Swasan- A complicated love story!! (7)

One year have passed since her marriage happened but there was no hope of sanskar comming back..
sujata was tensed for her son (afterall, maa is maa, whatever happens)
but she is happy too for her daughter swara that she has forgot her bad memories n started a new journey ..
n other side rp was very angry on sanskar for his deeds.. how can he do this to an innocent girl..

he decided that he will never forgive him.. (untill swara herself forgive him)
in this one year everything has changed.. pari her bhabhi..(wife of aditya) has returned from her mom’s house n they have a cute little baby of 6 months..
her name is priya.. swara have a great bonding with pari too..
she is just like her elder sister.. pari too treats her as her own younger sister..
that cute child too started knowing her presence.. swara spend most of her time with pari n priya…
overall.. they are happy family
Next day-
beautiful morning,.. swara was sitting in front of mirror remembring her past one year what has happened in her life..
what she lost n what she was found but she was happy with her new found life..
it was her result day of entrance exam.. she was nervous too but she had the confidence that she will win..

meanwhile uttra came to swara running n she hugged her so tight saying that she got selected in her entrance exam..
both were very happy.. swara was teary eyed remembring about her dream…
she went downstairs where everyone was on dinning table waiting for her..,
she ran n hugged sujata n told her abt her results.. everyone was happy.. rp n sujata hugged her n blessed her..

adi- ha ha, hum to koi h hi nhi na aab is ghar me, hume koi kyu yaad rakhega..
pari- aab swara ko humari kya zarurat h (teasingly)
she went to her bhai bhabhi n hugged them.. all were happy suddenly..
priya- uaww uaww
pari- lo ji aab aapki priya ko bhi shikayat h
swara took priya in her arms n kissed her forehead..
everyone started laughing.. happy family moment was seen

a large mansion was shown well decorated n well maintained..
a boy of about 26-27 was shown sleeping in his king size bed.. n his alarm was ringing.. but he was not ready to get up
a lady of about same age came to him n started pulling his blanket n was asking him to get up as its quite late..
lady- sanky yr get up na plz.. its already 10 n u promised us that we will enjoy this weekend together..

sanky (he may not be sanskar, dont expect too much from now only)- yr ragini (yes its ragini) aaj sunday h.. plz let me sleep sometime more..
ragini- no no no means no.. u always stay busy in office n now on sunday u wanna waste it sleeping..
sanky- what is this yr.. koi chain se sone bhi ni deta.. i m not gonna get up .. go plz go
ragini- what did u say.. u will not get up??
sanky- no no never..(frustated)
saying this he again pulled his blanket over him n slept covering his face..
ragini took waterbottle from side table n pour it on him..
he got up with a jerk n started making weired faces..(looking funny..aww)
seeing his expressions ragini started laughing n ran from their she she knew what is gonna happen now..
he chased her n reached dinning table where a handsome hunk was sitting having his breakfast..

sanky- see na yr .. how this idiot is having breakfst.. hmm(making faces)
rag- hay.. he is not idiot.. u r idiot..(angry)
again rag started running n that handsome guy got up from his seat..
she hide herself behind him in order to escape herself from sanky..
sanky- hey bhai.. get aside.. i will not leave her today..
rag- no no lucky.. u just stand here n plz muje bachao is rakshas se..
sanky- what what did u said.. rakshas haa..(fake angry)
sanky- bhaiiii … samjha lo apni BIWI ko.. (ha ha u r right rag is lucky, ie. laksh wife, what u thought?)

rag- giggling..
sanky- see bhai.. see ur wife.. what she is doing.. pahle to meri nind barbaad kar di aur aab muje rakshas bula re h..(making faces)
seeing them this way..
lucky shouted.. BASS BAHOT HO GAYA TUM DONO KA.. tumhare saath rahekar m pagal ho jaunga..(frustated)
rag n sanky- what!!
u said us pagal.. WE WILL SEE U.. (bachara Lucky aab isse kaun bachayega?? he ha ha ha)
both sanky n rag smirked n
rag poured water on his head n sanky squeezed ketchup on his shirt n started laughing…
now rag n sanky aage aage n lucky piche piche..(what a nice moment it is.. such a good bonding)
any gusses who is sanky, rag n lucky…
n did u like the episode??
hows it?

shan asked me whether this story is similar to saba’s i m yours??
then the answer is absolutely not.. Dont worry.. Its not same in any sense.. Its altogether different story.. Actually I have read saba’s story too..
N I have not stated this story now.. I have been writing it from a long time on twinj.
Hope u all will like the up coming track in the story… Fingers crossed..☺☺
plz comment n tell ur views.. thank u.. i will post next episode asap.. bbyeec:):)

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