Swasan arrange marriage by Fatima (part-21) Wedding day part-1

“When two people are meant to be together then no forces of earth can separate then,not even they”

Sanskar’s pov

The night is really so freaking irritating! I’m not getting sleep.Each passing moment is making me restless.Tomorrow I’ll be married this thought is making me so restless.Lots of questions are running in my mind,how swara got ready for this marriage,I mean I’m doing is right or wrong with her.

What is wrong with me I questioned to myself and running my hand through my hairs several times.I kept my head on back of the chair and closed my eyes trying to rationalise my mind. I was trying calm myself then again

My mind started replaying Swara’s gorgeous and beautiful face,her big hazel eyes which held so much emotions,her angry pout,everything making me restless.I don’t why but I’m just marrying her for revenge or nothing else.

At last I gave my all thoughts and made up my mind to accept the fact because from past an hour I’m roaming here and there in my room.

I need go out from this room,I opened the door when I saw Ritik standing there smiling.I’m so happy finally he came.

“Sanskar” he said while showing his hand.I smiled and went towards him to hug.

“Now you got time to meet your buddy.” I said while turned other side giving him fake anger listening this he chuckled and I controlled my smile.

“Oh! Buddy I’m really sorry Sanskar you know I missed you like hell but I’m also angry with you…..you didn’t even inform me about your marriage.” He said looking at me angrily.

Swara didn’t tell him anything about marriage thank for or else he would killed me for sure.

“It’s a very long story and I’m happy that finally you are here.” I said hugged him so tightly,he also responded.

“So Buddy how you got in love with my princess,I remembered someone saying that I’ll never marry and will never fell in love in my dream also.” He teased me and I just gave him my fake smile.

“No need to gave me your fake smile,I have something to show you.” He said and I got curious.

“What! show me” I asked looking at his hands but found nothing seeing this my best friend started laughing and I got annoyed.

“Just get out from here Ritik and no need to laugh like a mad.” I angrily shouted,He came towards me and suppressed his laugh.

“Cool down! Cool down! buddy,I was teasing you,I came here to show you something.Don’t you want to see.”He said raising his eyebrows.

What he want to show me this time!

“So what you want to show me” I asked uninterested but in mind I was really so curious to know.His smile was growing wide as if he won a battle or football match when I realised that he were holding is mobile showing a photo of swara,seeing this my eyes got fixed on that photo.

She is looking so pretty,her brown big hazel eyes are showing so much happiness and desire and the way she looking from that photo.It’s looking like she is looking at me.

My eyes widened as Ansh snatched mobile from Ritik and run in my bedroom teasing me.

“Bhai! Enjoy Enjoy one more day without Bhabhi! But tonight you won’t even have photos”He said in a teasing tone.

As I was seeing this all teasing session like blind and numb person.I listened laughing voices of Ritik and Ansh.I angrily glare them but they started more laughing more loudly.

“Hahahaha Hahahaha very funny,now you both will shut your mouth or else you guys need something”I said irritated and they both stopped laughing seeing my irritated face but soon They again started laughing clutching their stomach.I grabbed some pillows and cushions from my bed and started throwing on them as fast as I can do.

After sometime they also started throwing pillows on me and I chuckled that they teamed for teasing me.This was the last night for this room to called mine after tomorrow I have to share with Swara.So Sanskar enjoy much as you can today because from tomorrow she is going to share this room with you.

Swara’s pov

“Swara! Oh my god! You are looking so stunning.You…..You are looking just so beautiful” Sneha said looked at me with a amazed look.

“Thank you Sneha” I said while smiling.

“Swara I’m sure Sanskar would not able to take his eye from you” she said teasingly.I chuckled seeing her expression.

I stood in the middle of my room caressing the fabric of my bridal attire which was chosen by mother in law a smile crept on my lips remembering that day.I turned to see my reflection in the mirror my eyes widened when I saw my reflection in mirror.I was perfectly dressed in red lehanga which was embroidered with golden and red work.I’m pretty sure that my mother in law is so stylish and classy.

I’m looking perfect bride which adored by light makeup and jewellery and right now I felt bride feeling.I saw Meera and Sneha staring me in the mirror too.

(Swara’s Bridal attire)

“Isn’t it looking stunning Di” Meera said in a joyous voice which echoed in my ears and I turned to see my sister,she is holding a big box of jewellery.Her eyes are shining brightly like a star.

She was wearing a beautiful royal blue coloured silk lehanga,which is perfectly fitted in her slim body.Her velvet crop top was embroidered with golden thread work.Her curled hairs were open.she had applied very minimal makeup.She is just so beautiful.

(Meera’s lehanga)

“You are looking so beautiful Meera” I said smiling then she embraced me so tightly and I too responded then Sneha also joined us.

“Di I’m so happy and I’m pretty sure that you’ll going to enjoy your Married life so beautiful” she said while patting from us.I smiled seeing her glowing face and then I sat on the bed,started examining my dark mehandi filled hands with a smile.

“Di see your hubby loves you so much that’s why your mehandi coloured darken this much right Sneha Di”She said while looking at Sneha,she nodded her.

“Shut up you both” I said tried to hide my blushed cheeks.

“Well you looking more beautiful while blushing” Sneha teased and give a hifi to Meera after they both started laughing as they both couldn’t be any more funnier than this.I gave them an annoyed look.I crossed my arms over my chest and cribbed.

“What is there to laugh? I asked irritated I’m here worried how will I walk in this dress and you both are laughing like mad peoples” I said angrily looking at them.

Before they could reply,we heard a shrilling teasing voice “no need to worry princess,my buddy is absolutely so strong.He’ll carry you throughout.So don’t worry about the dress princess” Choco pie said while entering in the room.

Now you are also teamed up with them Choco pie for teasing me.These two Devils were less that you also joined them I thought in mind.

“Stopped you all teasing my daughter,you three devils” mom said while holding Choco pie and Meera’s ear I chuckled seeing them.

I stood from my place and walked towards mom and hugged her so tightly because today is my last day in this room,in this house.its my last day in my own house.How’ll I’m going to live without them thinking this tears started rolling from my eyes.

Mom patted from me,wiped my tears and kissed my forehead emotionally.I saw Meera,Choco pie and Sneha’s eyes brimmed with tears as I was crying.

“Swara beta no need to cry,see you’ll spoil your beautiful make up because these tears” she said while trying to hold her tears.

“Mom it’s waterproof makeup so no need to worry” Meera said tried to make the scenario funny with her joke.We all chuckled listening her joke.

But inside my heart I was crying because I’m not able to digest that fact I’m really going to marry in just after some hours.Why only girls have to leave their house.Why….Why god! It’s really just not good.I’m so scared from inside how’ll i adjust Sanskar house.

“I know Swara you’ll prove to be the best wife and best daughter in law” mom said and kissed my forehead I blushed hearing the wife word.

“Yeah! I’m totally agree with you Mihi” dad said with teary eyes I just can’t take it more then tears again started flowing from my eyes seeing my parents for the last time.

It’s really not easy for me to stop my tears more because I want to flow them.I’m really feeling scared how’ll I live without my family.I lived my whole 23years of life with them and in just a min I have to leave them because it’s sad truth in every girl’s life.The moment I shared with my family was going to become a memories.Some memories are so sweet which can make you smile even in your bad times.

I wish…I just wish I could do more things for my family that cherish their life more beautiful which I had lost that smile from their face on my bad times.My smile vanished,tears filled up in my eyes and any moment these tears can roll up from my eyes.

“You are looking so beautiful Swara” dad said looking at me with his brimmed eyes.I just embraced him so tightly I just can’t think more to live without them.

My father did everything to make me happy and he loved all of us so much.He always before going to office he came in my room to see a glance of me.How’ll he live without seeing me.He is the best dad in the world and I love him so much.God have given me best gift…my family!.

“Dad I love you so much” I said and again tangled with him.

“I love you too and I just can’t believe that my daughter is going to married! And I just hope you have the most happiest life dear.Always remember that your dad is always there to support till his last breath no matter what happens in your life” he said and kissed my forehead.

“Dad! I just couldn’t say anything to thank him because I’m not able find suitable word to thank him.

Sanskar’s pov

The day has just begun and all the family members are busy in their on work.I was not allowed to enter in my room since morning and Mom told me to get ready in Ansh’s room.

I hade wore a white-crimson sherwani of manish Malhotra that made me look so classy.It is so simple only neck and sleeves has some embroidered work.I looked myself mirror for the last time.I run my hand through hairs to set them perfectly.Now get ready Sanskar for your marriage,only after sometime you’ll be married.

(Sanskar’s sherwani)

After an hour Dad came with mom.Mom is really looking elegant in her pink saree.Dad has wore a simple golden silk sherwani and he had turban on his head.I smiled looking at them,They looked perfect with eachother.

Mom gave the thaal (plate) that had a red designer clothe.Dad picked it up from the plate and hold in his hand.Mom came towards me kissed my forehead and put a black dot behind my ears.

“You are looking so handsome Sanskar” mom said and smiled.Dad gestured me to sit on couch I nodded and sat there.Mom dad stood and then dad started tie a turban using that clothe within 15mins the turban was done.

I went to see my look in mirror mom and dad chuckled.When I was busy looking at mirror Ansh and Kaira came with another small thaal that had a brooch.I turned and smiled seeing them they are looking so adorable.Specially Kaira is looking so happy.

Ansh took that brooch from thaal and came to me and fixed it on my turban perfectly.I smiled looking at everyone.

“Dad let’s go! I think it’ll take us 1 1/2 hours to reach Bhabhi’s house if we go now” Ansh said looking at his wrist watch.

“But it’s already 7:45! I sounded freaked out or say embarrassed to this excited all of a sudden.A month ago I was feeling forced up for this marriage and now suddenly I’m behaving as an impatient child.

Everyone laughed seeing my impatient and I was really so embarrassed,I was trying to avoid the situation by not looking at them.

“Bhai! Wait wait for some more hour after that Bhabhi is going to live in this house only”Ansh teased me.I didn’t did anything because today all are so happy because of this marriage and I really want that smile forever on their faces.I hugged Kaira and Ansh they also responded.

“Bhai you are looking just super handsome! Bhabhi’s eyes will not remove from you today” Kaira said while giving hifi to Ansh.I caught her ears give her now say look,she made a cute pout.I chuckled seeing her cute face.

“Meri pyaari behna!” (My sweet sister) I said and kissed on her forehead.I hope you got all the happiness of life and may this smile never fade from your face.

I sat on the horse which was so beautiful and he is in white colour beautifully decorated.I love horses and specially horse riding is my hobby.In London university I always participated for the riding.Now today if it was not my marriage then I would ride faster.

We were arrived at 8:30! And I could hear all the loud musics and sound of crackers bursting making the arrival oh baraat (Arrival of groom and his family).

Swara’s pov

I just can’t do it.How’ll I live without my family? I don’t want to loose my family please god do something…..some….some miracle.I don’t want to go away from them please god please do something.

Tears were continuously rolling from eyes.I just can’t take it more that I have to leave my whole family.I have never dream about that,I’m not ready to leave my family.I…I want to live with them.From yesterday night my heart is beating faster and I don’t know why but I’m not feeling good.I’m feeling so shattered,I know that every girl have to marry and leave her family.I just can’t do,it’s hurting so much.

How people leave their parents on road or killed them.How…How could they do,here I just can’t live without them.As I was continuously crying someone wiped my tears when I up my face to see.I saw Choco pie crying,his eyes were fluffy and red due to cry.

I hurriedly Hugged him and started crying but my unknown fear was not ready to leave me alone,It’s stick with me like a glue.

“Choco….Choco pie..I..I can’t live without you all,How’ll I leave you all?” I asked

“Shhhhh! Don’t cry princess please!” He said and wiped my tears with his hand.I just blankly stare him.He kissed my forehead and embraced me.

“Princess you know what every girl have to their house because it’s life’s bitter truth and every girl have to accept it.I know my princess is so strong that she’ll do best” he said kissed my forehead again.

I nodded and kissed his cheeks and wiped his tears.My heart is aching remembering everyone’s sad face but I have to do because it’s life reality no one can denied this fact.

“The baraat has reached” Meera said came in running.I gave her a weak smile.

“Di jiju is looking so hot and smart” Meera shouted running towards me hugged me so tightly.Choco pie chuckled seeing her behaviour and I smiled.I’ll miss you I said in my heart and kissed on her cheeks.I looked at Choco pie and Meera last time lovingly because I’m going to miss my house so badly.

Choco pie took a red dupatta which has stone heavy work on it,he took it from the bed and kept on my head I smiled looking at my siblings.I took a final glance of me in mirror for the last time because after sometime I’ll be a wife.

“Come let’s go Di”Meera said.I nodded after that Choco pie and Meera hold me by their each side.

Being going to become Sanskar’s wife,Business tycoon of Delhi and reputed man.My house was filled with media’s and it was beautifully decorated in an Indian style.It’s decorated under the guidance of my siblings.The media was not allowed to our sides.

As we’re walking towards the mandap.I heard lots of hooting and applause.I was already so nervous that time but I become more nervous seeing my nervousness Choco pie held my hand tightly assuring that I’m there.I smiled seeing mom and dad who was waiting for us at the mandap.

I climbed the two steps upto mandap with the help of Meera and Choco pie’s help,I sat down beside Sanskar.He was continuously gazing me with his eyes shining.I smiled seeing him he also responded.

The priest lit up the scared fire once we exchanged our garland’s which was a moment I smiled seeing Sanskar happily bent down his head infront of me.

The priest started chanting the hyms that were binding the two strangers into one bond forever and ever.The time was passing so quickly,my heart was going faster and faster.I clutched my lehanga because of the fast beating of my heart.

“You may tie the knot” the priest said to mom and dad.They both forwarded and both tied the end of my veil and Sanskar’s pink dupatta.It is indicate that now we are united,no one can separate us.It represents the enteral bond comes with marriage as once again the holy hyms filled in the lawn.

Priest call dad for kanyadaan.Dad kept his hand on mine and gave it to Sanskar completing the rituals.kanyadaan is a ritual where father officially gave his daughter to groom,that indicates that I’m now his responsibility.When our hand touched i felt something strange.

After that priest asked us to stood for the rounds.We both stood for taking the rounds,Sanskar stepped a head,started taking the first four rounds while I was walking behind him.All the while my heart is beating faster,the shower of rose petals started showering on us,which indicates that the fragrance of a happy future for us.

“Now bride will step in the front.” The priest said and I came forward after that Sanskar passed me a smile and I smiled too.

“God give me the strength to do the rightful things.”I prayed silently in my heart as I took the last three vows.After the rounds we sat down the opposite directions as it is the time to Sanskar’ll fill my forehead with vermillion.

Sanskar took a pinch of vermillion that Priest offered.My eyes closed when Sanskar filled my forehead with vermillion a lone tear escaped from my eyes.Vermillion is considered as very important to indicates Married status of the women.Now in I’m his only,my name is finally joined with his.I opened my eyes to see him staring at me and then he smiled.After that the hall busted with applauds and cheers.

Now you may tie the mangalsutra! (Black beads necklace)!.

Sanskar’s mom passed the necklace which was a simple diamond pendant supported with black beads making the necklace more beautiful and elegant.

I kept my eyes low,as I felt Sanskar moving closer to me and then swiftly brushing his cold fingers against my neck,he tied it finally make me Mrs.Swara Kapoor!.

Once priest declared us married and the finality of the wedding and then we took blessings from our elders.

Our family cheered “Congratulations to Mr and Mrs.Kapoor!” Then rose petals shower again.I smiled seeing everyone’s face because for me they are more important than my life.for this smile I can go a mile from them.

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