Swasan- Demon and his prey (chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Scene 1

The scene starts when Rithvik comes running inside her room and find all the things scattered here and there… But Swara was sleeping on the bed covering herself with the comforter completely.

He became shocked to see this and thought to check her on once from near…

He moved forward… he came very near to her and then the windows started opening and shutting repeatidly making noises…

He removed the comforter from her face and moved back being scared to find her legs in place of her face..

Rithvik(holding the left side of his chest): O god! This swara will kill me some days with her horror stories. Why does she sleep like this?

He removed the blanket from her face and saw her sleeping and sighed in relief…

Rithvik: If she is fine, then why the room is messed up? May be she did while doing her work. Careless creature?

Thinking this he left from there….

Scene 2

A man was walking on the road covered head covered with the hoodie and with shiny red eyes…

He was moving forward and suddenly grabbed a girl from the crowd….

“What you want from me? Why you wanna kill me?” The girl asked being afraid.

He didn’t replied instead tightened the grip on her head making her scream in pain..

“Who the hell are you?” She asked loudly..

“Alex…..” he replieddd.

He was about to kill her when..

“Noooooooooo…” Swara screamed and gets up from her sleep sweating badly…

“Why he wanted to kill me? I don’t even know him and he.. aaahhhh..” she talked to herself and then screamed feeling pain in her hand…

She checked her hand and found some scratches on it…

Swara(to herself): It means if I would have not waken up then…

She moved her hand over her wounds and tried to remember more of it…

She immediately got up from the bed and bamdaged her hand…

After that she opened her drawer and took out a book from it…

She read it to find her answers but was not able to get any….

She suddenly remember the name of the Demon she heard in her dream….

“AL…” she stopped in middle when she heard a knock on her door.

She immedialtely kept the book back to the drawer..

Rithvik: good morning

Swara: Hm. Yeah. Morning. ( she said finding words.)

Rithvik: Are you fine? ( he asked being touching his forhead.)

Swara: Yes. I am fine. ( she said with a fake smile).

Swara: Rithvik today I have some extra classes after the college. So I will come by myself.

Rithvik: Are you sure? You know I can wait for you..

Swara- No its ok. I am sure. I will manage.

Rithvik nodded and was about to leave the room when swara called him…

Swara- Rithvik.. Why is my room scattered?

Rithvik- Huhh.. I dont know. Isn’t it done by you?

Swara: O. Yes. I remember. I did it last night finding something. Hehe.

He felt is strange but ignored it..

Scene 3.

The same was seen standing on the top of one of the tallest building of the city, he rubbed his hand which have some black spots on it…

“She is strong then usual. It will be fun to haunt her..” he smirked and soon disappeared in the air as a dust.

Scene 4.

In class..

Swara was sitting silently and rubbing her hand which is wounded….

She was thinking of the incidents what happened last night.

Warning by some reflection in the mirror.

Then her room scattered.

Wounds. Dream. Everything was making her more and more scared.

Her friend came and threw a newspaper in front of her.

“See yaar. How beautiful she was? Why will someone kill her and so badly?” Her friend said making Swara to come out of her thoughts.

She then picked the paper and looked the picture in the paper and was shocked to see her.

“This is the same girl who I saw in washroom yesterday. Means that was real. He is behind me.” She murmured to herself.

She saw the picture carefully to find something different and was shocked to see the letters forming on her body with the black patterns

“A near her neck….
L on the back side of right hand.
E on her elbow.
X on her foot….”

Tears formed due to fear in her eyes..

“See these letters..” she said to her friend pointing towards the letterss.

“Which letters Swara. What are you talking about?” Her friend answered not finding anything at that places…

To be continued.

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