SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 11

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SwaSanVeer breaking the hug looked at each other .. And smiled.. Ramta uttara were also really happy..
Veer got down from Sanskar s arms and ran towards ramta and uttara..
“dadi dadu can we all sleep together plzzz” veer said with puppy eyes..

“but baccha how can we sleep altogether han?” swara said coming towards veer..
“i want all to sleep with me.. U papa dadu dadi and bua” veer said pouting
Sanskar smiled “ok done we all will sleep together!” Sanskar said making veer smile..
“but Sanskar how?” swara asked..
Sanskar just smiled”i will tell u but before tht plzz lets have our dinner.. Im dying out of hunger”he said pointing towards his stomach..
Everyone nodded and moved towads dining table..

Dining table:-

All were enjoying and having their dinner.. Like a perfect family! Just as veer finished his dinner..
“Maasi finally mamma fulfilled her promise..” veer said making everyone confused.. While swara smiled and her eyes became glassy..
“actually veer always wanted to be with his grandparents.. Our mom dad died when i was really young.. And u all wasnt there.. So di promied veer tht one day we all will ne together like a family.. But” swara said and some tears fall from her eyes.. Without her permission..
Everyone became sad.. Especially ram as if he would have accepted ragini then this wouldnt have happened…

“dadi dadu shall i show u picture of my mamma” veer said excitedly drawing everyone s attention..
He ran and bought the frame from SwaVeer s room..
“see” veer said giving the frame.. To ramta while sanskar and uttara to stood up and went towards them..
Ramta and SanUtt s eyes became glassy..
The photo frame was of RagLak and SwaVeer

(i know it s really bad but its my first try.. Sorry)
Thet caressed the pic..
“our bahu was reallyy beautiful” said sujata and rp..
Swara felt very happy.. Y not her ragini di had done alott for her.. She was more than a mother to her..
Swara nodded with lil tears..
“ok Veer dont u want to know where we all will sleep today..” sanskar said diverting a lil as veer was also going to cry which he cannot see..
He nodded happily..
Everyone moved towards the top floor which was the terrace of the mansion..
SwaVeer were a lil suprised seeing this.. As they didn’t went here..
” so we r going to sleep on terrace” said swara..

To which Sanskar nodded in no..
They moved towards a room which was really huge.. And all over comforters were placed..
SwaVeer were loved it..!
“omg Sanskarrrrrr” swara screamed loudly making everyone stumble..
“wht happen yaar” Sanskar said still trying to calm himself..
Swara saw everyone s condtion and smiled sheepishly.. “sorry… But this is reallyyyy awesome” swara said..
The room was covered with comforters.. And could eadily get a biew of beautiful ?!
Everyone smiled..
Everyone adjusted themselves.. Veer was lying in btw sujata and ram.. While uttara was in btw swasan..
All slept while listening continuous bak bak of veer!


Ramta woke up early in the morning.. And went downstairs while uttara had to complete some assignment so she too went to her room..
Now the positions turned up and veer ended up sleeping in btw of our SwaSan..
They looked like the most perfect family ever..
Sanskar woke up and smiled tight finding veer beside him and remembering yesterday s incidents.. He kissed veer s forehead and just then noticed Swara…
She wae looking really cute while sleeping.. Sanskar felt some unknown attraction towards her..
He unknowingly moved forwarded Nd kissed her forehead making swara smile in sleep..
Just as he kissed her forehead he realized wht he did and was in shock.. Just before he could think something else.. He saw Swara waking up..

Swara woke up rubbing her eyes and cutely.. She gave a gaze all around the room and then remembered y was she here..
She smiled at sanskar “gud morning sanskar” she said cheerily..
Sanskar just smiled.. Making swara frown.. “ur the owner of such a famous company.. But dont u know the basic rules.. When one says gud morning u should reply back saying gud morning” swara said making Sanskar chuckles..
“ok Goodd morninggg Swara” he said pressing each and every word..
Swara just showed all her teeth..

Just then veer woke up.. Finding his papa and swara maasi there.. He got extremely happy..
He kissed both of their cheeks
SwaSan smiled and they went to their respective rooms to fresh n up…

Dining room:-
Everyone were having their breakfast… Chit chatting with each other.. Actually only veer was saying..

“umm Swara maa i have to inform u all something.. Actually i have done veer s admission in dps..he will be going from tommorow..like first we will talk with principal tommorow and then done..” Sanskar said..everyone nodded..
“yipeeee im veryy excited to go to school” veer said.. And everyone were happy seeing him happy..
“so he will be promoted to 1st standard right” sanskar asked swara
“yeah” swara replied..

“yes finally I’m a big boy now.. I will do whtever i want” veer said making everyone widen their eyes..
“oyeee! Ur still small just in 1st class… Huhh im a big boy now (swara said mimicking him..)” swara said..
Veer pouts cutely..
“papa im a big boy right?” veer asked with twinkle in his eyes..
Sanskar smiled to him.. “obviously u are.. Veer and we all know who is a kid here?!” sanskar said rollling his eyes..

“who”veer asked innocently..
While swara got it tht he eas talking abt her..
” sanskar im not a kid get it?”swara said pointing her finger towards him..
” ohoo actually ur right ur not a kid.. Ur a baby! A lill one day old baby! “sanskar said making swara more angry..
” Sanskar ke bacchee”swara said angrily..
“haww y sanskar ke bacche.. Let it be HUMARE BACCHE” Sanskar said.. Unknowingly..
Sanskar was fighting with Swara all the time unknowingly.. Ramta and uttara noticed this and were really happy getting back their naughty bhai/son..

Sanskar realized wht hr said.. And kept quite beiny embarassed..
Swara too became red nd embarrassed..
“u both r going to have kids and didn’t tell me only sooooo bad” veer said not knowing their actual meaning!…
Ramta Nd uttara laughed not able to control..
“shut up veer and eat” swara said avoiding the situation..
Sanskar too ruffled his hair and smiled..

Precap- Leap, veer s break down, swara meetiny with goons!

#sorryy tommorow a longer one!!

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