SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 15

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It was night time now and Sanskar Maheshwari was standing in his room leaning to the window.. Many emotions could be seen in his face sadness, happiness, tension, worry, depressed and everything..
His life was messed up just in a day..
Remembering RamTa s talks.. He felt some hope in himself.. Especially Swara s proposal shocked him..

Sanskar s pov-
Dont know what s happening in my life? I know its not only me but Swara might also be facing the same situation.. Mom Dad r right Swara would br PERFECT for me as she got to know me well.. And most importantly i can’t lose Veer (tears welled up in his life) this house which was living Iike lifless body finally found some soul in the form of Veer.. The only thing im scared is not spoiling MINE AND SWARA S life! Marriage is not a joke.. I just hope i could keep her happy
End of his pov
Sanskar just closed his eyes feeling the breeze praying and hoping the best for his future..
Swara s room:-
Veer was sleeping in Swara s life.. Leaning on the head board Swara was caressing Veer s hair.. But her mind was just stuck on one topic “Marraige”..

Swara s pov:-
Dont know what games destiny is playing with me and Sanskar.. Marriage is something very important and crucial moment in one s lives..but this was too sudden (looking at veer with tears) Veer is the only reason i was living… He is my lifeline.. I cant lose him..and i know Sanskar is a very gud human.. I just hope i coule manage this.. And be a gud wife..
Pov ends..
SwaSan then remebered abt Veer s condition.. He is still very young and needs a mother.. He got Sanskar in the form of his PAPA and now he would get his Swara maasi in the form of his MAMMA!
Other than SwaSan Ram sujata and uttara were also tensed all the while praying for the best for their children both SwaSan!

Late night (11 pm):-

Sanskar came down as he was called by RamTa..
RamTa and Swara were standing..
Sanskar smiled lightly.. Swara was really tensed and her heart was beating really fast!
“so Sanskar what s ur decision?” Sujata said coming directly to the point..
Sanskar just looked at them for a second “Im Ready for this marriage” sanskar said with a light smile making everyone happy especially Swara…
Sujata hugged her son tightly..
“maa but i have one condition” Sanskar said shocking them..
“i want a simple marriage with no media and all..” Sanskar said..
And Swara too smiled as she also wished for the same..
RamTa nodded in agreement..

“swara can i talk to u for a minute plz?” Sanskar said surprising her..
RamTa smiled and Swara nodded in yes..
SwaSan walked upto the terrace with silence filled btw them.. Their heart was beating in a jet speed with a new feeling arised up in their hearts!
Sanskar stood infront of Swara looking at her intensely making thousands of shiver run down her spine..

“swara i know this was very sudden.. But this is very important or else we are going to lose Veer.. And we both know how much important he is for both of us!” Sanskar said..
Swara smiled and nodded.. While Sanskar slowly took Swara s hands in her s making her suprised.. But they felt peace with each other s touch..
Sanskar continued” Swara since the time laksh bhai left this house.. Everyone r living in darkness.. I had literally no life.. Only maa dad and uttu! Ur the friend i made after these yrs.. I wont lie to u but u feel really gud around u.. “Sanskar said and heat rushed through Swara s cheeks!

She didnt say anything but just smiled.. She loved how Sanskar was trying to make her comfortable.. This guy was making her more crazy for him.. Sanskar s heart skipped a beat seeing Swara s blush.. He felt unknown peace and happiness within himself..
“and waise bhi i know U LIKE ME so i dont think we would have a bad start aftet marriage” Sanskar said in a teasing tone winking at her..
Swara looked at him with widened eyes..

She remembered her words and just closed her eyes in embarassment..
Sanskar smirked seeing her.. “by the way Mrs Swara bose ready to become Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” Sanskar said making the environment normal..
Swara smiled wholeheartedly at him.. She felt the luckiest girl in the world at this moment!
“Swara before my wife i want u to be my friend.. So mujhse dosti karogi” Sanskar said forwading his hands..
Swara forwaded her hand happily.. “hmm not bad han Mr Maheshwari so u have started watching bollywood movie” Swara said teasing..

Sanskar cutely pouted “hawww here im trying to make u comfortable and ur teasing me” Sanskar said making Swara laugh a little..
“im LUCKY TO HAVE YOU SANSKAR” Swara said genuinely making Sanskar smile like an idiot teenager..
“me too” Sanskar replied making Swara happy..
With their cute lil nok jhok and talks suddenly a thought came in Sanskar s mind..
Swara who noticed it looked at him a lil confused.. “Sanskar what happened where r u lost?” She asked concerned..
A tear escaped Sanskar s eye.. Making Swara go hell worried..

Swara quickly cupped his face.. “sanskar ur taking the hell out of me say me what happened” Swara said tensed..

“Swara do u think we could give the love to Veer which laksh bhai and ragini bhabhi gave? They were his parents.. And this poor soul is suffering now..” Sanskar said feeling his pain..
Realization struck Swara as she also didnt think abt this.. But there was a confidence and spark in her” Sanskar i know NO ONE can take place of one s parentz (tears rushed down her cheeks remembering RagLak) but atleast we can try.. Sanskar ragu di took care of me like ger daughter and i never felt the absence of my mom and laksh jiju he was my fatherly figure.. And u know what Sanskar (cuping Sanskar s face lovingly) i found the happiness in veer s face when he called u PAPA and yes u know right Chachu and Maasi s relation is as equal as MOM AND DAD” Swara said..
(Guys in Islam its there in our religious book and hadees that our Mom s sister and Father s brother tht is our chachu and maasi relation is as equal as Mom And Dad! And they have tht much right on us ?)..

Sanskar looked at her lovingly she was truly like a ray of sunlight in his life.. Which was giving him peace and happiness..
Without thinking anything he hugged his SOULMATE tightly.. Swara gasped as she felt his body tightly wrapped around her s.. With no air left to pass between them..

She felt soooo happy being in his arms.. And hugged Sanskar more tight making Sanskar idiotically..!
Both were hugging each other for more than 15 minutes..
Feeling the wind grew more stronger Sanskar broke the hug.. Swara blushed finding him so close to which Sanskar just ruffled his hair…
There was no embarrassment between them.. Y would be there? It both of them had so much of great understanding between them!

Sanskar slowly leaned towards Swara s forehead leaving a kiss there!! Hearing his heart s command.. Swara s happiness had no boundaries she just closed her eyes feeling Sanskar s touch…
SwaSan smiled at each other..
This was surely a great beginning they could have! Both felt really lucky having each other as partners and after this it wad confirmed tht no one could be more PERFECT than each other!
SwaSan slowly came down with a satisfying smile playing on their lips!
They came down seeing RamTa smiling at them.. They felt happy seeing SwaSan.. Blessing both of them they left for their room..
SwaSan slowly walked upstairs towards their room..

Just before anyone could say anything.. SwaSan got shocked listening to some sobs..!
Sanskar slowly opened the door of SwaVeer s room.. SwaSan had tears in their eyes.. Seeing their angel Veer crying hugging RagLak s picture frame tightly!
SwaSan looked at each other with shock.. Just as Swara was abt to enter not able to control more.. Sanskar stopped her.. Signalling her to wait and see Veer!
Veer was crying hugging RagLak s picture… He slowly wiped his tears and took RagLak s picture frame infront of him..

“Mamma dad.. U know i felt really bad and cried for dayd when u took my both went away to God ji (he said choking) but after tht my Swara maasi took care of me (a small smile crept on his face) she took care of me like u mama (he said with shine while Swara sobbed) And then i got this family dadi dadu, bua everyone r gud.. And my PAPA he is the best!

(Sanskar smiled at his innocence) Dad Mamma u both will always be there with me.. I know tht.. But im feeling bad.. I just pray tht my papa and maasi r always happy! Do anything with me but always keeo them happy and safe “Veer said with tears..kissing RagLak s picture he kept the frame on desk.. And quickly slept on the bed..

SwaSan who witnessed everything were crying hearing Veer s words.. Who could belive he was still a 6 yr old innconent kid! Who had to face the maturity due to these bad circumstances…
Swara tightly hugged Sanskar not able to control more.. He hugged her trying to sooth her pain… While he was also breaking down seeing his Champ s condition!

Sanskar slowly took Swara to his room.. Making her sit while she was still hugging him.. He made her drink water..
“Sanskar.. See my veer has become so mature.. My baccha.. I just hope we give all the love he deserves” Swara said..
Sanskar just nodded and was rubbing her back.. “Swara u have to be strong! For veer ohk.. We will give him love! The love he was missing from these months.. Which bhai and bhabhi used to give him..” Sanskar said..
Swara calmed down aftet a few more minutes..

“Thanku” she slowly whispered..
“no thanku and no sorry between friends” Sanskar said making her normal..
Swara smiled..
Sanskar slowly caressed her hair making her feel heavenly.. He kissed her forehead indicating SWARA WAS ONLY SANSKAR S no damn had right on her! And he was only hers!. Swara smiled at his touch..

Swara after a few casual talks left to her room..

A new morning arrived changing every relation.. SwaSan had nervousness as well as slight excitement for their marriage! While RamTa and Veer were the happiest one followed by Uttara!..
The whole day passed in the rituals like haldi, mehandi and sangeet..
And at night finally the wedding was to be held.. Which wad obviously going to be done in a simple way as per Sanskar s demand.. But the house wad decorated beautifully! And SwaVeer too! With very close realtives present and No media and friends!!…
The whole mandap was decorated beautifully and the mansion was dressed like a bride!..
Sanskar sat down in the mandap..with veer beside him..

Swara came down with utrara and Sujata..
SwaSan s breath hitched seeing each other..

SwaSan look

Veer s look

Their eyes were not ready to move from each other… Veer ran and hugged Swara tightly..
“how am i looking Maasi” veer asked with the most cutest smile ever..
Swara went Awww seeing him…”the most cutest charming prince ever!” Swara said making Veer reach directly on the 9th cloud!…
Sanskar frowned As Swara didn’t praise him and was only praising Veer..
Soon Swara was made to sit beside Sanskar..
The pandit started chanting mantras..

(guys not to hurt anyone s feelings.. I just saw in serials how a hindu marriage is hekd.. I have never ever seen  i reality.. So forgive me if its wrong!)
Soon SwaSan stood taking pheras..
4 rounds Sanskar was infront and 3 Swara..

SwaSan s pov-
I will always try my best to fulfill the relation of being his/her husband /wife.. Keep my family happy always.. Take care of Veer as my own child…trust her/him always.. Support and undersrand him/her always..

Pov ends..
A tears escaped both of their s eyes… Taking promises..
“plz call the girl s father for the gathbandhan” pandit ji said…
Swara felt a lil bad she closed her eyes thinking how her life would be if she had her parents.. And if not parents atleast RagLak coz they were also not less than her parents!
Sanskar saw Swara s expressions and felt a pinch in his heart seeing Swara lile this..
Before anyone could say anything Ram came towards SwaSan doing their gathbandhan..
“pandit ji im her Father” ram said proudly..
Panditji nodded..

Swara smiled emotionally at him.. Ram caressed her lovingly..
Whole family smiled seeing this..
Finally Sanskar made her wear mangalsutra and adorned her maang with Sindoor!
Swara closed her eyes feeling this.. Now she was a WIFE  a bahu of RamTa and  bhabhi of Uttara!…
Sanskar felt current passing through him.. Now Swara was HIS ONLY HIS! he smiled at his thought.. Promising to always keep her happy!..
Finally, they got up and took blessings from RaMta.. And other relatives..
Soon the relatives dispersed blessing the newly wed..

RamTa and Uttara hugged SwaSan..
“yeahhh finally i got a cuteeee bhabhi in form of Swara di” uttara exclaimed in joy..
SwaSan chuckled seeing her so damn happy..

#to be contineud..

Sorryyy for the late update..hope it was upto ur expectations… Do comment! And what do u want next?

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