamed keeping her hands on her ears.

Whole class attention went towards her.

Everyone rushed towards her.

“What happened?” Mr.Dutta asked her.

She nodded in negative saying nothing.

“Ok. Go back to your places. Have take this water.” He said passing her the water bottle.

“Now say what happened?” He questioned.
But she looked towards the ceiling and found nothing.. he followed her gaze and freezed…

“Black spots.” He murmered.

“What?” She asked.

“Be careful.” He said and left the class room.

All students looked confused while Swara was scared.

“Hey. Are you fine.?” Someone asked her from behind…

She turned around.

“Yeah. I am.” She said.

“What happened?” He questioned.


“Ohk..” he said and sit quielty.

Then aftrr few seconds.

He touched her shoulder by her finger.


“What?” She asked being annoyed.

“Cool down babe.”

“Sorry. What happened?”

“Actually this is my first day in this class and I dont have friends.. was getting bored so thought to…” he said scratching his back side of head.

“Oo. Mine as well.” She said and looked again in front.

“So. I am Sanskar.” He said.

“Nice name.” She replied and again looked forward.

“Huhh. Attitude”? he said to himself and started concentrating on his work.

Mr. Dutta came back and started the lecture.

After 1 hour. The class gets finished.

Everyone was leaving when Mr. Dutta called out for Swara.

“Read this once. Page 56. If you found something similar then tell me tomorrow. Dont stay alone for much time.” He warned her.

She again become scared.

“What is in it?” She questioned.

“Read this, then come to me. Then maybe I will be able to give your answers.” He answered and she nodded.

He left the class while she was moving slowly.

“Bhoooo….” some one came and scared her from behind..
She shouted and due to this everything from her hand fell down..

She looked around and saw Sanskar laughing at her holding his stomach.

“Are you Insane? I could have died.” She said holding the left side of his chest and breathing unevenly.

“Oops. I just thought to have some fun.” He said and bend down to pick her fallen articles..

“Sorry…” he said handling her the things.

“Its ok.” She nodded and left the place taking her things.

“Should I drop you? Its late.” He suggested her.

She looked around and found no source to go home and it was indeed late.

She nodded

“But first tell me your name? And accept my friendship.” He said

“What?” She asked being shocked?.

“I think you heard it, right?” He asked.

“I will go myself.” She said.

“Hey come on. I wont eat you alive.” He said.
“Now” he said this slowly.

She nodded as she found no one around.

“I am Swara and about your friendship ok. Friends.” She said checking the time on her phone.

“Yeah.. okkk. Lets go..” he said…

After sometime they reached her house and she stepped down the car thanked him and left inside..

While he was sitting inside thr car.

“A hard one. But not impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.” he said with a smirk and then his eyes changed to red.

To be continued.

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