SWARASANSKAR! A journey from revenge to love<3! Chapter6

Ragini:Swara! Stop chatting and get ready! We have to go. Laksh is waiting for us..
Swara: Sorry Ragini! I am in no mood to go.. I am felling sleepy. You go alone.
Ragini: You know nah maa won’t leave me alone. You have to come. If you will come I will give you chocolates.

Swara: CHOCOLATES!!!!! Yummmyy!! Wait I m coming in 10mins..
Laksh: You are looking dam hot Ragini!
Ragini: Thank you Laksh! You are looking so handsome.
Swara: How am I looking??
Sanskar: Like a mad cat!
Swara: What you called me a cat?????
Sanskar: Yes I called!!!

Swara runs behind sanskar to beat him..
Sanskar: Wait Swara. I can’t run more…
Swara: Me too!
They both seat on a bench and talk.
Sanskar: Actuallly Swara I wanted to ask you something?
Swara: Haan ask!
Swara: Why don’t you believe in love?
Hearing this a tear rolls down swara’s face. She quickly wipes it and says not a big reason. Just like that.
Sanskar: I know there is some big reason. If you don’t feel like sharing it I won’t pressurize

Swara: When I was in 12th std I had a crush on my friend Akash. I used to love him secretely from the core of my heart. But he was not serious. I was a time pass for him. From that day I left believing in love.
Sanskar: Do you still believe in love???
Swara: I don’t know!!
Sanskar: People say first love can never be forgetten.!
Swara: Who says! I will prove it wrong.
Saying she swara starts to cry. Sanskar feels guilty and sad for Swara and hugs her and says once if you find stone in a rice does not mean that you will stop eating rice but you have to check it carefully the presence of stone. Give second chance to everything! Time heals everything!

Swara with a simle says you are too good!!
Sanskar: One more thing, if you don’t believe in love they why did you united Laksh and Ragini.
Swara: I want to run away from love not to make the world run away from love!
Swara and Sanskar shares an eye lock and be intehan song is played in the bg.
Swara: Say something about you. Did you had any girlfriend?
Sanskar: Yes! In 12class. Not that serious one.
Swara: Why did you broke up?
Sanskar: Because she thaught I was cheating on her. I was having an affair with her sister.
Swara: So you had an affair with her sister too?
Sanskar: No!! Do I look like that?
Swara: Yes! Ofcourse!
Sanskar: I was loyal to her.

Swara: How bad!!! Do you love anyone now?
Sanskar: Yes! Yes!
Swara: Who?
Sanskar: you!!!
Swara kicks him and he laughs in pain and says I was kidding.
Swara: I know. Now lets go.
Its 12 but Swara is still awake thinking of what trick life is playing with her. She is continuously thinking of Sanskar and his words. She is trying to sleep but cant. She is trying to not think about sanskar but can’t. On the opposite side of her mind someone is shouting inside- DON’T FALL IN THIS TRAP. LAREADY YOU HAVE BEEN TRAPPED ONCE.
Who the hell are you to insist on me what to do and what not to do? Shouted the pessimist swara.
Dear it’s not only me .its the whole world who speaks this very truth of nature, retorted the optimist Swara.

So you moron, You want me to always in the darker slide of life? You don’t want me to be happy!!! Hey I think you are quite jealous of me, protested the pessimist Swara.
No dear, its not that fact. I know you are in love with sanskar. You enjoy his company. Admitt it. I want you to be happy but in correct manner, said the optimist Swara.
Then what do you want from me? Don’t you love love doesn’t exist. I will again get betrayed if I love again. And most important I don’t believe in love! Asked the pessimist Swara.
Are you saying this to me or making yourself believe that you don’t trust love? I want you not to famish for the outer lusture of the fake world. Sanskar is a nice guy. He is not like Akash. Don’t you feel warmth in his words? He will never let you cry. Replied the optimist Swara.
Ohhhhhh!!! Shut up!!! Enough!!! Now for god’s shake please leave me alone, shouted swara. When she opened her eyes she found that she was will lying on bed. Being frutated by the tug of war between the optimist and pessimist swara got up screaming aloud, rubbed her eyes. Having prepared a cup of hot and refreshing coffee she went to the terrace. But the inner voice didn’t leave her alone. The optimist’s voice was roaming around her ears and she finally shouted yes I love sanskar.

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you.. How good you look when you smile. How much I love your laugh. I day-dream about you off and on, replaying pieces of our conversation; laughing at funny things that you said or did.. I’ve memorized your face & the way that you look at me.. I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine.. I wonder what will happen the next time we are together & even though nothing will come out of this, I know one thing for sure, for once.. I don’t care, I cherish every moment I have with you.!! You define my life!

Sanskar is also awake and thinking about Swara and her innocent face. He recalls the moment when Swara said that she had a boyfriend. He is unable to understand why he felt bad. Was it because she was hurt and had a boyfriend. Or was it because she loved someone rather than him. Sanskar ran his finger on swara’s photo in his phone and said- Don’t know what magic you are doing on me. I am forgetting about my aim and being attracted to you. I have to soon do my work and go away from you or else I will fall in love with you………… truly……..
Kyun tune meri fursat ki
Kyun dil mein itni harqat ki
Ishaq mein itni barqat ki
Ye tune kya kiya..
Phiru ab maara maara main
Chaand se bichhda taara main
Dil se itna kyun haara main
Ye tune kya kiya..

Precap: Sanskar proposes Swara.

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  16. Good episode… Its not at al boring…swasan always rocks.. It May b love story or hater story… They are Juz amazing ….

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