Swasan- A complicated love story!! (66)

Sanskar took swara to room n called the doctor..

Doctor came n checked her..

Sanskar was placing her n there in tension.. Soon .. doc came out from room after checking swara..

As soon as she came .. Sanskar bombarded her with his questions..

Sanskar-  hello doc!! she.. Swara.. she is fine na?? what happened? why she suddenly fainted??
She is alright na..?? nothing serious na? Is she conscious now? (he is soo much worried about her)

Doc- calm down mr sarna.. darne ki koi baat nhi h.. i think she is so much stressed thats why she fainted..
It was looking as if she has been crying from a long time..(sanskar  nooded) due to which she has gained fever.. i have given her injection..
she will gain her consciousness in morning.. untill then plz take care of her.. n give these medicines in morning after breakfast..

Sanakar nooded n see off the doc ..

After a while sanskar entered in room where swara was lying unconscious..

He came close to her n placed his hands on her forehead to check her fever..

Sanskar- oh god! she is burning with fever.. (cursing himself) ye kya kia sanskar tune? you know na she is too sensitive n then also she was tolerating soo much inside herself..
today u stratched her old wounds.. (hitted his hands on table, it pained him but he didnt care)

He hurriedly went n took some cold water n some strips for swara..

He settled beside her.. n was changing the cold water strips on her forehead.. n was caressing her hairs in middle n was praying for her safety n well being..

He was feeling so much guilty for his earlier deeds n was curing himself for her pain..

He slept there itself taking care of her.. holding her hands in his..


Sun rays fell on our swasan.. making them both get up from their unpeaceful sleep at the same time..

He hurriedly got up n checked her temperature.. keeping his hands on her forhead n signed in relief confirming that fever has been reduced..

Swara was just keenly watching his every move.. making her confused whether to beleive this man or not..

She has no more power to tolerate one more heart break.. she will die if she has to bear any more pain..

Sanskar was just watching her with concerned face n asked..

Sanskar – Swara!! are u fine?

Swara didnt knew what to speak.. she just nooded n tried to get up but sanskar held her n helped her..

She showed her hands to stop him..

She herself got up n went towards washroom..

Sanskar was again left there guily for his deeds..

Swara came from washroom after freshning up.. n saw sanskar was placing milk n bread n was waiting for her..

Sanskar saw her comming from washroom..

Sanskar- swara… her take this.. ur breakfast.. plz complete it fast n u need to take medicines..(concerned)

Swara couldn’t deny seeing him concerned for her..

She complied n completed her breakfast.. Sanskar gave her the medicines n she took without any words..

Sanskar wanted to talk to her but was not having guts to speak something..

Swara- (getting up from bed) chalein.. everyone must be waiting for us at home..

Sanskar complied n both left .. whole journey was silent..

As soon as they reached.. Swara get off from car n she left towards room..

At home sanskar entered just after her n evryone questioned about swara as why she hurriedly went to her room without any words..

Sanskar told evrything from his surprise to proposal to her pain and at last his truth being sanskar..

Everybody was sad.. knowing about swara’s sufferings.. but promised to themselves to keep her happy from now on..

Sujata moved towards swara’s room n found her room open n swara was sitting on bed thing something n looking towards null..

Sujata came towards her n put her hand on her head.. Swara snapped n looked towards n hurriedly hug her n started sobbing..

No one was speaking anything but sujata was just caressing her hairs to make her calm.. after a while when swara felt light in her mother’s embarace.. she stopped sobboing and looked towards her innocently with so many questions in her mind..

Sujata sat beside her..

Suju- swara.. puttar u can ask me anything u want..?? i know u r angry from us but.. (she stopped n now she started sobbing)

Swara nooded in no n kept her head in her lap and sujata was just caressing her hairs showing her pure love to her daughter n making a silent promise to her as she will be with her in every decision of her life no matter what !!

Sanskar was watching them from outside with teary eyes..

Screen freeses on emotionless face of swara n guilty face of sanskar..



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