SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 14

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SwaSanVeer entered home with a never leaving smile..
After coming sujata rp and uttara again started pampering Veer.. And he looked actually happy being in the company of his family..
Having their dinner and making Veer sleep Swara came to Sanskar s room..

Sanskar s room:-
“umm shall i come in Sanskar” Swara asked..
Swara asked ant 2 or 3 times but there was no response..
Opening the Door directly Swara entered and her eyes widened in shock seeing Sanskar in his loose pyjamas wearing no t-shirt and having headphones in his ears!
“Ahhhh” Sanskar screamed seeing Swara and quickly wore a blue t shirt while Swara turned around being embarrassed..
Sanskar glared her “Swara madam atleast u should have knocked the door before coming” Sanskar said
“excuse me i had knocked more than 2 times and having ur headphones put on u couldnt hear huh” Swara said replying him

Sanskar smiled “so what u should wait till i open.. (teasing her) a single guy lives in this room.. Anything can happen” Sanskar said..
Swara got surprised seeing Sanskar s antics.. He was such a dramebaaz!
Swara just then noticed Sanskar he was looking superrr cute in his pyjamas and shirt..
Swara silently came towards Sanskar making him confused and pulled his cheeks tightly “Sanskarrrr ur reallyyy very cuteeee” Swara said happily..
While Sanskar was just looking at her in shock”oye im hot not cute”Sanskar said
“Noooo ur cutee the cutest guy i have ever seen” Swara said..

Sanskar smiled seeing her happy.. While Swara realized what she was doing..
“umm ohk Swara u noticed Veer s behavior right something went surely wrong” Sanskar said in a serious tone..
“yes.. But how will we find out what is bothering him” Swara said concerned and tensed..
Sanskar smirked while Swara was looking at him confused..
“just come with me” Sanskar said.. Swara nodded and followed him back..

Private room :-
Sanskar took Swara to his private room where no one is allowed!
Swara got surprised seeing it…
“Swara this is my private room.. No one is allowed here but as the matter of Veer i bought u here” Sanskar Said and Swara just smiled back to him..
“Actually i had asked the principal to give all the camera footage.. So its here” Sanskar said.. Making swara shocked..

“chalo we will see” Sanskar said to which Swara nodded
SwaSan sat comfortably on the chairs and Sanskar played the footage on his big screen..
Seeing the footage SwaSan had tears in their eyes..they both were really feeling bad for Veer!
Actually some kids were talking abt their parents.. Veer got his papa in form of Sanskar but what abt mom? He has his Swara maasi.. But still.. Veer was silently crying hearing their talk.. And was missing ragini..

In class room:_
Some students started teasing him when they knew he had no mom.. “so what if my mom is not there i have my swara maasi” Veer said proudly..
“huh so what she is NOT UR MOM right and she will leave u after she gets married” said one of the boys.. And started teasing again..
Sanskar closed the footage angrily

Sanskar held his hair in frustration..
While Swara was also really tensed
Swara saw Sanskar s condtion and kept her hand om his shoulder trying to calm him..
Sanskar just hugged Swara tightly without thinking anything.. Swara stumbled due to force and was a little suprised but hugged him back tightly..
“i can’t see Veer like this.. He is MY SON..” Sanskar said sobbing..
Swara was shocked seeing his condition “Sanskar plz calm.urself we will think of some way to remove these insecurities ” swara said caressing Sanskar s hair..
Sanskar broke the hug and looked at Swara.. Both shared a deep eyelock
“im sorry” Said Sanskar standing up
Swara just nodded… “we will find some way Sanskar dont worry” She said with determination in her voice..

Sanskar smiled a lil..
Both went down silently to their rooms..
SwaVeer room:-
Swara came and laid down beside Veer caressing his hair… “Im sorry Veer i couldnt give u the love of ragini di..” Swara said sobbing a lil..
Little did she knew tht she was the BEST MOTHER anyone could get!
Swara slightly pecked Veer s hair and slept thinking their moments spent with each other…

A new morning arised which was going to change their lives.. A day which would be remembered by the MAHESHWARIS till the end!
SwaSanVeer woke up and went down to have their breakfast with the family..
Everyone were present there.. SwaSan were still disturbed abt Veer but didnt show to anyone..
Sujata and ram noticed this.. And thought to talk to SwaSan.. While uttara was all busy with Veer..
After finishing their breakfast all were sitting when Suddenly a lawyer entered in..
“hello mr Maheshwari” the lawyer said professionally..
All were confused seeing him..
“hello aman(name of lawyer) come have a seat” Sanskar said..
“Swara he is our family lawyer..” sujata said to which she nodded..

“Actually i came here to announce something very important” aman said..
“yes continue.. ” ram said
“actually this is something related to VEER.. I had got the info of mr Laksh s will…
” aman said
“what is it” SwaSan asked tensed..

“its actually tht Laksh sir have written tht Veer will get whatever he has.. And if by the time he is not there or his wife.. Sanskar sir will get it and for this he should get MARRIED.. and Veer s responsibility will be urs Sanskar sir.. But if u dont get married then Veer will be sent to ORPHANAGE! “lawyer said shocking everyone..
” WHAT”swara screamed in disbelief..
“and yes u have only a DAY left..” lawyer said..
“i will take a leave now..” lawyer said and left..
While Sujata sat with thud.. And everyone went numb hearing this..

“i cant live without Veer plz do something Sanskar” swara said crying..
Sanskar was shocked not knowing what to do..

The whole day passed no one spoke anything.. Only tommorow s day was left..
Sujata called everyone in the hall..
“Sanskar Swara i want to talk to u both something important.. Me and ramji have decided something” sujata said in a serious tone..
SwaSan were tensed looking at each other..

“Sanskar do u have anyone whom u love?” ram asked directly..
Sanskar nodded in no..
“any girl u know.. See Sanskar i know this decision is going to be very quick or else we will lose Veer.. And no one of us wants tht..” sujata said..
“but whom can i marry now? And wht is the possibility tht she will keep Veer happy?” Sanskar said..
Swara s heart beated  fast she felt very bad hearing Sanskar s marriage..and above tht she would lose Veer too! Her mind went completely blank..

Without thinking anything Swara just kneeled infront of Sanskar making everyone shock..” Sanskar i reallyyy love Veer i cannot live without him.. And i really LIKE U TOO! will u plz marry me?” Swara said crying a lil..
Sanskar got shocked seeing her state.. He knew how much she loved Veer..
“plz think of this Sanskar.. If u marry someone else wht s tje chance tht she wont treat Veer badly?” swara said and moved to her room..
Sujata and ram smiled to each other..

Sujata placed her hand on Sanskar s shoulder..”beta i know its difficult and i feel SWARA is the perfect choice for u.. U guys will adjust with each other..” sujata said..
“yes.. But there s no force think abt it..” ram said nd moved from their..

Precap- SWASAN MARRAIGE and what do u want next???

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