Swasan arrange marriage …by Fatima (part-13)

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Hi everyone
How are you all?

Sorry for being so so late….

So guys It’s the longest part ever ever I wrote…

I changed uttara’s name…(Kaira)…

Dedicated to Shan,s,Monica,Arshanyaa,vyshu ,Dharani,Tani,sana,sparkQueen and AnnuAnn and sammykapoor,Rabia,Mahjabeen and niku Khushi and roses and kakali and Chandu and swarna ………thank you so so much for

The episode starts:-

I smiled and said “umm…..your gift choco pie”
saying this I acted like that I’m thinking and Choco pie was just seeing me then suddenly I took the choclate piece from his hand and eat and said

“I win hahahaha and you lose choco pie saying this I run from there”.

After seeing this his mouth were opened and he got stood from his chair and said Princess I’ll not leave you saying this he also runs to catch me.

After sometime I got caught by Choco pie and he said “now say Princess who win and who lose” with a wink.

I make an angry face and said you now happy,leave me.I was about to stood he came close to me and starts tickling me and said

“you look cute while laughing not in an angry look”.

While laughing I said hahahahaha please please stop hahahaha stop Choco pie hahahaha I’ll not make that hahaha look again hahahahaha again please.

After listening this Choco pie stop and said thats sound good princess
saying this he stood and gave me hand to me to stand.

Then said “princess let’s go to home yaar”.

I nodded and we went from there.

Sanskar’s P.O.V:-

Where the hell Ansh went.Did he lied to me? But why. Where he is gone it’s an hour, he didn’t came.Did he really went somewhere else? and did he messaged to Swara? He only wanted to come there to eat Shawarma.

Who can send messaged to Swara from my  mobile then suddenly I remembered yup it’s done by my little bro only.Ansh only can do this because he only took my mobile in Office but did he really did that.

When I was thinking who can send message to Swara and where Is my little bro suddenly I heard Swara’s voice.

Now I should go home Sanskar because Ragini must be waiting for me”. Swara said

I said Ok Swara wait a min,I’m coming in 10mins Saying this I stood and goes from there.

After 15mins I came and gave her a packet and said give it to Ragini.

“What is in this packet Sanskar?” She asked with curosity.

“She really looks so cute in this look” I thought

Stop stop thinking so much Sanskar and Don’t become a observer you have to answered her question so concentrate on that I told to my mind.

“Woh I bought Shawarma for Ragini so give it to her and don’t dare to eat this,it’s for my saali (sister in law) not for you”I said in a funny tone.

After listening that she happily nodded in yes.

“Now I need to leave Sanskar”. She said

I nodded and said ok.

Because I have to go home also and asked many questions to my bro.Ansh be ready for your Brother’s question.

We left the restaurant and came to parking area.

“I’ll drop you at home” I said opening the car door.

No need I can go myself Swara said.

“I said na I’ll drop you means I’ll and no need to worry.I’m not going to do a accident so chill Swara” I said with a smile.

Hahahaha she really got Scared because of that then really She is so stupid I’ll not let her die so soon.She have to regret many thing.

I’ll not let you die so soon Swara because I have to make you Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari saying this I Smriked.

After listening this she didn’t argue to me and just silently sat on seat and smiled and I was really amazed how can she shut her mouth.Did something happened to her?why she smiled?.

Not again Sanskar,Don’t think so much about her my mind said.

We seated and I started the car and after 20mins we reached at Swara’s home.

She closed the door and muttered Thank you with a smile.

“ok Bye meet you soon” saying this I winked and speed off my jaguar to my home because I have to see my little bro also.

After parking the car in garage.I went to hall but when I enter I saw Kaira watching Tv.I went to her and sat there.She turned towards me and asked When did you came bhai?

“Just now sweetie when you were busy in your tv I said making a pout.

She smiled and hugged me and kissed my cheek and congratulations bhai and I’m so happy for you she said while looking at me.

“I’ll brought water for you bhai” she said and smiled.

She stood from sofa and was about to go I held her hand and no need sweetie sit here and watch your shinchan I said while pulling her cheeks.

Btw sweetie where is everyone? I asked while looking at everywhere.

Bhai woh mom and Ansh bhai is in kitchen and Dad is in study room sweetie said and her eyes were stuck on shinchan I smiled.

Because sweetie love watching shinchan so much.

Oh my little bro is in kitchen let’s go Sanky see what he is doing there.

I was about to go there then I collided with dad.

Be careful Sanskar dad said while holding me I smiled and nodded in yes.

Why you came so late today Sanskar?  He asked While sitting with sweetie.

“I’ll tell you later dad” I said and goes from there.

First of all I have to see my little bro then I’ll answered your question later dad,Just wait for a min,you’ll get to know that I think and entered in kitchen.

I saw that mom was standing and seeing Ansh.She is smiling and was helping him in something but why Ansh came here and What is he doing?

Mom! Did you see An….Ansh I shouted to get there attention.

After seeing me Ansh smiled got fade and hugged mom.Mom got surprised by Ansh sudden act.

What happened Ansh and why are you shouting Sanskar she asked in confusion.

I smiled and caught Ansh’s ear and said asked mom from My Little bro.

Mom give Tell me look to Ansh.

woh woh I…I…what did I bhai? He asked suddenly with puppy dog eyes.

Well mom he… I was about to say mom that he messaged Swara from my mobile then suddenly my eyes fell on pizzas.Where it’s a sad smiley was drawn with sauce and on next pizza it’s written I’m sorry bhai.

I smiled and hugged him,when did you started cooking Ansh I asked while punching on his biceps.He too hugged me and kissed my cheek.

Today only bhai and you knew the reason so don’t ask from me he said and hugged me again.

Mom smiled seeing us and let’s eat the pizza beta and congratulations saying this she came with chocolate lava cake.

We all three came from Kitchen with yummy yummy pizzas and chocolate lava cakes and sat on dining table.Dad and Sweetie also joined us on dinning table and then we started eating.

Well it’s yummy Pizza bhai Kaira said and smiled.

I nodded Well done bro I said and gave him smile.

Well you are forgiven my little bro I said in his ears while shouting.

After doing some fun,laughing and teasing Ansh.We all ate our chocolate lava cake and pizza.

“Sanskar beta call Swara and tell her that she has to come tomorrow with everyone because I kept a party for your success” dad said

When dad said to me to call Swara he winked to Ansh.

“Dad why you winked to Ansh tell me,Is it his plan to through a party” I asked

Ansh nodded and I smiled but why dad winked at you I asked confused.

“Because it was my plan so that’s why right dad” he said simply.

Dad nodded in yes and smiled.

Don’t know why but something is fishy.Did my little bro is again planning something? Or just he said is true.

I nodded and dial her no.After 2 rings.She picked and said hello with her Medilous voice.

“Swara woh I wanted to say that Tomorrow evening dad kept a party so you have to come with everyone” I said while giving dad a smile.

Why Sanskar is it something special? She asked in a happy tone.

“Yup it’s special Swara.Because today I got my project so that’s why” I said simply.

Ok Sankskar bye she said and cuts the call.

Did I really invite her? What the hell happened to you Sanskar? Why’s happening to me? Why I called her and tell her that.So let’s see what’s going to happen?

Swara’s P.O.V:-

When me and Choco pie was about to enter in our house my phone ringed and I thought why he is calling me.

Did he missing  but why’ll he miss?Did he want to know what I’m doing? ohooo Swara don’t think much and picked the call.

Hello I said.

Choco pie was just staring me and I know he really wanted to know who is Sanskar but what if he got angry.I didn’t tell him about Sanskar.

Swara woh I wanted to say that Tomorrow evening dad kept a party so you have to come with everyone” He said.

Why Sanskar is it something special?I asked in a happy tone.

“Yup it’s special Swara.Because today I got my project so that’s why” He said from other side.

Ok Sankskar bye I said and cuts the call.

I just cuts the call and think I’ll tell you everything Choco pie but later.

“Who was that?” Choco pie asked with anger in his tone.

“I’ll tell you everything Choco but let’s go in first and please don’t get angry on me”I said while entering the house.

When we enter in hall I saw two persons there.After seeing them I jumped in happiness and hugged them and kissed there cheeks.

“Choco pie” I said

I turned see Choco pie,He was standing in a shocked expression.

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