SwaSan : Who Am I ( Chapter 5 )

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Sorrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! After a long tym m posting ss.. so let's not waste time..

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Chapter 4

Remaining night went in silence.. Nothing happened after dat incident. Sanky, RagLak were awake all night.. It was IMPOSSIBLE to sleep.. Which things they had heard till now, they had seen through movies till now, those things were happened in REAL infront of them.. After pinching themselves also they were not able to believe its not a bad dream.. Its a BITTER TRUTH..

In morning, Sunrays came inside the room through window but there were no more freshness.. Everything was so dull..

Swara was still sleeping.. Her face was looking all pale, dull and tired.. She was burning with high fever.. But only difference was dat now all knew the reason behind her fever.. But poor swara didn't know anything about it. All decided not to tell swara about this..

Sanky was sitting beside swara and keepinng cold water strips on her forehead. He was holding her hand with his another hand.. RagLak looked at Sanky.. They got up and opened the door.. Outside camera was still on in recording mode.. Lucky switched off camera and came inside.. He gestured Ragini something and she nodded..

Ragini : Sanky.. You go and get freshen up. Till then I'll sit here with swara..

Sanky : No Ragini.. its ok.. I'll go later..

Ragini : Go Sanky.. Ansh will also get up now.. And u hv to handle him too.. u knw him na? So go.. I'll sit here with swara..

Sanky : Okay.. ( saying this he got up frm his sit, pecked swara's forehead and left.. )

Sanky got freshen up.. While going towards his room, Lucky called him..

Lucky : Sanky..

Sanky : ( stopped and looked back ) Ha Lucky?

Lucky : Come here, I wanna show you something..

Sanky goes with him.. Both settled down in hall.. Lucky rewind the camera and played recording. Camera was showing timing.. first all time there was only darkness n silence.. Now the time wen that incident happened started to cm close and both SanLak started seeing it keenly.. Finally the time came.. After some time that skidding voice started to come again.. But there was no one can be seen on screen. Later that voice went away and there they heard a furiful scream and again that skidding voice started to cm and get stopped.

After few seconds, 1 shadow was seen.. It was going towards room hurriedly.. Nearly of humans's shape, having blue, yellow, red, green coloured border… That shadow cm and got vanished in sm seconds..

After dat scene both remembered that incidents and shivered in fear..

Lucky switched off the camera and both took a long deep breath..

Sanky : ( worried ) Now what should we do, Lucky?

Lucky : ( sighs ) I wish I know…

Sanky : I think we shouldn't waste more time here.. We saw yesterday which we shdnt. Now y to taste poison by staying here? It's clear that Swara's life is in danger bt that doesn't mean that we are safe.. Before something more dangerous happen,  we shd leave..

Lucky : yes.. that is true.. Bt how can we say that everything will get fine after leaving this house? The one who's haunted Swara how cm he/she'll take her away from here? What if our this step leads swara to grave danger? It can cost her life Sankyy…

Sanky : ( closing his eyes tightly ) Then what? What shd we do? I can't sit here calmly seeing all this and most importantly seeing shona in pain.. Please yarr Lucky.. do something..

Lucky : ( after thinking smthng ) You hv Laptop and net connection, ryt? Let's try Google then.. What's say?

Sanky : R u serious Lucky? Google? How can these things we'll get on google?

Lucky : Arey u jst try na dude.. If we get smthng then it will be beneficial for us only na? Go go… bring ur lappy n netcard..

Sanky went and come back after taking lappy n netcard. He connected it to lappy.

Sanky : Hmm say now.. What should I write or search?

Lucky : umm.. Search.. ' How to scare ghosts? ' or ' How to get rid of ghosts? '

Sanky : R u sure?

Lucky : Haa baba.. M not joking.. look, if we r getting any info..

Sanky searched as Lucky said and in some time various website names come on google showing results. Sanky was surprised.

Sanky : Amazing Yarr Lucky.. This google is really interesting..

They started to search a ways to scare ghosts.. wen they were reading suddenly they stopped at 1 gimmick.

Sanky : Lucky,  see wat they had written here.. Garlic! They suggested Garlic!

Lucky : That means Ramu kaka was ryt..

Sanky : But if this is truth, then why this happened yesterday nyt? Bcz there were so much garlic in that room na?

Lucky : Yes, but see na.. We don't know wen they kept that garlics there.. 30 or 40 yrs back? May be its power got reduced.. bcz of long time?

Sanky : Hmm.. That's also right.. leave it, let's see ahead..

Both started seeing again..

Sanky : look here.. Salt! Salt is suggested.

Lucky : Salt? Bt what reason they gave?

Sanky : Salt is made from earth, water, wind and sunlight that means its one kind of fire! And all five means fire, water, wind, sun and earth are sacred things. And salt is made by them. So if we lined border with it then ghosts can't cross it..

Lucky : Hmm.. We donno its true or not bt its quite acceptable..

Sanky : Yeah.. and we hv salt also..

Sanky started reading ahead bt both got disturbed by hearing noises of gate.. SanLak got confused and went outside to see.

One figure was standing there still. Both looked at each other.. and then kept looking at gate..

That figure opened Bunglow's gate and started coming towards them slowly slowly. Wen that figure cm near to them both could see his face. SanLak both whispered in shock..

SanLak : Ramu kaka?????????????

Precap : Revelation about Ramu Kaka's disappearance.


Hey guys
I knw epi is borig and short..
M sorry..
Bt next epi will be long n shocking..
So stay tunned.

And about IWL and BIHTK, now m gonna post IWL regularly coz m gonna finish it.. So BIHTK readers, plz wait fr its update.. and yeah, I’ll post forever ts last shot very soon..

Love u all.. ???

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