Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-3)

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Hey guys thanks for your comments and support….how are you all?Hope u r doing good
Let back to story

Swarag reaches to ragini’s flat. Ragini shows swara her room. Swara room was simple with a balcony opposite to entrance, a wardrobe to one side of wall, a bathroom accompanied with dressing room, it is a room with basic necessities, swara felt contented seeing her room, she unpack her luggage and goes to fresh up, after freshen up she came out of room to take a glance of ragini, here ragini is busy doing marshal acts, actually she is cooking 😛
Swara: ragini wat r u doing?
Rag: cooking for dinner… 🙂
Swara: let me help u… 🙂
Rag: no need swara, I’ll manage
Swara: hello I am also living here, so stop treating me as a guest, give me that veggies I’ll chop them
Rag: ok meri maa here (smiles)
Swara: what r you planning to cook now ?
Rag: dal and roti, is that ok for u?
Swara: haan, Its better

Just then swara phone rings, sumi is calling her, she excuses and goes to talk
Swara: hii mom, wats up?
Sumi: hello,beta…how is Kolkata? Did u get adjusted there?
Where r u staying now? Did u searched any accommodation there?
Swara:mom hold on, take breath I’ll answer your questions, haa mom Kolkata is very nice I like no loved it, I found accommodation ma, sharing flat with ragini my colleague
Sumi: acha beta good….how was ur firat day at office?
Swara: its wonderful ma, u won’t believe maa my hero is my boss…. I finally met him maa….i am so happy
Sumi: ohh that great news beta, atlast u met him, I know how much u tried to meet him, so happy?
Swara:happy..? ohh god I can’t stand on floor mom…. 🙂
Sumi: acha, wat’s ur hero name?
Swara: Sanskar….Sanskar Maheswari maa
Sumi: ok take care beta…will call u later…haa don’t skip ur meals ok
Swara: ok mom,love you
Sumi: love you beta 🙂

After call swara comes to dining area where ragini is arranging table,
Ragini: come swara have food.
Swara: yeah thank you.
They started eating chit-chatting some normal stuff, after dinner
Swara: food is amazing dear…I liked it
Ragini: thank you dear 🙂
Swara: pleased to say jiju is lucky…(*winks)
Ragini: jiju..?(confused)
Swara: haan ur would to be
Ragini blushes
Ragini: haan swara he is lucky only as he is going to marry me na :P….his name also lucky
Swara: ohh ur marriage is fixed…but with whom?
Ragini: with laksh my childhood friend,we are in relationship from 5 years, last year our parents approved our love.
Swara: ohh congrats ragini(hugs her)
Ragini: thank you….waise did you have anyone in ur life?
Swara: no yaar, I am single
Ragini: ohho,then arranged marriage?

Swara: obviously dear
Ragini: don’t you want to choose ur life important person?
Swara: my parents are there to choose me na…they always give me best so I leave this matter to them,they know wat is good or bad for me na.
Ragini: yeah,what if u love somebody?
Swara: I think I can’t love anyone,love is not my cup of tea moreover I don’t want to hurt my parents I want them to take my life important decision, whatever they take whomever they say I agree for them, even if I love someone I hide my feelings to myself. I don’t want anyone to hurt because of me. .. 🙂
Ragini: wow…u r great daughter dear…I am proud to be ur friend 
Swara: enough yaar they are great parents…so when u r going to introduce my jiju ? *winks
Ragini bluses

Swara : ohho, someone is blusing..
Ragini: chup yaar, will make u meet him soon
While they r chatting, ragini phone rings, seeing it ragini smiles brightly
Swara: (teasingly) ohho jiju na…carry on… Goodnight
Ragini:Goodnight dear 🙂
Swara goes to her room,she lays on her bed,she remembers today’s incidents soon her thoughts halted at sanskar…a small curve appears on her lips, she sleeps thinking about him…a satisfactory smile is playing on her face.
On other hand, sanskar is shown doing some work in his lappy, it is better to say thinking rather than working…your guess is right guys he is lost in swara’s thought. He can’t concentrate on his work, frustrated closed his lappy and lay down on bed but sleep is far away from his eyes…. He went towards balcony and see moon is shining with glory.

Sanskar pov
“What happened to me,why I am unable to concentrate on anywork, why she is coming in my thoughts, after kavitha demise I made myself strong and become unaffected to emotions but why today I am thinking about her, her smile, her charm why her everything is affecting me, moreover I didn’t felt this feeling about kavitha but then why seeing swara I lost my senses, noo this can’t happen I know I still love kavitha, Is my love for kavitha true..? Arghhhh I can’t understand anything (such a dumb head… right) go sanskar…go and sleep, don’t waste your time… “
Sanskar pov ends
(Guys don’t think about kavitha,u can get to know about her in coming episodes so don’t confuse, just flow with story)
Sanskar finally slept after lots of turning and tossing,he has a disturbed sleep,in his sleep he had a dream, in his dream

“He back hugged a woman, such that his both hands on her waist with her hands above his holding him and his chin resting on her shoulder and they are standing in wet sand at bank of ocean, occasionally waves are touching their feet, they are feeling each other warmth, with lots of stars twinkling above them and moon is shinning with its own charm in sky, a camp fire is burning at some distance, a gust of wind is blowing making their hair floats, her face is covered with her hair, sanskar removed her hair to see her face…but ALAS….a loud ring of his phone alarm breaks his dream…..he get up with a thud.”
Sanskar (himself) : why from past few days this dream is disturbing me, who is she that I am hugging? Why can’t I see her face? Is she kavitha ? No she is not kavitha….then who is she…? .God please save me before I become mad….(looks up to sky)
He sighs….and get up from his bed to proceed for his daily responsibilities. He comes down to breakfast, took blessings from his parents, and greeted his siblings.
Ap: sanskar,y u look disturbed today?are you not feeling well?
Sanskar : no mom, nothing like that.
Uttara: what nothing bhai, see ur eyes are red, didn’t u sleep properly?
Laksh: is anything bothering u sanky, take rest na,u seems tired.
Sanskar: no bhai, nothing uttu I am fine, jst work load.
Dp: are u sure
Sanskar: haan dad,I am all fine.
Dp: ok then take care.
Sanky nods his head
Soon everyone departs for their work.

Af office , sanskar deeply engrossed in his office work, he is reading some file, at that time swara knocks his cabin door.
Sanskar: yes,come in
Swara: Good morning sir (smiles)
Sanskar again lost in her smile, she is wearing a formal suit,with a polite smile plastered on her face….she is looking Dignified.
Sanskar:Good morning Ms Gadodia 🙂
Swara: sir, I want your sign on this file to continue work (hands him a file)
Sanskar reads and signs on file and gave back to her
Swara: thank you sir.. 🙂
Swara turn to go but trips her leg and falls on sanskar, both had an cute eyelock….sanskar dazzled seeing her big doe eyes while she is starring his deep brown eyes without blinking .both were lost in each other eyes.

While destiny is watching them with wide eyes having popcorn in one hand and chocolate in another hand.

Precap: some swasan moments ,swalak meeting.

Sorry guys for less swasan scenes, I promise to give more swasan scenes In next update.
So keep waiting…..shower me with ur comments guys and also with suggestions. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Anniya

    It was awesome part and pervious parts were also amazing
    but yeah too short. It’s kk next time write big part…

    1. Alku

      Tq titi?
      Will try to give bigger parts ☺

  2. Rabia

    Awesomeeee alkuuu and i alsoo want chocooo (puuppy face) ?????

    1. Rabia

      And yaaa beating with bambu stick cancel ???

      1. Alku

        Rabia dii will send u choki ?
        Tq di for canceling my beating ??
        Thanks much di ☺

  3. Superb

    1. Alku

      Tq so much ☺

  4. Just loved it dear

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      Tq febi ?

  5. Nagamanasa

    Awesome Alku..

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      Tq manu ?

  6. Swarmayi

    Woww alku.
    Amazing part…
    I’m also hvinh popcorn n choco in my hand..
    N dare not to say it boring..
    I loved it..
    Post next soon..

    1. Alku

      Awww shalu tq ??
      Will post nxt part soon dear ☺
      Okk i won’t again dear ☺

  7. KrsytleS

    Awsm Dr….
    Loved IT…??
    sanskar its too short but amazing too?????
    Waiting for next part

    1. Alku

      Tq dear ?
      Will post nxt part soon☺

  8. Vyshu10

    haye…sanky mesmerized by swara?? Superb ep. Is kav dead or alive?

    1. Alku

      Tq vyshu dii ??
      Kavitha is dead di ?

  9. SNY

    Amazing Alkuuuuu….
    SwaSan scn r so cuteeee…
    Nxt one soon dr….

    1. Alku

      Tq yazzzz ?
      Surely will post soon dear?

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  11. Simi

    Superb.. ??
    Precap seems interesting ?

    1. Alku

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  13. Arshaanya

    Nyc chappy..
    W8ng for swasan scenes

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  14. Abirsha

    Awesome alku loved it

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  17. Kakali

    Alkuuuuuuuuuuuu Diii,,,, *faint
    4 seconds leap ::
    back to sense ::
    -Destiny Choco n Popcorn…*wide eyes..
    -SwaSan eyelock…*melting heart..
    -Precap….. Ready for my SwaSan..
    Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Alku

      Haha kaku will update you soon dear thank you???

  18. Niku

    It’s awesome….not only destiny I m also watching as well as reading them too with a hot coffee mug….???

    1. Alku

      Hahaha niku hot hot coffee in cool weather such a great combo thank you??

  19. Radhika..

    Awesome part di and swasan lost in each other dreams maybe soon the love track strats……… U explain the scenes very well di…..
    Swarag bond is so beautiful in less time like sisters……. And the teasing part….. And destinybalone eat everything…. Bad habbit…. Sharing is caring destiny…..love u di love the story and part????

    1. Alku

      Thank you so much Radhu……dont worry next will share with u nd rabia di????

  20. Zelena81196

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