Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-14 & 15)

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..An early update..

I went to Choco pie and shaked him.

“Are you not happy Choco pie” I said while seeing Uncle and Aunty who were sitting on couch and looking at us.

“I’m so happy Princess but Dad said that he is a special meeting so they can’t come with me in India but now they are here that’s why I’m shocked seeing mom and dad here” he said while giving me smile.

I too smiled.

“Actually Ritik beta yeah I had meeting in India not there and I lied to you because we wanted  you to spend your time with Swara” Uncle said while smiling.

“Oh! So that’s the matter Dad so you should tell me about that na” Choco pie complained to Uncle while making a pout.

Well we also came here to attend Swara’s marriage right Dhruv”Aunty said and hugged Choco pie.

Dhruv uncle nodded his head in yes and when I turned to see his reaction he was boiling in anger.

Oh! no god please help now

“Well so can now anyone will tell me whom my princess is going to marry and even I didn’t knew about this thing” he asked while controlling his anger.

“Sanskar Maheshwari the business tycoon of Delhi with whom Uncle meeting was here” Ragu said simply.

Choco pie didn’t said anything  just clutched his fist in anger and went to his room and closed the door with a bang.

What to do now?This marriage is creating a big mess in my life.Oh how to tell everything to Choco pie? He is hell angry with me because I hide a very big topic with him.I never hide anything from him.I thought I’ll escape from this marriage but now it’s created mess.

Suddenly my thoughts of train broke when ragu shout my name in my ear,I angrily glared her.

“What” I asked frustrated looking at Choco pie room’s door.

“Umm…..Di Dad is saying something to you” she said and turned my face towards Dad.I make a pout looking at everyone.

“Now tell me Dad what to do? See Choco pie got angry with me.I’m really scared What’ll be his reaction when I’ll go to his room Dad?” I asked while making faces.

“He is just angry because you didn’t tell him about your marriage.You should tell him and don’t worry his anger will gone soon and he cares for you that’s why he is anger you know him Swara very well” dad said while caressing my hairs.

I nodded but I know he is not going to shout or do something but he’ll not talk to me because of that stupid topic which I hides from him.Everything is happening because of this marriage only.

After that everyone got busy in chit-chattings.I was about to go from there suddenly ragu caught my wrist.

“Di please sit and Han don’t think much about Ritik bhai’s anger,It’ll go soon.Please sit and tell me about the date” she asked excitedly.

“Ragu it was Choco pie’s plan not Sanskar and it was really an unique one apologize” I said and smiled remembering that moments.
But listening this Ragu’s smiled faded.

But why Ragu should be happy na that Choco pie did this for me,Oh so her jealousy is didn’t gone now also hahahaha.She always think that I spent my most time with Choco pie and I love her less than Choco pie hahahaha but it’s really not true.

I laugh thinking this but my smile suddenly faded because thinking about of the Choco pie’s anger.

I have to talk with him and I have to tell him everything.I went to his room and knock but he didn’t open so again I knocked.

“Choco pie it’s me please open the door” I said while knocking.

After listening this he opened the door but didn’t look at me and he goes and sat on the bed.I also goes there and sat behind and unknowingly tears started coming from my eyes.He wipes and hugged me but didn’t said anything.

“Choco pie My marriage was a sudden decision mom and even I was not agree for this marriage and today in morning I was about to say no for this marriage suddenly you came.So I didn’t tell them” I said while looking at him.

“So are you not happy with this marriage?” He asked in shocked.

I really don’t know that I’m happy or not because after recent meeting with Sanskar was so nice but earlier was really bad.Should I say yes to Choco pie.

“Umm…I’m happy Choco pie and Now I don’t want to say no” I said and smiled.

“So tell me about Sanskar and did you meet him or not? If no then definitely I’m going to meet him” he said simply.

“Yeah I met him lots of time Choco pie and I’ll tell you everything” saying this i started telling him everything except the mall incident and my room incident.

When I was talking about Sanskar I unknowingly started smiling thinking about his  

“Oh! Princess are you smiling It means you like him not bad” he said giving me teasing smile.

Are no Choco pie it’s not like that and please you also don’t started like Ragu” I complained and make a pout.

“Ok So princess I’m going to meet Sanskar tomorrow because I didn’t meet him nor talked so how can I give my princess hand to him” he said with a smile.

I’m really feeling so much blessed that I have Choco pie and he is going to meet him then definitely he’ll take some class of that mr arrogant Maheshwari.

I really wanted to tell everything about the mall incident and room incidents but I can’t tell him because he’ll get angry and will do something bad.

Sanskar P.O.V:-

Oh ! God what the hell is happening in my life? Isn’t so much? Sanskar Maheshwari who never cared for girls is now searching a dress for that stupid girl.This is really too much now and Ansh I’ll not leave you.

I’m sitting in my room with my little bro Ansh and searching a dress for Swara for tomorrow’s party.

“Oh! Can’t she afford a dress? Ansh I asked angrily looking at my laptop screen.

“Bhai she can afford but now you have to gift her so just your shut your mouth and concentrate on your work don’t forget that I have your important thing” he said and smiled evilly.

“Oh! Ansh how could you do like this to me Ansh and why are you doing this? You knew I never thought of marrying or about girl” I said while giving him puppy eyes.

“I knew bhai but now everything is changed and you are going to marry and I know you like Bhabhi so that’s why I’m doing.Because I’m your bro so it’s my responsibility do” he said smiled proudly and raise his collars.

Hahahaha my cool bro and his dramatic smile.

So without any further argument I started choosing dress then I saw a red off shoulder gown.I must say it’s really look simple but yet elegant.I clicked to buy button without thinking about the prize.

Suddenly Ansh patted my back and kissed my right cheek.

“Bhai love you” he said and smiled ear to ear.

“Love you too happy give my…….” i was about to say but he intruppted me.

“Not now I’ll give tomorrow because I have lots of work for you and I’ll tell you everything! just wait a min!” he said simply and took my laptop started doing something.

“Oh! Ok” I said simply.

Really let’s see what going to happen tomorrow? Now what I have to do? Really Ansh you are blackmailing me can’t believe but I’ll tell you later when I’ll get my thing my you.  

Suddenly Kaira came and sat beside us.

“Bhai let’s go for dinner mom and dad is waiting for you both at donning table and bhai do your work later” sweetie said and we nodded and goes from there.

Ansh p.o.v:-

“Bro keep here more red roses and there white roses.This table is not looking good here I think you should kept there pointing towards a corner” I said.


I’m so happy that My Plan is working and bhai is doing what I said too.I just hope he do what I said to him to now.Well he’ll definitely do hahahaha because I blackmailed him to do hahahaha thinking about this I was laughing suddenly someone pat my shoulder I turned and saw dad.

“Dad I did it what you gave me to work.Here take saying this I forwarded a bag to him”

“how is decorations and  other work” dad asked while looking at the hall.

“Decoration is just completed dad and cooks are also working on their work mom had told them and just some works are left” I said and smiled.

Oh! That’s great and I’m happy that you have done awesome work and decorations are awesome” dad said and patted my back.

“Thank you dad” I said and hugged him.

“Oh! Ok I have to call Shekhar also and asked when they are coming because it’s already 5’0clock and the guest will came at 7’oclock” dad said and excused himself.

I went to bhai’s room and see that he was standing near the dressing table.He wears a black parada tuxedo and was just adjusting his coat.I smiled seeing him because he is looking dashing.

Bhai you are looking handsome Bhabhi is going to……..suddenly he kept his finger on my mouth and stopped me.

“No more words and thank you for the compliment and why didn’t you are ready?” He asked looking at mirror spraying perfume on his coat.

“Um..some work was left that’s why bhai now I’m going to dressed” I said looking at him.

“Oh!just go and get ready fast Ansh because I’ll not go down without you” he said and run his hand through his hair.

I nodded went from there.Because I have to also get ready.After all it’s my bro’s party.

Ansh p.o.v ends

Swara’s p.o.v:-

I came out of the bathroom wearing bathrobe and smelling of strawberries as I used my favourite shower gel.I really loved strawberries and I had already washed my hair in the morning but I had washed again because of Ragu.

I started drying my hair with towel then suddenly my eyes felt on the bed  where Ragu had kept a red full length gown which I had never seen in my life before but I must say It’s really looking so classy and elegant.

“Ragu” I called out wanting to know where dress had came from.

“What happened Di” she asked while looking at me confused.

“Umm….that dress Ragu where it’s came from because I had never seen that before” I said while pointing towards the dress which was laid on my bed.

“Oh that well Di it’s jiju’s gift for you and I have 2 more gifts left which I have to give” she said while smiling continuously.

I just stared her confused because I didn’t see Sanskar at home nor mom told me that he had came.

“Take Di” she said and gave me a bouquet of red roses and a chocolate box. I took and kept the roses in my vase and chocolate on the bed.

Now I really wanted to know when he came and why the hell he gave that gifts to me.Ufff…Seriously he is that arrogant man or someone else gave that.But why he is doing?

“Ragu when he had came and you didn’t tell me nor mom said anything to me” I complained.

“Di actually jiju didn’t came here.He was busy in his work so he sent these things from Ansh and he had called me to met in cafe so I went to met him then he told about Jiju’s work and gave me these things to gave you”Ragu explained I nodded.

I went to bathroom and put that dress on me and smiled seeing my reflection in mirror because it’s really look elegant.His choice is not bad.

“Di You done” Ragu asked from the room.

“Yeah” I said and opened the door and she saw me and kissed my right cheek.

“You are looking fabulous and hot Di and I’m pretty sure that juju is going to be falling for you tonight” she said while smiling and she sat on me on dressing chair and then plugged the hair straightener.

“Oh! Shut up Ragu!” I said while putting my earrings on my ears.

She smiled and she curled my hairs and ran hands through them to loose a little bit then and she started plating and put beautiful butterfly clips on my plates.

I’m really so blessed to have a sister like her,she is so caring and little bit possessive towards me I smiled thinking this.

“Ragu now you go I’ll do myself and go get ready.I already know what Heels I have to wear.So please Ragu go and get dressed fast and I’ll manage my makeup” I said while pushing her towards door.

“Oh! Ok but you have only half an hour Di” she said and existed from my room.

I did my basic make up of little bit eye shade winged eyeliner,mascara and lipgloss.I put black choker in my neck and spared some perfume.I wore my high black heels.Finally I’m ready.I took my golden clutch and went to ragu’s room.

When I entered in ragu’s room and I saw that she was putting her boots.

She is wearing a black one peice and really looking hot.

“You are looking hot Ragu” I said and smiled.

“Yeah yeah I know Di” she said and winked at me.

She had straightened hair black hairs and had put on light makeup.She spared some perfume on her.

“Princess and Ragu are you guys ready” Choco pie asked while coming in the room.

“You guys are looking absolutely beautiful I must say” Choco said and smiled.

“Well you are looking handsome in this blue tuxedo right Ragu” I said and while looking at Ragu.She nodded in yes.

“Lets go Di And Ritik bhai everyone are waiting in hall” Ragu said and we nodded and we trio goes from there.

After seeing me mom eyes got wet and she hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“You are looking so beautiful” dad and mom said in union and I smiled hugged both of them.

“Mom you are looking beautiful in this red and green saree” I said and kissed her cheeks and then dad also.

“And uncle and aunty you guys are also looking fab” I said and hugged them.

After that we sat in our Mercedes.Me and Ragu and Choco pie sat in one and in another mom dad and uncle and aunty.Then we speed off to Maheshwari mansion for the party.

Let’s see what is going to happen.

When we reached there I saw a huge bungalow.The front was decorated with white and pink flowers and white clothes were raped on an arch shaped.There was red carpet leading to main door of the bungalow.
It was looking just so beautiful.And left side we saw a huge garden also which was decorated beautifully and many small plants were there in line.

We followed the red carpet and entered in the bungalow.We entered in hall which was just looking amazing the way it was designed was marvellous and it’s really looked so classy and stylish and the decorations was making it look more beautiful and there 50 or more people were present.Some were chit-chatting and some were eating and some were busy in mobile.

“Welcome Shekhar welcome” Ashwin dad said while hugging dad and welcoming us.

“You are looking beautiful in this gown beta” Ashwin dad said and smiled.

“Thank you”I muttered.

After that I was started searching for umm…Mr.arrogant Maheshwari but I didn’t see anywhere but suddenly I felt someone’s gaze on me and I knew who was that I turned and saw mr Arrogant Maheshwari in black tuxedo he was stepping down from stairs his eyes was only struck on me.

His mouth shaped in a O when he looked at me up and down and started coming towards me but I really need to go from when I see both of my side to find someone but my unluck there was no was with me,I was alone.

“Hi” he said standing beside me.

“Oh! Hello” I said looking at him.

“Swara umm…..you…..you are looking stunning in this dress” and smiled looking at me.A warm feeling crept up my body at his compliment and made me blush profusely.

“Well same goes to you also you are looking handsome in black tuxedo” I said while trying to hide my blush.

“Thank you for the gifts also” I said and smiled.

“Um…well you are welcome” he said while taking two orange juice glasses from one of the waiters.Then passed a glass to me,I was about to take the juice from his hand by mistake I touched his hand a current pass from body.

It’s weird how could you swara don’t be so clumsy don’t don’t be.Now I really need to go from there,where the hell everyone goes left me alone here.

I took the glass and started sipping looking here and there.

“Sanskar where are Kaira and Ansh” I didn’t see them looking around.

“Swara see they are there” he said pointing at food stall.I licked my lips then suddenly I spotted a pani puri stall not so far so I started walking and Sanskar closely following me.

After reaching there I stopped Sanskar just stared me like what is happening oh! Can’t he understand pani puri is every girl’s favourite food.I just can’t wait more,I have to eat.

“Bro give both of us one one”I said while licking my lips.

The man nodded and gave us two paper bowls.
He handed me one pani Puri in my bowl.I open my mouth and popped it and moaned loudly.

“It’s just amazing” I said and look at him.

“Your turn”I gestured man to give Sanskar while looking at him but he nodded in no.

“Just for once try na” I said while taking my second pani puri and I opened his mouth and then he popped it.

“Hm….I like it can I have more” he asked and I smiled and nodded in yes.Then man started giving us.Then we started eating pani puri an enjoying the taste.I just can’t say no for these things.

“Umm….I can never say no for pani puri,it’s my all time favourite” I said in between eating.He  smiled.After eating 15 he stopped while I eat 30,Then we wash our hands.And joined our families.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen May I have your attentions please? Ansh voice boomed through speakers and everyone’s attention goes towards the stage where he was stood once he got everyone’s attention.

“I would like to Welcome all of you to coming in Engagement ceremony of my brother Sanskar Maheshwari to Swara.I’m glad to have all of you here to bless the couple and be a part of this joyous occasion.Now we’ll commence the engagement ceremony” he said and everyone clapped.

I’m hell shocked what is happening here? All of a sudden engagement ceremony,No one told me about this.Did he know I think and turned to see he was hell shocked as me and was looking at me in shocked.What to do now.

“Now I would like to call my bhai and Bhabhi to come here to proceed engagement ceremony” Ansh said and smiled.

Our family went to stage and Mom took my hand went to stage and Ragu was beside me and she was smiling.

“Let’s go Di and don’t be shocked because it was everyone surprised for you both” she pointed towards Sanskar.

After we reached on stage me and Sanskar stood opposite to eachother and I was still in shocked how it happened.Ragu and Kaira stood beside me and Sanskar.

Oh! God now what I’m suppose to do.

“Beta put this ring on swara’s finger”Archana mom said and gave a beautiful diamond ring to Sanskar.

After that Sanskar hold my hand puts that beautiful ring in my finger.

I was still stood there dumbfound for about 3mins then mom took my hand gave me a plantinum ring tell through her eyes to put this ring on Sanskar’s finger.I nodded and puts the ring on Sanskar’s finger.

Oh my god  what I put that ring to his finger? What happened me? really I’m engaged to mr arrogant Maheshwari.I can’t believe,I think it’s dream.

After that everyone started clapping and cheering for us.Then our family congratulated us and then guest started coming for congratulations and then gifted us gift and went to there respective places again.

I stared Sanskar who was smiling seeing me and I also smiled.

I’m just wanted to run from there oh my god I just can’t believe how it happened?What the hell is happened? Now what is going to happen.I just want to ask too many questions to everyone? is it really surprise huh…it was a shocked huh..Where the hell is Choco pie?Where he have gone?

Hi everyone
How are you all???…

Oh! My god they got engaged can’t believe hahahaha…..

Did you guys like pani puri scene..

So Tell me did you like today’s part?

where is ritik???..

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