SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 7

The day finally ended with full of enjoyment!! it was like a rollercoaster ride for both SwaVeer.. They were enjoying each and every moment spent there.. it was like sujata rp and uttara knew SwaVeer since ages.. and they were their family.. Swara for the time after soo many months came back to the original form forgetting everything! The most happiest here was Veer for getting the family love again!! Its not tht he was not getting the love from Swara but the love which our Grandparents can give is unmatchable! We say tht if we have someone close of our family a person would be able to have a connection same was with the trio sujata uttara and rp they felt a strong connection with Veer..

Night: All the inmates of family tht is rp Swaveer sujata and uttata were sitting wating for the servants to bring the food.. Sanskar was still not present there.. Someones mouth was watering and he was not able to wait for the food to come and it was none other than chotu Veer! He was eagerly waiting as all his favs were cooked fried rice, butter chicken,kheer(a sweet dish)and what not.. and other than him who was very much excited was Swara! They both were big foodies!

Just then Swara realized tht someone was missing her little brain struck and then she remembered tht her sir was still not present there.. She was just sitting there with confused expressions wondering where might Sanskar be as it was too late like 11:30 at night.. Seeing her expressions Sujata gestured Swara to speak up.. Swara just smiled “aunty Where is sir i mean its tooo late by now and he is still not home.. i have done research abt the timings too SM industries toh gets closed by 10 then” she asked with a question mark on her face..  “Swara its his daily routine SM INDUSTRIES is closed by 10 but just for the employees Sanskar is always busy in his work .. dont know when he will behave normal a complete Workaholic he is! Said Sujata and sighed sadly..

Swara just nodded.. Just then the food arived exciting both Swaveer… As the food was served both just jumped up for the food and started eating.. Making the other trio chuckling badly! Swaveer were lookingg damn cute with some curry smuggled over their face.. Just then Swara and veer started fighting “Veer leave tht chicken piece its mine give it here” swara shouted at veer! “No chance its mine maasi i took it first” he too roared back “Veer give it to me i saw it first” Swara said irritatedly “No i wont do whtever u want”Veer exclaimed confidently and with attitude..

And now we see 4 faces looking at them as if they were watching a horror movie! Sujata rp uttara and SANSKAR who was coming inside from the door! But did Swaveer care no both the kids were busy fighting! Sanskar s reaction was priceless he was literally not able to get if it was the same Swara who met in the morning was full with attitude strict and like a young lady living her life independently and now see her she has become a completely 8 yr old kid!

Finally, our Swara madam realized what she was doing.. and felt someone s presence! Just turning around she turned her back to sanskar showing her face just to see Sanskar laughing uncontrollably just to see Swara s face which had curry smuggled and was like a cute teddy

Veer had amused expressions and just looked at him! Swara felt some unknown butterflies in her stomach seeing Sanskar smile! the othe trio were also veryy happy seeing Sanskar smile after a really long time! Sanskar finally controlled his laugh and made a normal face entering into house.. Everyone just smiled to him

“Golu beta tu aagaya come we r also having the dinner,”said sujata … Veer not able to control and being a question bank jumped between “aunty whos golu” he asked confusedly .. Making Sanskar hell embarrass.. Sujata bit her tongue as it was Sanskar s pet name and Sanskar had strictly warned her from calling his nickname infront of others.. Swara s smile grew mischevious and a naughty smile spread wide across her face as she got to know who was Sujata referring to! “yes aunty who is Golu here” Swara asked intentionally acting innocent … Sanskar gave her a i will see u later look! as he knew that swara got it but still pretending.. Swara steadily got silent as she knew tomorrow she has to go to the office and she doesn’t want to land herself to trouble.. Still, she was smiling and trying to tease Sanskar but acting to be quite

“Umm Sanskar s pet name is Golu..” Said sujata to veer hiding her smile.. Veer too smiled but again a question raised up his mind “But aunty sanskar uncle is not fat then y golu”asked veer curiously.. this time even Swara wanted to know the reason.. “Actually na beta Ur sanskar uncle is was very golu molu in his childhood so we call him golu .. ok?!” said Sujata.. Veer nodded smilingly .. “ok now u  go and fresh n up and come and eat fast” ordered sujata to sanskar.. Sanskar nodded and fastly freshened up before eating …

After tht SwaVeer and uttata rp just sat playing carrom in the hall.. Sujata meanwhile was feeding Sanskar with her hands  in the dining room… Swara feeling thirsty walked to the dining room to get some water when she suddenly stopped seeing Sujata Sanskar..

Swara felt so suprised seeing the scene infront of her.. Usually, we all make a mindset abt the rich people tht they be arrogant or they dont be close to their family and many more.. But swara was seeing something different in this family.. It was soo adorable to see Sanskar with Sujata eating with her hands and he telling all the stories of the office … Swara s smile was just not able to leave her face!.. Just then she comes out of her trance hearing veer calling her.. She rushes and takes the water returning back!

After, playing for few more minutes Veer started to feel very sleepy as it was too late by now and he dont have the habbit of sleeping so late… Being a kumbkaran he slept in 2 mins shocking rp uttara.. Swara just gave not again expressions.. as now he slept so fast and how could she move him from the room..

“Sanskar beta Sanskar come fast” rp called Sanskar.. sujata too came with him.. Rp signed him to take veer to the room with Swara.. Swara saw this and felt soo happy and thankful to God to send her to this house.. Sanskar just smiled.. “Sanskar take swara and veer to the room infront of urs its empty and swaveer will be comfortable there” .. Sanskar nodded.. SwaSan with veer in Sanskar s arms walked towards the room which was upstairs..

Sanskar opened the door and laid veer carefully.. All the time unknowingly Swara was admiring sanskar and was lost on him.. Noticing his care and perfect body too! Swara was a girl who was never ever attracted to boys she had few male best friends but just as “friends” nuthing more than tht.. this was something very odd for her.. And it was not tht its just from now like it was not more than a day also tht Swaveer reached Mumbai and met Sanskar… Swara always felt some connection with Sanskar even when she used to just see his pics being in Darjeeling..

#to be continued .. sorry guys cant write more,, i just came from school and started writin…tommrow will be the revealtion for sure..!! inshallah thanku so much for making me feel so special by ur comments.. dont vote if u want just comment!! and plzz post down ur idea too as how do u want further scnes too continue!! it will be abig help for me also ok!! i dont know whter its upto ur expectations or not.. SORRY and yeah LOVEEEE U ALL!! stay blessed

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