Swasan- Beauty & Beast (episode-17)

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Part -17
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Episode 16
Sorry for late and also for this chp bec its very bad . I write in just 15 min plzzzzzz forgive my mistakes and I come back after my exams with bang .
Swara numb with these words ……….. Is this her Sanskar … Who always do tricks to make her laugh ??? tears flowing from Swara eyes
She remember how Sanskar regularly give her chocolate and flower but now this Sanskar ……….
Her thought disturbed by Sanskar .
Sanskar come close to her and says Dont cry jaan varna urs eye make become messy .

Sanskar :- go and serve drinks to my all guest (smiles evilly)
but swara didn’t move from her place .Sanskar push her and loudly says ‘serve ‘
Swara shocked and starts serving
She serves blue berry to guest
Guest 1:- aah thanks Darling !!!! Plzzz serve hot also ??
Swara just nodded

Sanskar sit on the chair and evilly sees all
Sanskar :-???? Swara goddia …. I only marry u for my kavita …….. But aaahhhhh !!! No doubt u look s*xy in sareee ….I surely try u baby

Otherside guest make fun of swara ladies keep taunting by touching necklace
Lady one :- by touching necklace ………… is this real ???? Huhhh who gifted u ???
Other Lady :- off course Sanskar beta give her heheee may be as pleasuring gift ???

Swara closes her eyes ,she can’t believe how ladies are sooo cheap and her luck also .

Dadi entered in party and Ap greets her personally
Both go in first floor soo that they clearly see Swara conditions

At first floor

Ap :- hahaaa I promise u naaa I make her life hell ??
Dadi :- Ji Anpurna Ji only because of urs words I agree for swasan marriage .

Ap sees swasan in park . she call Rajiv (her Frnd ) and told him to collect info about that girl family (she click pic and send )
Later she knows her name and family .she do lots of inquiry about Swara but she didn’t get to know that she is educated or doing study because her name is registered in CLG and school is SHONA

She feel immense happy after knowing that Sanky love An uneducated girl bec uneducated girl can’t know her intension (as her thinking )
After that she meet dadi
Firstly dadi refused bec she thought how Swara go in Rich house but Ap tells her ,she make her life hell .
After convincing Dadi agree for marriage and both shakes hand .

************end of flashback ***********

Guest :- plzzz show urs hot dance naaa
Swara:- (with teary eyes) I’m servant not dancer
Guest :- ohhh”!! Gutsss ??? then okkk serve me drink from urs mouth ???
Excuse meee !!!!! Plzzzzz excuse meeee
With this she ran outside
Ap indicates that guest and he also go behind

Dadi :- Anpurna Ji thankuu sooo much
Ap:- hahaaa come I arrange special dinner for us in room
With this both go in Ap rooom

Other side Sanskar feel uneasy as time of drugs about to end .He feels like vomiting so he go to washroom

Other side

Rahul(guest) :- come onn Swara jaaan serve urself
swara :- go inside Mr Dont cross ur limits .
Rahul:- u r like wild catttttt aahhhh

Swara remembers Sanskar always called her wild cat on bed .

Rahul come and pull her pallu .Swara shocked and give tight slap to Rahul
And that’s for Rahul he pulls swara and starts giving peck on her neck swara resist but no one listen .
Other side Sanskar listen some words and he also go outside after seeing Sanskar Rahul runaway .
Swara sees her with teary eyes and Sanskar shocked and hug swara tightly
Sanskar :- swaraaaaaaaaaaa r u okkkkkk
Swara:- Dont touch me Sanskar and Dont call my name from urs mouth
Sanskar shocked :- swara y r u behaving like this
Kya Maine kuch khaaaa tumhe …… Swaraaaaaaa boloooo naaa
Swara:- seeing Sanskar with teary eyes

To be continueeeeee…………..

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  1. Omg…abb swara kya karegi ….

  2. It’s awesome dear. Yesterday only I read all parts . All the best for your exams!?

  3. Finally….. The part is awesome…. Please update soon n regularly

  4. Astra

    ????too much torture to swara and why sanky changed suddenly….. and ur so soooo late….. I thought u stopped this ff…but glad ur back

    1. Piyu

      Abhi real torture hogga actually I was busy in my other stories and in my exams also
      Thankuuuuu soooo much for urs love

  5. nice..all d best for ur exams..tc..

  6. nice update soon…

  7. Mahavir

    awesome piyu….

  8. Vyshu10


  9. Mica

    hiks,,, poor Swaraa.. those Dadi and Ap…. huh! i want to chop chop them…

  10. Piyu


  11. God so short yaar

  12. omg……….. pls post little long update…

  13. NDSG

    My poor sanky don’t know… What that evil.. Ap ???? is too much…????

    My poor shona

  14. Soujanya


  15. Arshaanya

    Not liking dis sanskar…
    Feeling so bad for swara

  16. After so long u posted… pls somehow reveal that sanskar has dual personality to swara… really waiting for some swasan romance… n waiting for swara to punish t culprits…

  17. Rekha

    Good ?

  18. Fabulous

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