swasan – A complicated love story (52)

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Episode- 52

Sanskar POV–

I dont know what is going on in my life.. everything is just .. i dont know how to define it also..
u can say my life is messed up completely..
i know ..
i just love my syappa queen.. but.. alas.. i cant confess her..
dont know how will she react when she will come to know me being her betrayal husband..
i dont know she will ever forgive me or not.. but no.. i cant.. i just cant loose her.. now she has become my everything..
i always wanna be the reason of her smile.. to live my whole life with her..
but i .. i just dont know what will happen in upcomming days..

(determined) But no.. i cant loose her so easily..
i know i have done a mistake n i will do anything to get her forgiveness but i just cant tolerate her being separated from me..

In last couple of days.. she got many doubts on maa being so close to this family..
but we somehow make her understand but kab tak..
we just cant live life like this hiding our real identity from her..

i dont know.. i just dont know ..
i have to do smething soon.. yess..
(determined enough) yess.. i will do something for sure.. yes i will make her realise my love..
i will make her fall for ME
yes.. n when she will accept me wholeheartedly…
when i will be sue that she will not leave me then i will tell her about our marriage..
i m sure she will forgive me..
i know she too have some feelings for me..
but she has not realised it yey..
or may be she is afraid of being betrayed again..
but i will remove all her insecurities….
i will always be with her ..

But i think she is soo stressed about something..
i cant recognise that.. some pain some fear..
i have even seen her sobbing alone at night in her room..
but never went to console her..
becoz i know she need some time..

i need to know about her pain her fear so that i can remove it from her life permanently..
n then just she n me.. always happy..

i was deeply thinking about the recent happenings.. then i realised a knock on the door.. n then i realised that i m in my office n waiting for the meeting time..
i allowed the person to come in .. yes he is my P.A. ..

he informed me the last min details of meeting then i headed to meeting room..
as soon as opened the door.. i was SHOCKED.. i mean i really was seeing HER in front of me..

my anger was overpowering me..
i somehow controlled myself n headed for the meeting..
after everything has been done..
all were expecting me to say something about the deal..
i read their faces n said that i need sometime to think about the deal..
then SHE got up from her place n shok her hands with me being my business client .. professionally..
i cant imagine how can a person be so selfish..
how can she even meet my eyes without hesitation after doing all the crap..

i somehow controlled myself n headed towrds my cabing angrily n stamed my hands on table being frustrated..
i was hell angry that time when.. someone opened the knob of my cabin door..
without seeing who the person is i started shouting at the peron that how can the one enter my cabin without knocking or asking my permission..
i was hell angry that time n then after listening some soft sobbing sound i lift my head to see who the person is??

then there i spotted swara standing with tiffin in her beautiful hands teary eyed..
my heart pained to see her like that..

She entered in n placed tiffin on the table lighlty n turned to go .. n said

swara- (cracked voice) maa said me to give u this tiffin.. as she cooked something special.. (chocked) n she wanted u to have it
n she left saying this..

i was just numb for a second that what have i done…
how can i be so careless .. ??
how can i be the reason of her tears ??when i want to remove all such reasons of tears from her life..

I literally cursed myself for being so hyper..
all this is due to HER..
i m sure she will gonna repay for it sure..

Suddenly i realised that she has left crying n i hurriedly left behind her to catch her…
n there i spotted her running to the parking to grab the auto..
n she was crossing the road running..
my heart stopped for a second realising the situation of her accident..
that day also she was running the same way n crossing the road..

i hurriedly went ther n grabbed her hand before any vehicle hit her n we were on the side of road..
i saw her face ..
her eyes were still moist n she was struggling to get herself out of my grip when i shouted at her..

me- (grabbing her arm tightly) how can u be soo careless?? cant u seee n cross the road.. is this the way to run in the middle of roads.. dont u have any senses.. or u dont remember ur deadly accident..
i too got water in my eyes making my vision blur n still shouting at her..

She was looking down at road n was not saying anything.. then i realised that i again shouted at her.. two times a day.. no no.. in 15 minutes..
i closed my eyes tightly cursing myself n composed myself n softly spoke..

Me- hey! swara..(holding her chin making her face me) sorry na yr.. plz maaf kar de..
vo maine kisi or ka gussa tujhpe nikal dia..
i m sorry..(lifting my one hand at my right ear)

She was now seeing me with her big beautiful eyes n i drowned myself in her untill her voice made me back..

swara- (her eyes popped out listening my sorry n the reason) (she playfully hitted my chest) what!! kisi aur ka gussa mujhpe..??
how dare u mr. sadu.. himmat kaise hui tumhari.. u know.. how i felt at tat time.. when u shouted at me in ur office..
i to came for u only na.. n yes i m not any of ur employee that i will knock before comming in.. i m ur FRIEND.. u remember.. u proposed me being ur best friend n i agreed.
How can u?? (again hitting him, this time harder)
jao.. i wont talk to u.. u shouted at me..(turning her face away from me)
i mummembled under my breath ‘mar gaye’
my syappa queen snapped out suddenly at me..

swara- kuch kha??

i was like nothing..

n she again turned her face..

i again mumbled..’ haye!! ter issi ada pe to hum marte h’
She again faced me n raised her eyebrow asking what i was mummering..

I again said sorry cutely holding my ears in the middle of road..

what!! can u imagine.. one of the best business tycoon asking sorry from her LIFE in the middle of road..
but she being syappa queen .. how can she easily forgive me without showing any tantrums..??

Now i have to do something special for her.. but i like to do special things for her..

She again showed her tantrums n said “i need time to think whether to forgive u for this or not” saying this she left in auto..

i m standing her rubbing my hairs thinking.. whether she will forgive me for my BIGGEST MISTAKE…
i signed avoiding the thought n thinking to plan for the mistake which i have done by shouting at her..
huh!!.. (signed n left back for office)

hello frnds.. how the episode??
what u think who can SHE be??
why was he so angry seeing someone??
now what will he do to ask forgiveness from her syappa queen?

Hey friends.. actually i wanted to know how can i change the name of my fiction.. i m not getting it.. i tried in last episode but it didnt work.. plz explain, if anybody can..

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