SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 8

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Lets start :-
Swara was still adoring our hero…. He meanwhile had pit veer on bed.. He quickly searched the blanket and covered him with it…
Swara passed a smile to him.. Showing all her teeth..
Sanskar too smiled back..
Swara-thanku sir… She said with a smile

Sanskar just nodded and went away…
Swara closed the door and went to bed kissing veer s forehead..
She took out a Frame which had a picture of full family raglak swara and veer all smiling and happy..
Keeping the picture near her heart she laid on bed talking to them as she does everyday before sleeping…

Swara- di jiju u know today was the most amazing day I had after u both went away from me (closing her eyes painfully) (she then smiled) today I enjoyed alott.. This family whom I never met before was sooo gud with us…first time I felt the love of parents.. And I got u in uttara.. And u know what di today ur veer was also really happy.. We say na whtever happens if for gud I’m happy we didn’t get a house and now see I’m feeling blessed here…(a Lil nervous now) di…i feel so odd when… Sir.. I mean sanskar is near me… Im getting too badly attracted.. I know I know..
Tht I used to like him when I was with u guys in darjeeling too… But now this is more special…(smiles)dont know wht it is.. But it’s gud!… She says dreamily…. Fine fine bohot hogayi baat gud night! And yeah I love u!!..

Saying this all she kept the frame beside the desk near her bed… And turned to veer.
Taking him in her embrace she slept…..

Swara s sleep got awaken feeling thirsty she woke up switching on the lights.. She drank from the jug kept near her….
Just as she was going to switch off the lights to sleep again.. She noticed some big thing which was covered with cloth…
With curiosity she moved there and removed the cloth….
Seeing the thing she got really excited and smiled with Lil tears…
“omg Im seeing my love after a long time! In darjeeling as we didn’t have enough money after di jiju s death we had to sell it” going near the thing she went and hugged it…
“yesss finally I can play the PIANO after a long time”
Saying this she took a chair and started playing it… Slowly not wanting to disturb veer s sleep….
Her facial expressions were blissful to watch..!
Swara forgetting everything she smiled and started playing..

With her night angel voice!
Abhi mujh mein kahin..
Abhi mujh mein kahin…
(plz plug onto this song.. It’s amazing)!
Swara was totally lost in another world while singing…
Sanskar who Being a workaholic was working as usual on his laptop…sensing this amazing voice he just followed the voice and went to swara s room..

As swara s room was open he slowly peeped in only to get awestruck by swara and her voice..!
He was just blowed by her voice.. He smiled ear to ear listening her voice..
Music was sanskar s passion and love after his work! He was gr8 musician in his collage days.. And he used to play piano… Which swara is playing now…

Firstly sanskar got a Lil angry as no one touches tht without his permission… But then he forgot everything…
Swara finally finishing the song felt someone presences.. Turning around she got shocked seeing sanskar..
Sanskar who was busy admiring her just smiled at her and stood straight..
Swara realizing she used it without permission got a Lil nervous.. “uh.. Uh.. Sir.. I.. I’m.. Sorry.. Actually… I.. Love playing piano and found it after a lotttt of months… So got excited… I’m sorry” she said feeling a Lil guilty.. As she also hates when someone uses her things without her permission…
Sanskar chuckled seeing swara.. “it’s ok Mrs BOSE! And yeah u sing reallyyy very well..” said sanskar truthfully..

Swara-sir r u not angry on me for touching ur piano.. Without ur permissions.. I mean I have read ur a way to particular abt ur things.. And yeah even I hate when someone touches my things without my permission.. She said with a Lil fake attitude..
Sanskar smiled and nodded in no.. – I was a Lil angry.. But yeah its OK..
Swara nodded – sir can I ask u one thing..? Wht is this piano doing here? I mean who plays it’s… She asked out of curiousity..

Sanskar smiled sadly.. – it’s mine Mrs bose..it was my life in collage days.. Then I got with busy with business and all.. And I didn’t get time only.. He says sighing..
Swara felt a Lil bad… “u can play it now.. Sir?!” she said shocking Sanskar a Lil..
“no no it has been quite a few yrs I used it…” he said nervously..
“sir plzzz try once na” swara said with her puppy eyes..
After a Lott of resisting Sanskar finally agreed…
Swara was really excited and happy..

Sanskar finally sat on the chair.. Swara came near him and was just staring him…
She indicated him to start..
Taking a long breath Sanskar started singing…
Kehte hain khuda na iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye..
Kisi na kisi ko Hai banaya Har kisi ke liye..

Tera Milna Hai uss rah ka ishara Mano..
Mujh ko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye..
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta!!
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta..
(guys I wrote the wordings by myself.. U know some of the lyrics it’s my fav plzz listen the old version – agent vinod)
It was Swara ‘s turn to get mesmerized.. This Sanskar she saw was sooo different.. Enjoying his life to the fullest..
No worries no tension lost in his world.. Just like she gets..
Finishing the song Sanskar opened his eyes just to see Swara smiling and adoring him…
He passed a smile back..
“amazing!! Ur singing is just wow!” Swara said not able to control herself..
Sanskar smiled wholeheartedly.. He was truly feeling amazed and gud playing his piano..
“thanku Mrs hose..! THANKS A LOT” Sanskar said..

Swara just smiled back.. But frowned to which Sanskar noticed..
“firstly sir u can call me Swara plzz not Mrs bose… It feels sooo aghhh to hear this Mrs bose from ur mouth” Swara said getting a Lil irritated..
Sanskar chucked “OK then Swara (he sais stretching the word lil) I will call u Swara.. Then call me Sanskar in home.. U can me sir in the office” Sanskar said..
Swara smiled happily.. “OK Sanskar” she too replies stretching his name just like he did!
Both laughs a lil..
“it’s late now I should go gud night!” Sanskar said..

“hmm gud night!” Swara too replied..
Sanskar slowly walked away with a free heart not before unknowingly turning towards her..
Swara ‘s heart fluttered when her turned and smiled..
Both being happy moved to. Their places and slept..

Precap-family getting to know veer is raglak ‘s son..

#now I need ur ideas! Tell me wht do u all need for tommrow! Dhaama

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