Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-15)

Guys as said in promo few episodes are based on swasan cute moments amidst of raglak marriage celebrations. Main story start after some episodes.so continues with flow.
And thanks for my darling devil ANNI (Anniya s) for songs. <3 <3
Thank you for your comments on previous parts guys.

Next day morning in MB mansion
There is a lot of hustle bustle going on because next day is raglak engagement and from now on start of all celebrations up to their marriage day with one by one rituals. All ladies of house along with our youngsters Swaragutt getting ready for shopping, and men are scattered in different directions sitting under bed, table 😛 hiding from their ladies because for women it’s shopping and for men it’s like INSTESTINE OF DEVIL 😛 😀

At last all ladies get hold of their husband and drag them to their shopping after all someone is there to hold their shopping bags na 😛 (poor fellows cursing author that is me for giving shopping track) our prince Sanskar he himself offers to come for his princess (so cute na *dreamingly), our ragini as usual blackmailed laksh that she will stop engagement so for which he follows ragini like a lost puppy. After shopping all came back to home at evening uff completed their shopping all are damn tired ladies for selecting different things and gents for holding big weight of bags 😛

On engagement day whole preparations are going on, today evening is engagement function, sanlak and ragini cousins also came for event, as we all know during celebrations we youngstars interested to perform our talents so like that all this people divided like girls vs boys group and started quarrelling (funny wala), raglak who are irritated with their fighting calm them and said something which is accepted by all so our laksh plan is ”instead of fight between girls vs boys,try something new na, why not we compete as pairs in other words couples, so everyone must be paired and each couple have to play against others .so total here 6 boys and 6 girls so you all decide whom you like to be paired”

Again there is some rambling while selecting their partner and one girl named mansi approached Sanskar to be with him as his partner but he is not interested with her,his attention is on swara who is standing uncomfortably among this crack people 😛 so Sanskar made his way to swara and asked her to be his partner extending hand in which she accepts happily (this plan for swasan only great author praising me ) making mansi fumed in anger. so atlast pairs are swara-sanskar (swasan), ragini-laksh(raglak), uttara-nikhil (uttnik),like that total six pairs are formed (so other pairs 3 pairs which is not much important)

Laksh: So guys your first most competition is couple dance at today’s evening party, so get ready for that guys come on disperse.
Sanskar and laksh said cheers to each other and went away to other direction. yes it’s sanlak plan to be with their partners even ragutt also knows about this .in all this our princess is very innocent knowing nothing about their plannings..
So finally evening, DP comes to stage for giving welcome speech : P
DP: good evening guests, thank you for coming and spending your valuable time with us, so today is my elder son laksh maheswari engagement with ragini bose so give your blessings to new couple. thank you enjoy party.

Sanskar came too stage
Sanskar: so guys get ready, let’s welcome my brother cum best friend this evening attraction mr laksh maheswari.
There come our laksh shying like a girl 😛 aww lucky is so cute with his girlish antics. 😀
Sanskar: welcome bhai he takes him and made him sit on crown chair arranged for engagement couple, now welcome my would to be bhabi my childhood friend ms ragini bose
Ragini comes with swara on her side ,both sanlak mesmerized seeing their respective partners, our ragini came like Jhansi ki rani and sat behind shying laksh (uff this laksh na shying like girl and ragu is very daring )
Soon both exchanged rings and all elders go from there talking with guests and seeing dinner arrangements for guests. so now all youngsters are remained here.


Uttnik host today’s entertainment program
Nikhil Malhotra: Handsome, sweet ,caring guy childhood best friend of Sanskar, had crush on uttara, uttara also reciprocate with mutual feelings ,Sanskar knows about this and he like Nikhil for uttara, positive character helps swasan in their love journey, or say helps Sanskar more.

Both Nikhil and Uttara are hosting
Uttara: so on this special day let our first performance from special couple
Nikhil: mr laksh and mrs would be laksh, please welcome them by giving big clap
Both raglak smiles ragini extends her hand for laksh asking him to come, our laksh is shying nodding no to her and drawing patterns on floor with his leg, all laugh seeing his antics ragini slaps her forehead and drags him to dance floor.

Raglak starts dancing for song pehli dafa song

(Dil kahe kahaniyan
Pehli Dafa
Armano Me ramaniyan
Pehli Dafa..

Ho gya begana
Mai hosh se pehle
pehli dafa………..)

Raglak completed their dance and come back to their seats
Uttara: wow amazing performance so who is next??

Nikhil: let’s welcome our heavenly couple swara –sanskar (swasan)
Sanskar extends hand to swara and swara gives her hand smilingly.
All lights off, flash light focused on swasan, song begins in background
Sanskar one hand on her waist,another entwined with her hand likewise swara one hand on his shoulder

Both looks each other’s eyes and shared a beautiful eye lock, swara is drowned in his dark eyes where there is pure love for her is reflecting. His hand is contact with her bare skin on her waist as she is wearing lehenga. His touch send shivers to her, totally unknown new feelings are raising in her heart.

(Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho… (2)
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho)

they started moving their bodies according to music, both looking in each other eyes loosing themselves irrespective of surroundings.

(Tere Dil Mein Meri Saanson Ko Panaah Mil Jaaye
Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye
Jitne Paas Hain Khushbu Saans Ke
Jitne Paas Hothon Ke Sargam

He twirls her then back hug her,placing his hands on her belly pulling her closer to him,making her shiver

Jaise Saath Hain Karvat Yaad Ke
Jaise Saath Baahon Ke Sangam
Jitne Paas Paas Khwaabon Ke Nazar
Utni Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho)

He twirls her again breaking back hug keeping his hand on her cheek like conveying his feelings to her

(Rone De Aaj Hamko Do Aankhen Sujaane De
Baahon Mein Lene De Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jaane De
Hain Jo Seene Mein Qaid Dariya Woh Choot Jaayega
Hain Itna Dard Ke Tera Daaman Bheeg Jaayega
Jitne Paas Paas Dhadkan Ke Hain Raaz
Jitne Paas Bundon Ke Baadal
Jaise Saath Saath Chanda Ke Hain Raat
Jitne Paas Nainon Ke Kaajal
Jitne Paas Paas Saagar Ke Lehar
Utne Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho)

Both share a romantic eyelock, their lips are about to touch, there is merely 1 inch gap between them

(Adhoori Saans Thi Dhadkan Adhoori Thi Adhooren Hum
Magar Ab Chaand Poora Hain Falak Pe Aur Ab Pooren Hain Ham)

Both lost in each other eyeys, both held mutual feelings for other in their eyes, feeling to be together, feeling to be loved, emotion for their soul mate,
All around them feels happy seeing them together
they about to kiss but gets into reality hearing loud applause .seeing their position both blushes, swara literally runs from stage, whereas Sanskar smilingly gets down.

Our DESTINY is watching our swasan romantic dance with shy smile drinking coconut water in one hand and potato chips in other hand sitting on relaxing chair
Soon all performances finished after dinner all went to their respective rooms.
Swara is reminiscing their dance, her cheeks turned red remembering their incomplete kiss, she wondered about her increasing feelings on him.
Swara pov

What happened to me???Why I am lost in his eyes???Why I feel secured in his embrace??Why I want to be in his embrace??ohh god our incomplete kiss……this is first time I am feeling like losing to somebody. Is this attraction or love..?? no no not love how can I love him…..huhh what this feeling?? But I can say he is my first feeling (thinking this she smiles).what about him??Is he loves anybody? is anyone there in his life??yup he is in love with somebody (she feels sad thinking this) who is she?? leave it swara stop thinking about him, huhhh go and sleep”

Swara pov end
Thinking this things she slept with a smile on her face.
DESTINY is smiling seeing HER thoughts for HIM, one fourth part succeeded.
Our prince on other side seeing pictures of their dance lovingly, yes their pictures Nikhil secretly takes their photos during their dance

Sanskar pov
Today my dance with my love, being close with her I don’t remember anything, wow she is perfect in every sense, her smile is making me crazy, seeing our pictures I can say we both look cute and perfect together, after all we soul mates na destined to be together, yes she is my soul mate I am waiting for. I can share my everything to her, she is my first true love, yes feeling for kavitha is not love it’s just attraction or may be something but feelings for my swara is pure and new something not there for anybody and only for her. yes swara is my first and last love”

Sanskar pov ends
DESTINY is agreeing to Sanskar pov
So PRINCE starts his mission of wooing his PRINCESS. let’s see how he succeeds
Guys I am bad at describing dance so I gave small steps, and my most concentration is on swasan so less screen space for raglak if anyone feels bad about this, sorry guys but please understand this is swasan ff

Sorry if this is boring part.
Thank you..

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