Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-2)

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Hello Guys how r u all?
Thank you all for your support and encouragement guys. Hope you like this part also.
So let’s move to story.

Swara reaches Kolkata, she resides in hotel, got freshen up and starts her journey towards her destination. She reaches her office and went towards to reception.
Receptionist: Good morning ma’am, how can I help u?
Swara: Good morning, I came to report here (shows her appointment letter)
Receptionist: ok ma’am, sir went to client meeting, can you wait for some time?
Swara: sure, thank you 🙂
While waiting she walks outside of office, there she hears a crying voice, she followed that voice and saw a small child crying, she went near him and sit on knee
Swara: (concerned) baby, why r u crying?
Child: (crying voice) my l..eg is pain..ing (point towards his knee which is bleeding)
Swara: oh don’t cry, let me see (she cleaned wound and aided)
After aiding she see’s boy who is still crying,
Swara: why r u crying champ, is it paining still…
child :(shook his head as no, in childish voice)my cho..kie (points to chocolate on ground)
Swara: oh baby, don’t worry here take this (gave him a chocolate)
Child: (happily smiles) thank you dii (kisses her)
Swara: awww, cute pie (pull his cheeks)
All this is witnessed by sanskar who came few minutes ago…he is mesmerized seeing swara, but soon composes himself and goes to his office cabin.
Swara came back into office, waits for his arrival
Receptionist: ma’am, sir asked u to come to his chamber. (Gives direction to his cabin)
Swara: ok thank you
Swara goes to his cabin and knocks the door
Sanskar: yes, come in
Here comes most awaiting moment that is SWASAN meeting.
So destiny plays it cards by making them meet, now let’s see what next move destiny takes to make them together.

Soon after entering, both become shocked seeing each other,soon sanskar composes,
Swara: (Excitedly) HERO… (But composing herself, hell embarrassed)
Swara: Good morning sir 🙂
Sanskar was shocked and confused hearing, but sensing her embarrassment, he behaves in a formal way
Sanskar: Good morning Ms Gadodia…plz take your seat
Swara: Thank you sir
Sanskar: Hero…who is your hero here…? Wait…u called me hero…but why…do u know me? But how…? (confused)
Swara: Actually Hero err.. Sorry sir , do u remember saving a girl from a gang of eve teasers in Mumbai 3 years back?
Sanskar thinks a while and nod his head .
Swara: when u r beating them I am there only,
Fb starts
3 years back one fine evening in mumbai,sanskar is driving car on lonely road, at that time he see a group of drunkard men teasing one girl, he parked his car on side and started beating them black and blue ,at that time a girl came on scooty to first girl who is fainted due to fear, so second girl ran to fetch water, at that time a huge crowd collected due to commotion, the boy who saved girl went away after making sure she is fine and safe, as he has important meeting to attend, the second girl who went to bring water came bak only to find him leave…. 🙁
Fb ends.
So girl who came on scooty is Swara and first girl is her friend kriya and the boy who saved kriya is none other than our hero sanskar.
Actually Swara searched for him for long, but of no use, after some days she went to Canada to pursue higher education, she named him as Hero as she don’t know his name….she literally dreams to meet him.
(guys don’t confuse, she admires him for his good deed and timely help, but not loves him…)

Sanskar feels happy that she knows about him…he smiles lost in thoughts
Swara: Her…oops…Sir…
Sanskar: So u r that scooty girl, right?
Swara: yes sir 🙂 , u know how much I searched for u (pouts)
Sanskar: searched for me…? But why…?
Swara: to thank you and also to appreciate you ,although she is unknown to you…u helped her without thinking.
Sanskar: it’s not a big issue anyone can help in that situation 
Swara: no sir,nobody came forward until u started beating them….people always find way to talk great but when comes to act only few people keep their words. And u r one of them 🙂 , at last I got a chance to meet you.
Sanskar: Ms Gadodia, you r going to work with me na so don’t worry u can meet me daily and appreciate me daily what say? (With smile)
Swara: (smiles) sure sir
Sanskar: so u can start ur work today,Ms Bose will help u…are u ok ?
Swara: yes sir… 🙂
Sanskar call ragini on intercom
Sanskar: Ms Bose come to my cabin.
Os:yes sir
Soon there is knock on door
Sanskar: yes come in
Ragini comes into cabin
Sanskar: Ms Gadodia she is Ragini Bose, working as project leader, Ragini she is Ms Swara Gadodia came from canada working as team head,so you two can start ur work today.
Swarag: yes sir
Sanskar: Ms Gadodia feel free to share if any problem 🙂
Swara: sure sir, Thank you sir.(smiles)
Swarag leaves sanskar cabin,
Here sanskar is smiling imagining about swara calling him hero, unknown to himself he lost in swara’s smile, her cute expressions.
Outside cabin
Here swara is happy thinking about sanskar, she is overwhelmed to meet her hero and works in his company, lost in deep thoughts about how she searched for him, when
Ragini: Glad to meet u 🙂
Swara: Glad to meet u,i am Swara Gadodia
Ragini: Ragini Bose (both shakes hands)
Ragini introduces Swara to everyone in office, all receives swara and swara also greets back
Soon both immersed deeply into their works,times passes and now evening time
Both become good friends by this time,
Ragini: so swara where r u living..i mean ur house
Swara: presently in hotel, have to search for accommodation
Ragini: y can’t u come to my flat,u can live with me there,if u don’t mind?
Swara: are u sure?
Ragini: haan swara,i am living there single,so no problem,we share our flat come na…
Swara: ok sure thank you
Soon both leave in ragini car to their flat by picking swara luggage from hotel
Precap: swarag in their flat, sanskar pov.

So, Guys hope u likes it….positive and negative comments are acceptable. Even suggestions
are accepted thanks for your encouragement…I try maximum to cope up your expectations

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  1. Mica

    uugghh! you knew so well SWASAN MEETING is always the most awaiting moment 😀

    1. Alku

      yeah it’s a best moment mica… 🙂
      we swasan fans literally die for that moment right…:)

    1. Alku

      thank you krsytles 🙂

  2. Awesome dear

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      thanks much dear 🙂

  3. Rabia

    Ooo woww alkuu awesome ??

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      rabia dii….thanks 🙂

  4. Kakali

    Wawwww !! love it sooo much dii..,, sorry i can’t comment more since m to busy too imagine n adore my SWASAN… !! it’s cuteeeee..*hug uu !!
    continue soon.. !! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Alku

      kaku…even am busy adoring them…forgaot to write next part…but jst now wake up from swasan trance… will give next part soon….thank you dear…:) 🙂 🙂 (*hug you)

  5. Awesome

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      swasan thank you 🙂

    1. Alku

      tq… 🙂

  6. Abirsha

    Awesome alku loved it….?

    1. Alku

      shannnn diii thank you…..:) 🙂

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    Loved it

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  9. Nagamanasa

    Awesome alku..really swasan meeting is the most awaiting one…loved it…

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      hehe manu…u made me blush…tq…. 🙂 😛

  10. amazing

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  12. SNY

    Amazing Alku dr….
    Nxt one soon…

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  13. Swarmayi

    Loved it so much dear..

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      shaluuu thank you dear… 🙂

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  15. Super amazing

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      thank you 🙂

    1. Alku

      thank you so much 🙂 🙂

  16. Vyshu10

    Awesome…loved swasan meeting….so cute. Update soon Alu

    1. Alku

      vyshu akka…thank you much…will post soon 🙂 🙂

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